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  1. I thought it would be interesting to compile a timeline of feature release dates (and removal dates) and other big events on PIMD. It's fascinating how much games can evolve, and PIMD today is vastly different from the days of its infancy.

    I had first posted this thread a few months ago, but it seems it was deleted for reasons unknown. The mystery of the vanishing thread...

    Anyway, without further ado, let the reminiscing begin!


    December 22nd
    Party in my Dorm is released in the app stores.


    January 6th
    Account transferring (the ability to log in and out on different devices) is added.

    February 9th
    Following/adding people and private messaging are introduced.

    November 25th
    Pupils now get a cut of profit when a tutor opens a new dorm.

    December 4th
    Tier 5 dormmates are introduced.


    August 9th
    The first parties (Bro Code & Hipster) are introduced.


    March 4th
    Art Skool parties are released; the first pro parties are released.

    April 2nd
    The final Art Skool parties are released.

    June 10th
    The first VIP Pass parties are released.

    June 12th
    The Honor Student achievement is introduced.

    June 14th
    More VIP Pass parties are added.

    June 20th
    The final VIP Pass parties are released.

    June 21st
    Device delinking (logging out) is now available.

    August 16th
    The first Otaku parties are released.

    August 29th
    More Otaku parties are released.
    Club Trophies are introduced.

    September 8th
    Daily Sales are now available.

    September 25th
    Party completion achievements are introduced, starting with Hipster.

    October 2nd
    Bro Code party completion achievements are added.

    October 16th
    Art Skool and VIP Pass party completion achievements are added.

    October 22nd
    Hipster parties are removed.

    November 6th
    Changing your avatar no longer 'deletes' your previous avatar.

    November 25th
    Tier 6 Level 1 is released.


    January 23rd
    Community vote is held to remove either VIP Pass parties or Otaku parties. In the end, neither is removed.
    Forums receives a user interface update.

    February 14th
    Cat Cafè is introduced to the Otaku party series.

    March 24th
    Beta Wars (Round 1) are announced.

    March 27th
    The first of the Beta Wars (Round 1) takes place.

    March 28th
    The second and third Beta Wars (Round 1) take place.

    April 4th ー April 10th
    Beta Wars (Round 2) are announced on the 4th; 10 Wars take place from the 4th until the 10th.

    April 30th
    New subforums and features are added to Forums.

    May 14th
    Tier 6 Level 2 is introduced.

    May 27th
    New players will now have a gray name for the first week.

    June 2nd
    A Beta War (Round 3) is announced and takes place.

    July 29th
    Limit on amount of energy regenerations a day (24 total) was removed.

    September 15th
    Anniversary of playing achievements are added.

    September 16th
    Hipster parties return!

    October 21st
    Players can now enter Relationships.

    November 13th
    New layout for Forums is released; Forums now has a search feature.

    December 9th
    Care Packages are introduced.


    February 6th
    A new chat filter is released.

    February 17th
    New user notifications are introduced to Campus.

    March 9th
    Tier 7 is introduced.

    May 25th
    Cash earned per hit during parties now remains constant.

    July 23rd
    The Prize Spinner is introduced.

    August 15th
    A new in-game user interface is revealed.

    August 19th
    Players now receive a private message informing them about their silence; silence tiers are introduced.

    August 26th
    Players are no longer allowed to reset their accounts.

    September 1st
    The Launch PIMDini Chibi & Bento set is released.

    October 5th
    Farming and harassing for real-world currency and items with an Extra Credit value is now a bannable offense.

    October 30th
    The Tempura PIMDini Chibi & Bento set is released.

    November 9th
    The in-game user interface revealed in August is now implemented on iOS devices.

    December 8th
    The in-game user interface revealed in August is now implemented on Android devices.


    February 23rd
    Forums receives a user interface revamp.

    February 29th
    Players can no longer request another play to stop posting in their thread on Forums and/or players that continue to post after a request will not face consequences.

    March 29th
    The game developers will now have personalized accounts.

    April 19th
    PIMD is now available on Amazon Kindles.

    May 3rd
    Silences will no longer be announced in Campus.

    June 7th
    Players can no longer transfer Extra Credit to their RS.

    June 29th
    PIMD Crates are released.

    July 6th
    Super Pro parties are introduced.

    August 18th
    Super Pro parties are removed.

    September 8th
    The Pep PIMDini Chibi & Bento set are released.

    October 11th
    Tier 9 is added.

    October 25th
    New Club Roles are announced.

    November 28th
    The "My Room" feature, and thus furniture, is introduced.
    Stories and the Cell Phone are released.


    January 3rd
    The new Club Roles announced in October 2016 are implemented.

    February 3rd
    Support can now be contacted through Help Tickets, instead of via email.

    February 6th
    Story Leaderboards are introduced.

    February 15th
    The new user tutorial is revamped.

    April 6th
    The Trading System is announced.

    April 10th
    The Trading System is implemented.
    Players can now view what is inside boxes.
    Furniture can now be upgraded.

    May 30th
    All furniture of all levels can now be gifted and traded.

    August 9th
    General roleplay requests and bypassing general swears are now permitted; the chat filter is revamped.

    September 27th
    Players can now post Club Advertisements in Campus.

    November 24th
    Social Shopper boxes are released.
    The VIP Lounge is released.


    January 2nd
    Club Pins are added.

    April 23rd
    Chat channels and dorms get a new interface.

    June 19th
    A new chat channel, The Pub, is released.

    July 16th
    Party Vehicles are added.

    July 20th
    A rebalance in how a player's misc bonus is factored into PvP is introduced.

    July 21st
    Open beta testing for new Prize Spinner changes begins.

    July 31st
    Party Amps are added.

    August 2nd
    Slow Jams are introduced.

    August 15th
    Changes to the Prize Spinner tested in July are adjusted and fully implemented.

    August 21st
    Club Roles are expanded upon.

    September 18th
    The Offer Wall ー a chance to earn free Extra Credits ー is introduced.

    November 8th
    The Timer and its boxes is introduced.

    November 16th
    The avatar selection screen is revamped.

    November 20th
    Tier 11 dormmates are added.
    Furniture levels 11-20 (calculated as percentages) are released.

    December 4th
    JD's Party Store & the Surprise Party Box are introduced.

    December 20th
    Mod Crates are released.


    January 8th
    The dorm tower receives an update, including replacing the "evict" option with an "exchange" option; cash payouts from parties are adjusted to be more balanced.

    January 23rd
    Closed beta testing for a possible group chat feature begins.

    February 12th
    The first Pets (Siamese, Dalmation, Bombay, Golden Retriever, Pug, & Lovebird) are introduced.

    February 14th
    Group chats are released.

    February 26th
    More Pets (Siberian & Cockatoo) are added.

    March 12th
    Even more Pets (American Shorthair & German Shepherd) are released.

    March 13th
    New club features, including a revamp of the member list, are revealed.

    ... what's next?
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  2. I think it's culling. I've had threads be deleted for no reason months after anyone has looked at them
  3. That's what I figured. It's happened to more of my other threads, as well as some other people's threads. I can see culling being useful, but it would be nice if we got a notice of it or something. I wonder what their requirements are for a thread to be culled because it sure seems quite random.

    I'm glad I had the thread's content saved in my phone's notes, because I would've been ticked if I put that much work into it and ATA just was like, "Yeah this can be trash." and I wouldn't have had the chance to back up all that coding.
  4. This is what I'm looking for 
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  5. No idea ☹️ my furniture guide thread was deleted too at one point

    This is cute tho, thanks for reposting! I can’t even imagine how long this must’ve taken tho rip. ATA has lots of threads ? and some are out of order
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  6. I think my initial post took uhh... 4 hours? The repost took only maybe half an hour because I just had to take on the recent additions at the end.

    And no problem! ?
  7. This was pretty cool to read! Really puts in perspective how different the game was when it first came out.
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  8. Tbh you forgot to put the date I started playing
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  9. I admire the effort you put into this thread. It was a quick and easy read, yet insightful. Good job OP :’)
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  10. Delete the whole thread and start again after forgetting this big event right here
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  17. Nice Job with this timeline, made me remember how many years I’ve wasted playing this game?
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  18. Then stop playing it
  19. I loved reading that! and it just made me realize for how damn long I‘ve been playing this and how much it has changed
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