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    🥉Bronze🥉, 🥈Silver🥈 and 🥇Gold🥇
    Booster Subscription Plans!!!

    A complete makeover to our
    VIP Lounge, Cash Boost and Drop Boost Subscription's.
    These NEW plans will 💵SAVE YOU MONEY💵 and 🎁EARN YOU MORE BENEFITS!!!🎁

    Read on for more info!

    Each Booster Subscription Plan Tier has slightly different benefits, but here are the highlights!

    🎁 Double Box/Capsule Opening and Pet Feeding!
    🌟 VIP Subscription Exclusive Offers!
    👑 VIP Tokens and VIP Token Shop!
    ⏭ Auto Skip Spinner Ads!
    💎 MORE ECS than before!
    ⬆️ Better Cash/Drop Boosts!

    Check them out!

    🤔 VIP Lounge is $19.99 USD a week and the Gold plan costs less than 4 VIP Lounges . . .


    PIMD Web Store

    Booster Subscription Plans are available via the PIMD Web Store. Just login and scroll down to plans!

    There is now a link to the PIMD Web Store. from the top of the Forums to make it easier than ever to find!

    Or tap below:

    If you use iOS, you'll have to tap and hold the link. 😉

    In Game Store

    Booster Subscription Plans are also available via the In Game Store!

    Prices in the above screenshot are in Canadian (CAD), sorry about that! 🤦‍♂️


    Booster Subscriptions will reward you daily with VIP Tokens! These can be used to purchase items from the NEW VIP Token Exclusives section of the Shop!
    VIP Token

    Check out the EXCLUSIVE Furniture AND Items available!

    VIP Furniture

    Now that is a nice wine cellar 🍾

    VIP Items



    What was the Soft Launch about?
    We gradually gave some users access to the new subscription plans a bit early so that we could make sure we’d worked out any kinks and that it would be ready to go for everyone when we launched! Big Thanks to all those that were able to help us out with early feedback!

    I still have days remaining on my VIP Lounge/ Cash Subscription/ Drop Subscription, can I purchase the new Subscription?
    Yes, we’ve now removed the old VIP Lounge, Cash Booster, and Drop Booster from the Shop so they will automatically cancel and no longer renew. If you had remaining days, the benefits will stack with our NEW Subscriptions if there is any overlap!

    Are there any benefits to purchasing subscriptions on the Web Store?
    YES! Like everything else on the PIMD Web Store, there is a discount by purchasing there!

    Can I have subscriptions on multiple accounts on the same device?
    Yes, on Android and the Web Store only! But this is best done through the PIMD Web Store as you can have each subscription tied to a different ATA ID.

    If you try to subscribe on multiple accounts on iOS through the app, it will track the purchase as an upgrade/downgrade/cross-grade on your originally subscribed account.

    Can I subscribe for more than one month at once on a single account?
    Yes! You have a few options for renewing your plan.
    1. Renew Monthly
    2. Renew Quarterly (every 3 months) - In Game Only!
    3. Renew Yearly for the BIGGEST discount! - Web Only!

    Why are Quarterly options only available In-Game and Yearly options only available on the Web Store?

    This is a technical limitation implemented by Apple, Google and Xsolla (folks that help with the Web Store) and not something we'll be able to change at this time.

    How are Weekly VIP Lounge benefits different now?
    Instead of getting your Champagne Boxes and other gifts daily, they now arrive WEEKLY so you can open them all at once! When you first subscribe you get them right away, and will continue to receive them at the same time each week.

    Why don't I see a countdown for my Weekly Rewards?
    After you receive your last round of Weekly Rewards in a month, the system won't know if you will be renewing your subscription for the next month. So you won't see the Weekly Countdown timer at that point, but if your subscription is set to renew, don't worry! The Weekly Rewards will come through! 😁

    If I make a Quarterly/Yearly Subscription purchase will it charge me immediately?
    Please know that "Cross-Grades" (changing the length of subscription) is treated differently based on method of purchase. The Webstore charges the Yearly amount upfront, where Apple and iOS will prorate a subscription change from Monthly to Quarterly.

    Are Items and Furniture in the VIP Exclusive Token Shop Tradeable/Upgradeable?
    No, these items and furniture will not be trade-able and the furniture already have boosted stats, so they won't be upgradeable.

    What is an Upgrade?

    An upgrade is when you are currently subscribed to a plan that is higher than your current plan, like Bronze --> Silver or Silver --> Gold. These work differently based on your method of payment:

    🤖On Android:
    The Upgrade happens immediately and your billing date remains the same.
    This means the charge you see will be less than the normal monthly charge, as Android will only charge you the difference between what you spent, and cost of an upgrade for the remaining days in this billing cycle.

    🍎On iOS:
    Upgrades happen immediately and your billing date changes immediately.
    This means you will be refunded an amount based on how many days of your current billing cycle are unused.
    And you will be charged the full cost for the Upgraded package for the new billing cycle.

    🛍On the Web Store
    Upgrades purchased through the PIMD Web Store will take effect at the end of your current subscription cycle.

    What is a Downgrade?
    A downgrade is when you subscribe to a Package that is a lower tier than your current subscription. Example Silver--> Bronze or Gold --> Silver. Downgrades will happen at the end of the current subscription cycle on every platform.

    What is a Cross-grade?
    A Cross-grade is when you change your subscription renewal period from Monthly to Quarterly in-app or Monthly to Yearly on the Web Store. These are handled differently based on the method of purchase.

    Why do I see the incorrect Currency symbol on the Subscription Prices?
    This is currently a limitation on Android that the currency symbol is tied to the Device Keyboard you are using, so if you are in India, but have a English (US) keyboard, you would see $ instead of ₹.

    The numbers on the price are still accurate, and when you tap Buy you will see the correct currency symbol. Thanks for your patience while we work on this one.

    I Downgraded/Cross-graded my plan, why does the manage button show up on my old plan?
    Downgrades do not take effect immediately, so the package that you see the manage button on is your currently active package. When this package runs out the Downgraded package will take effect.
    Cross-grades on the PIMD Web Store do not take effect immediately and are treated the same as downgrades.
    Cross-grades on Apple and Android take effect immediately and are prorated differently based on the method of purchase.

    How do I learn more about Managing/Canceling my Subscription?
    For details on how to manage a subscription tap the appropriate link:
    🛍 PIMD Web Store Subscriptions
    🤖 Android In App Subscriptions
    🍎 iOS In App Subscriptions
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  2. Invite me please 🥹🩵
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  3. Lemme in 🥹 and I’ll count it as ATA’s grad present to me 🫣
  4. Nice!!! 🫶🏻
  5. 😮‍💨 know which I’m getting
  6. let me in tho -.-
  7. I'll get you on a future invite list!
  8. knock knock, it's cold out here without it :c
  9. alright, I actually love it! Silver is something I can currently afford and benefits are so much more compared to one week of the ViP. Can't wait for it.
  10. I’ve had gold for the last couple of months and it is definitely worth it if you’re a daily active player.

    It would be cool if the misc items were sticky to the top of your showcase like mod and PIMD crate items are. They’re really cool misc singles and it’s a shame to let them get buried under regular hunt items.
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  11. Just getting our next round of invites out for folks.
    Sorry I know its a gradual thing and I'll try to get folks added that say that their interested :D
  12. Ohh
    Thats a really good point. Let me take that back to the team!
  13. I'd love to be invited for the in-app version 💕🫶🏻 looks fr great! Excited 🥹
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  16. Hello, im a new player and have been thinking what first purchase to avail of that will get me more immersed in the game, and this is a very timely new addition for sure. I would love to be invited as well for the in-app version. Thank you
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  17. Thanks for all the interest folks!
    Theres a few boxes we are looking to check off for users during the soft launch at the moment (device type, account age etc.), so if you are interested in the early access, I'll take down your username and get you added in the next round if possible!
  18. Quarterly over monthly/yearly sounds like a really good idea.
    It would be great to manage the subscription in app rather than out of, so I look forward to this.
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  19. I'm interested!
  20. I was just talking to my pupu about this yesterday! Lol hadn't checked forums in a while.