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  1. The Battle List

    Note: This is an updated version of the guide "The 2014 Guide to Battle List" by JustAnotherAltOfAnAlt (prev. Mr_BackSeat). She is now on a different account, H0MOSEXUAL, and offered her guide to be updated by me.

    What is the battle list?

    The Battle List, often called a BL for short, is a Player versus Player (PvP) feature that shows you users within your hit range.

    The battle list can be accessed by swiping left on your home screen and tapping the "Meet People" tab.

    Occasionally, the BL can be tailored further by game developers. For example, for the PvP portion of the hunt "Undead Undergrads", the battle list was changed to show not only those within hit range but also those on the opposing faction.

    For information and tips on the mechanics of PvP, check out the guide "[Guide] to PVP on PIMD for new/mid players" by Kefo!

    Target Information

    The BL provides some basic information for you on the potential targets:
    • their in-game name
    (ign for short; username)
    • the size of the cash reward for a successful hit
    (small / good / large)
    • their club and if it is at peace or at war
    (if applicable)
    • their most recent gift
    (to help you gauge if they are inactive or active)

    For a more thorough investigation of the target, such as showcase items they may have for a ceasefire agreement, you can tap on their avatar icon to view the entire profile.

    Quick Action Buttons

    There are two main buttons that allow you to quickly act on a target.

    #1 ー Battle Button
    Opens up the screen where you can fight, dance, prank, or eavesdrop on the target.

    #2 ー Follow Request
    Sends a follow (friend) request to the target.

    Again, you can also do these by accessing the target's profile and utilizing the battle button or follow button from there.

    What is a hit range?

    Hit range determines what is the weakest you can hit and the strongest you can hit, based on your own strength (or lack thereof).

    A common misconception is that hit range is based only on raw stats, when it is actually quite the contrary!

    A good infographic (shown below) was made by [ATA]Strange to help players learn what all gets factored into determining hit range.

    The thread containing this infographic is "Some info on how PVP works" and was made in response to community confusion over a change in how misc bonuses get factored into hit ranges.

    If you hit a target from your BL and you get the "Defender Is Too Weak" notification, it isn't because they are too small for you to hit (even though you get the same notification if they are)! It just means they are out of energy, and you need to wait for them to regenerate energy before you can hit them.

    A partial regeneration ー or regen for short ー occurs every five minutes, and a full regen occurs after an hour.

    You can bookmark a target that is out of energy for later use by screenshotting their ign, blocking them temporarily, writing their ign down in your phone's notes app... whatever works for you.

    Special Thanks

    Here are some shoutouts to people that helped me sort this thread out to be the most informative it can be.


    I appreciate it!

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  2. So that's what ign stands for. I always wondered
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  3. Short and simple, love it. Now if people would stop complaining about players who actually use the feature. There’s a reason there’s not an RP guide?
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  4. Actually there is an RP guide. It's Kefo's fault.
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  5. Fab thread, thanks lads
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  6. Yeah, you stoopid noob
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  7. You're welcome. <3
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  8. How do I get OP to appear in my BL? Their ign changes a lot
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  9. I dunno if I'm in your hit range. Try hitting me manually via profile. You'll need to wait a few mins tho, I'm pinned rn.
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  10. How is it that everytime I hit people on there I fail?

    inb4 git gud
  11. You should go on attack dates before hitting and use att items. Also try hitting ppl starting when you have full regen to see if you can succeed against them. Obvuously don't unload the rest of your regn if you got 5 failed hits in a row. Also equip the highest level furn you have in your room. Most of the time I check not only the person's base stats but also their rs' since the person would receive an rs bonus of 5x whatever those stats are(correct me if Im wrong). Keep refreshing the page as needed and record names of those you can hit so you can just continue farming them without having to look for new targets each time. I had some inactive farms from one of Kefo's guide and I regularly just hit the one with the easiest username. I think that's pretty much all my party fairy self got to say on it so good luck!
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  12. I usually fail, too. The ppl on my battle list are almost always 10-20mcs bigger than me. So i don't use it, i go on the tut list and type in the price range of ppl who should be around my size when i want ppl to hit.
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  13. Oh wow I never thought of that. Imma have to tell ppl to do that :O
  14. To add on, also wear the most powerful avi for your build and make sure your target is the opposite build to just ensure you've done everything in your power to help hit ig
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  15. git gud
  16. Small update ー thanks Lyssa!