LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🗻Back to the Stone Age🤘

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  1. [​IMG]

    A friend that will never tell your secrets (because they don't have lips).
    A buddy that will never leave your side (because they don't have limbs).
    A companion that will win every staring contest (because they can't blink).

    The one . . .
    The only . . .
    I can't believe it, Rocky has been so hungry 😢

    You can find these lil' dudes and the things they love to eat in Mineral Pal Carriers.
    But who knows where you'll find those? 🤷‍♂️
    Mineral Pal Carrier

    And look at all the outfits to choose from!

    Keep your peeper's peeped for this new fancy style to dress up your pebbly pet!
    That's it! I am putting googly eyes on all my flower pots going forward!

    Mineral Pal Carriers, and breakthrough items for the Mineral Pal will ONLY be available until April 2nd, 2022 at 12:00PM PST.
    Get 'em while you can! But where do you get them from, you say? Idk, maybe do some exploring, k?

    Lastly, please remember the number one rule about Mineral Pal Club . . .
    This rocky renegade has some stones up its sleeve just in case you try to step out of line! 😉

    The Rock gets it!
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  2. 🗿 real funny y’all
  3. 🗿🗿🗿
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  4. Pass
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  5. well at least now I can hopefully finish upgrading mine 😪
  6. Thank you Will for crushing my dreams of getting a mineral pal 😔💔🪨

    the 6969 joke was funny tho hehehehe

    Update: Spoke too soon, took a good 5 minutes but I GOT THE ROCK PET BOXES :,) I take that back Sir Billiam 🖤🐝
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  7. Molly's deals,
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  8. :( this wasn’t funny it’s sad
  9. this rock is cute tho😂
  10. That’s for a skin not the rock itself smh
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  11. Where do the mineral boxes drop from?
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  12. Under featured of shop, misc section for endless mineral food upgrade
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  13. What's the point of the mineral cash gifts?
  14. how much food do you need to max it?
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  15. Check pet capsule for pet box
    Check Molly deal for pet style and rock
    Check misc section for endless mineral food upgrade under features of shop.
  16. Confused 🤔
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  17. Send or receive gifts for the last rocks
  18. Ok ok I finally can finish upgrading mine so its not that bad ..
  19. That one is cute tho-
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