Introducing Legacy Boxes!

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  1. Okay, so.

    Remember a couple of months ago, when we said these avis + furniture + items were leaving the VIP Champagne Box and Social (Buddy) Boxes forever?

    You, saying goodbye forever.

    We thought of a better idea: they're not leaving forever... they've just found a new home!


    cue the muses from Hercules breaking it down

    Everything You Need to Know About Legacy Boxes

    There are TWO kinds.



    ☞ Ok, what's in them again?
    Legacy Boxes will contain past Champagne Box and Social Box content! This will allow the regular Champagne and Social boxes to carry both new content + Legacy Box content while still giving you the best chances of getting the shiny new things!

    Here's a full list of all the avis + furni + items going in the Legacy Boxes.

    ☞ Where can I get one?
    They have a chance of dropping from the Champagne Box and Social Box alongside their current contents so don't worry, you'll always have a shot of getting the new stuff!

    ☞How much are they to open?
    They will cost 1000 Cash!

    You heard it here first, get yo legacy on!
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  2. oh wowz
  3. O good I dont have to panic buy
  4. O cool. So something new and something old every time we open a box? I like that.
  5. I'm happy ATA compromised with us. Lots of people were sad about the old stuff leaving forever. This makes my heart happy
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  6. $1000 cash?
  7. to open them, but you have to buy the actual box ofc
  8. not irl cash.
  9. Yawsy like to have one or two
  10. Yeah why can’t it be cash?
  11. Thank you!
  13. Cool idea, I’m glad they’re not leaving but still 