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  1. Extra Credit

    Note: This is an updated version of the guide "Extra Credits" by Jerk.

    What are Extra Credits?

    Extra Credits, typically shortened to EC, are a form of in-game currency. A lot of inexperienced players may refer to them as "gems" or "diamonds".

    Many things can be purchased using EC, such as furniture, avatars, consumables like Doctor's Notes, and even in-game cash. And so much more!

    Bottom line: Extra Credits make the world go 'round!


    It's important to note that items of EC value ー ergo, furniture or certain gifts ー are not allowed to be asked for as part of a ceasefire agreement during player versus player. A Thinking Ape clarified any confusion regarding this in an Announcements thread that can be found here.

    Players asking for this should be reported to game developers via a Help Ticket so that action can be taken.

    Acquiring Extra Credits


    There are two links to purchase EC.

    #1 ー Immediately reveals the purchasing pop-up.
    #2 ー Requires you to tap another button (pictured below).

    There are several amounts that a player can purchase EC in.

    $0.99 USD ー 10 EC
    $4.99 USD ー 50 EC
    $19.99 USD ー 200 EC
    $74.99 USD ー 765 EC
    $99.99 USD ー 1,050 EC

    Note: Because this prices are in USD, the price will vary depending on the player's location and thus the currency used. The amounts of EC remain static.

    Purchasing at least the 50 EC amount will give you something called a Social Shopper box. Purchasing at least the 200 EC amount will also give a Social Shopper box to each member of your current club.

    More information about Social Shopper boxes can be found on this Announcements thread.

    Jobs & The Spinner

    #1 ー Job completion has a 2% drop rate of 1 EC. This is not a whole lot and isn't guaranteed, but if you only need 1 or 2 EC and don't mind unloading your energy in jobs a few a times, it's worth it.

    #2 ー The prize spinner also has chances of winning EC. There's several different amounts a player can win: 1, 5, 10, and 50. When a player wins 50 EC off the spinner, it also gets announced in the Campus chat channel!

    The Offer Wall

    The offer wall is the newest way of earning free EC, by completing certain actions (such as downloading a new app or filling out a survey). It was released on 18 September 2018.

    To access the offer wall, please visit the Shop. There will be a button that opens the offer wall.

    To be able to receive offers, make sure you have rewards enabled in Settings.
    Note: It does say that it is for video rewards for free prize spinner tokens, but it also applies to all offers on the offer wall.

    There remains quite a bit of confusion regarding the offer wall. The game developers provided a FAQ in the aforementioned Announcements thread. It's important to read this, as most of it clears up some of the confusion.

    The most frequent question regards unreceived EC. Unfortunately, A Thinking Ape has no control over viewing the status of offers and bestowing the rewards upon completion. This is up to the advertisement company they partnered with to create the offer wall ー Fyber.

    Fyber has provided a way for players to view the status of offers they have attempted. The status has an estimated wait time to verify whether or not someone has completed the offer in full.

    If you haven't received your EC after the allotted wait time has run out, double check to make sure you completed all of the requirements of the offer.

    If you haven't, go back and finish the task, and then wait the allotted wait time.

    If you have, then you can contact the support at Fyber. Do not contact the game developers, as they have no control and will only redirect you to Fyber.

    Special Thanks

    Here are some shoutouts to people that helped me sort this thread out to be the most informative it can be.


    I appreciate it!

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