NEW FEATURE πŸ”’ 2-Factor Authentication! πŸ”’

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    Introducing two-factor authentication!

    What is it?
    We are introducing a new two-factor authentication system to help secure your accounts!

    Why did you make it?
    πŸ”’ Improved account security!
    ✍️ Extra protection against password sharing
    Cut down on account selling and buying
    πŸ€– Another win in the fight against bot accounts
    Overall, you can expect more security measures against evil-doers and ne'er-do-wells!

    How does it work?
    πŸ‘‰ If you're logging into, setting up, or changing a new ATA ID, a verification code will be sent to your e-mail address. You will need to enter this code into the PIMD app to fully set up your new ATA ID!
    πŸ‘‰ If you're using a new device or the ATA ID has been changed, you will need to enter a verification code that is sent to the ATA ID email before you can access the account again. This will prove that you're the correct owner!
    πŸ‘‰ Once you send this verification code and enter it, that device will be remembered for the next 30 days! That means no more verification codes for 30 days!

    When will it be live?
    We're going to begin slowly rolling this out starting today! It will be gradually released to all players but for now, we want to take our time to make sure it functions as intended and there are no hiccups!

    What if I have already verified my e-mail?
    This is a different system and will be replacing email link/verification. Moving forward, ALL accounts will be logged in using a password and 2FA.

    How can I set this up?

    Here are the new 'New Account' and 'Log In' screens! You can enter your ATA ID and password like normal or create a new one!
    Once you've put in your ATA ID and password, a verification code will be sent directly to your e-mail! When you receive that verification code, this is the screen you'll need to put it into!

    Why is my verification code not working?

    If you put in the wrong verification code too many times, you will need to contact our team to help!
    Your verification code also expires after 5 minutes so be ready for it! If the code expires, you will need to request a new one.


    Why are you doing this?

    Increased security measures! Two-factor authentication provides improved account security for all of our players, and it's easy!

    Why is this not showing on my account yet?
    We're doing a gradual rollout to make sure there are no unwelcome bugs or issues! If you aren't seeing it yet, it should be active for you in the next few days.

    You should really only be seeing this if you're creating a new account, logging back into an existing account, or setting a new ATA ID!

    Note: This 2FA system will remember the device you log into for 30 days! During that time, you will not need to send a verification code if you're logging into the same device.

    What do I do if I lose access to my email/I used a fake email?
    Send our team a message through the Help section using the Recover Account menu option! We can help get you sorted. :)

    I used the same email multiple times! Will this affect me?
    You can use the same email 5 times!

    For those of you that didn't know, most emails (Gmail most importantly) support the use of adding a '+' to your email. This creates a second email, but uses the same inbox!


    All those emails are unique, but will use the same inbox.

    If you do this, these different emails can be used to verify your account with 2-factor authentication. Remember though, a max of 5!

    How many times do I have to do this!?
    Once every 30 days on LOGIN! Our system will remember the device that you logged in with so you won't need to send a new code every time you log in.

    I put in the incorrect code and I'm locked out!?
    We can help with that too! Message us through a Help ticket.

    If I make changes to my ATA ID in PIMD, will this affect the one I have registered in KaW/KoH/Single City/Witch Arcana?
    Yes, this will effectively change ALL of them to your new ATA ID.

    I have a question that isn't covered here!
    I'm sorry, okay?! Send us a message with any other questions you might have and we'll speak with you further from there!

    "This new 2FA security feature is so awesome and helpful!" - The PIMD Community
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  2. I'm the first here πŸ₯±πŸ¦¦
  3. 9 tries? Shouldnt need that many if actul have the number
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  4. Im rly happy they have this now ngl
  5. No support.

    Sounds like it's gonna be hard to log in and out of alts.

    I didn't understand if you have to do it every time you login or only when it's a new account/new ATA id/new device.
  6. Lahat nalang πŸ™„
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  7. Good good 🫢🏼 hope it goes by phone number
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  8. I'm confused. So you can use the same email address for different alts if you put a + at the end???
    Can I go through and change my alts that have a fake email and just tack em onto my email address I have for this account if I put a + sign at the end?
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  9. No they all have yo be real but if you put +account1 +account2 ect all accounts will get linked to you and all emails will be sent to the main email address. But all accounts still need their own seperate email

  10. ^^ I agree. I go back and forth between two accounts and this is only gonna make life harder.
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  11. Just use a clone app, it'll make your life easier.
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  12. Considering most consistent players that are free to play take advantage of the ability to have alts wouldn't this make it more difficult to switch between accounts and therfore decrease activity? I know it makes me not wanna use my alts...

    An opt out feature like most apps/games do would be super helpful...
  13. That wasn’t actually that hard to switch the email account took about 45 seconds. πŸ™Œ and the fact you can do 5 times and it all just goes to the same inbox it’s actually a lot easier to switch between accounts πŸ™Œ
  14. How does this work ppl. I get a link but it doesn't open in the game. I tried like 20 times..... why this? Other games don't have this
  15. So we have to verify 2f every time we log in and out? That's going to screw a lot of stuff up and kill a LOT of things. An example: I run 2 account on 1 phone switch back and forth but on fast paced parties if I'm wasting my time with this oh look ya miss the whole party..your loss! Can't admin do my stuff turn around then hit on second πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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  16. Clone app is only for android players. People who use iPhones doesn’t have this option
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  17. Also I really feel like these measures punish the rest of us for things as well as just add another annoyance to deal with because of bad actors.
  18. This is terrible. Now I have to go and make email addresses for all my 100 alts or lose them. This is a disaster. And you give us one day to do this? I have a life and don't have hours on end sitting making email addresses. Thanks for the inconvenience you cause us🀬
  19. Do you put it as the email address you want it sent to+ the email address currently attached to said alt or the other way around?