PVP Changes: Misc Rebalance, Matchmaking, and Peace Tags

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    The formula originally in this post is incorrect. It has now been updated to:
    Max misc = 2x Dormmate stats + 4x Tutor stats + 4x RS bonus

    Original Post

    Hi PIMDfriends!

    I'm here to talk about something that some of you have waited for for a very long time.

    The wait is over. It's popping off today.

    Some of you might be totally bored by this. I don't know, I'm excited, personally - but you do you.

    Q. Why are we rebalancing Misc?

    A. Misc is far too strong in PIMD.
    It can't be stripped like tutors. It can't be worn down like dormies. It isn't limited like pets and furniture.

    Worst of all, it wasn't considered at all when calculating hit ranges and matchmaking - meaning that a 100MCS account with 0 misc was considered equally matched with a 100MCS account that had 1BCS of misc. Late last year we fixed this last point, but only up to a cap, at which point it stopped counting toward your "matchmaking rating" - or MMR.

    Today that has changed.

    The Changes

    In PVP, Misc stats are now capped by the following formula:
    Max misc = 2x Dormmate stats + 4x Tutor stats + 4x RS bonus

    Pencils out, everyone. It's math time.

    Suppose you have:
    - 3B Strength and 6B Intelligence in dormies
    - 5B Strength and 1B intelligence in tutors
    - No RS :(
    Your misc cap for strength is (3B*2)+(5B*4) = 26B
    Your misc cap for intelligence is (6b*2)+(1B*4)=16B

    Let's say you gather up misc with 20B strength and 20B int. During PVP, your actual misc would be 20B strength and 16B int. You would not benefit from the additional 4B int.

    Q. How does this change DTW/DTS?

    The old cap on misc's contribution to matchmaking rating has been removed. Misc now is fully factored into DTW, DTS, and your Meet People list.
    So in the example above, you also wouldn't be penalized for the additional 4B in matchmaking - it wouldn't count toward your DTW/DTS.

    Q. Wait, which stats affect the cap?

    What most people call "raw stats" rather than the common usage of "CS" that most PIMDizens use - if y'all didn't know, your stats given to pupil - what most people call your CS - are equal to 2% of your dormmate stats.

    That's these stats, not the ones next to your avatar

    Percent stats don't raise the misc cap either. Just dormmate and tutor stats.

    Q. Did I get nerfed?

    A. The vast majority of players will not get any reduction in power from this change. This will affect people who grew only in misc while ignoring (or evicting) their dormies - often with the specific intent of manipulating the combat system.

    Of course, we expect some backlash from this from those players, but we believe this is necessary to fix misc being overpowered, and make other avenues of growth relevant again.

    Bring on the feedback!

    *Players can still trade their misc to others who haven't hit their cap, so we don't think any misc will really be going to waste.

    Q. What should we expect after this change?

    A. We hope that...
    - Players will be matched with more appropriate potential opponents when searching "Meet People"
    - DTW/DTS will more accurately determine what is fair
    - Players will have more choices for growth, outside of just "stack misc"
    - Well-rounded players will be rewarded rather than players just focusing on one aspect of the game
    - Furniture, Pets, Avatars, Dormies, and tutors become relevant in PVP
    - Players who were abusing misc to grief people (because it didn't factor into MMR) won't be able to do it anymore
    - Players should be able to use tactics to get past misc - like stripping tutors

    We still want misc to be valuable.
    We hope that...
    - Players will still get value out of the misc they have
    - Misc will still be an important and worthwhile thing to spend time on
    - Players will still desire more misc as they naturally grow

    This has been our solution to try to meet those goals.

    If you like PVP, get PVPin'. If you don't, take some joy in the fact that the game just got a little more fair.

    While this makes the game more fair, it also makes hiring someone's tutors away ("stripping" them) more powerful, and thus it makes some people a lot more vulnerable. To counteract this, we are testing a new item out.

    Peace Tags

    Okay, So... have you ever wanted someone to Just. Stop. Hitting you?

    Well, now you can combine this.. (found on spinner)

    with this.. (50 cash)

    to get 8 hours of this!

    For 8 hours, you can't be dunked on.

    That's right, PIMDFriends - it's a hard truce. Pop one of these babies and until the effect runs out, you can't be attacked, danceoffed, pranked, or eavesdropped.

    They come in 3 sizes: 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days.

    The Price of Peace

    Peace isn't a one-way thing though, y'all. If you attempt to attack, danceoff, prank, or eavesdrop someone else while you have a Peace Tag active, the hit will fail and you'll be warned. If you try again within 60 seconds, your peace will break and the hit will continue.

    Furthermore, ANY hit you make to another player will flag you as ineligible for peace for 15 minutes.

    Currently, the chance of getting a peace tag from the spinner is about half a percent.

    None of this affects parties in any way.

    We realize this is a big change, so we'd like to treat it as a temporary test. For now, to limit how many enter the system, these will not be in the store - only on the spinner. We will probably give some out as rewards as things progress. Your feedback, as always, is crucial for us figuring out whether peace becomes a permanent part of the game or not, and how we continue to balance Misc stat items.

    Strange out
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  2. rip my misc tho ?
    but cool
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  3. You did not just end strips without thinking, did you?

    Please tell me you ran through how the peace thing worked and just ended a whole type of gameplay.

    I support the Misc nerd and hit range recalculation. I know you looked into that extensively.

    However the peace thing? Idk, Strange,idk.
  4. Read nerd as nerf. ?
  5. Interesting.
  6. This isn't it.
  7. Happy 100 posts
  8. You know I love you, Benzo - and I hope you also know that we think through all our changes as deeply as we can.

    Sometimes we just have to test things out, too. Feedback from you, and other hardcore PVPers, will be critical for us to help decide whether peace stays, and if it does, how to continue to balance it in the future.

    I hope you take some time to try the new changes and give us your thoughts, even if you're skeptical about Peace. <3
  9. This is absolute garbage.
  10. I like the misc rebalancing, but the peace tags are junk. And I'm mostly just a party fairy. :•)
  11. Congrats on the money grab and ending pvp in a single post. Can’t wait to see how boring this game gets.
  12. Ily2, Strange, and I'm glad you decided to stick with the Misc nerf. I saw the backlash Winston a month ago.

    We all can agree misc was OP and used in ways unintended at the start. We can see misced up alts and blah blah. Agreed 100% support.

    But the peace tags? I can irl money buy spins, win a tag, sleep soundly bc i can't be stripped. I know Devs don't have to support PvP, but don't drive nails into the coffins.
  13. I see no good ideas
  14. No to peas
  15. I want to complain on my main but you guys haven't responded to my ticket yet.

    Farmers farm for misc for a reason. The misc they gather through CF is a huge part of why PvP is such a big part of the game. I am not hitting for $150m per hit. And giving people a PEACE PASS? Absolutely insane. This will hurt PvP. Farmers get nerfed while fairies get a shield, unreal.