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  1. PIMD Crates

    What is it?
    How do I get one?

    A PIMD Crate is a box. PIMD Crates are received for winning an official PIMD contest or a trivia game carried out in the Campus chat channel.

    They were introduced on 29 June 2016.

    Image courtesy of Schwanz.

    The Crate will be sent through gifts, sent through the rewards inbox, or automatically added to your account (confirmed by a message from the official pimd account).

    Contests and trivia games have no set schedule. Trivia games are usually in the moment, while contests have an extended period of time where you can enter.

    Some examples of official PIMD contests include:

    NPC Summer of Superpowers Fan Fic (winners)
    PIMD Video Tour
    NPC's Unusual Hobby Fan Fic (winner)
    Design Your Own Avatars (winners)
    Halloween Costume Selfie (winners)

    As you can see in the threads, the winner(s) receives a PIMD Crate ー plus some other goodies!

    One way you will not receive a PIMD Crate is by posting on a game developer's wall asking for one. So don't waste your time!
    Note: Some game developers even promise to block you if you ask!

    A PIMD Crate is opened using $1,000 in-game cash. Originally, a special key called a PIMD Key (not to be confused with the 10 Extra Credit PIM Key) was used to open it!

    Most people do not open their PIMD Crates and instead leave it unopened, as a status symbol. PIMD Crates are always the first item in your showcase, so anyone viewing your showcase will see it first.

    Other people choose to trade their PIMD Crates with another player. PIMD Crates usually go for 25-35 bentos. However, they can go for as low as 20 bentos!

    There is no limit to how many PIMD Crates you can own.

    But what's in a PIMD Crate...?

    Crate Contents

    You can receive several items from a PIMD Crate with varying degrees of rarity. Doctor's Notes (common), stat items representing each game developer (super rare), and HypnoCats, Pizza Bikinis, Care Pack Notices, Party Limos, and Party Yachts (ultra rare).

    The most interesting contents are the stat items. The combined stat amount, 25kcs (thousand combined stats), is not a lot. However, with how rare PIMD Crates are and how rare these stat items are on top of that, these stat items are well worth the low kcs!
    In showcases, PIMD Crate stat items can be recognized by the tilde (~ ← this symbol), followed by [ATA]name. The name is the specific game developer that the item represents!

    Let's take a closer look at these items...

    My favorite item is probably Phoenix the Bunny for [ATA]Jean! What's your favorite?

    Vintage Items

    Occasionally in showcases, you may come across a PIMD Crate stat item that is not available in a PIMD Crate!

    These retired items, labelled "**Vintage Item**" in the description, are items representing former game developers that no longer work for A Thinking Ape.

    These stat items are especially rare, since they can no longer be dropped from PIMD Crates. Therefore, they will be more expensive on the market than a stat item currently available from a PIMD Crate.

    What are some of these vintage items...?

    If you locate any more unlisted vintage items, please contact me! Consider it to be a scavenger hunt!

    Special Thanks

    Here are some shoutouts to people that helped me sort this thread out to be the most informative it can be.


    I appreciate it!

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  4. Pretty sure the going rate for pimd crates is 40 bentos
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  5. I’ve seen them go for as low as 40, but as high as 85 recently. But the person who spent 85 was super desperate for one. So that may be why.
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  8. Minor adjustments
    1. Crates go as low as 30-35 bentos.
    2. Crates can also be received in the rewards box where the buddy boxes appear. Devs don't necessarily send the crates via gifts.
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