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  1. Hey folks, what's crack-a-lackin'?

    Just your friendly neighborhood Marcie here announcing some significant changes to the current Silencing Policy.

    With PIMD evolving through the years, we've realized that our community has evolved along with it. With a 17+ restriction on the game, we felt the need to begin treating our player-base as such: adults.

    The main purpose of our Silencing Policy is not to rule the community with an iron fist but rather to create a safe and comfortable environment for our players to flourish in, have fun, meet people and enjoy hanging out here. That being said, one of our biggest priorities is to protect minors (hence, the strict 17+ restriction) and to prevent harmful/toxic/inappropriate content from spreading/being promoted.

    To reflect these facets, we have updated the Silencing Policy as you can read below. Some of the updates to this post are more reminders of existing policies, but will reflect here as updates for the sake of visibility. As of this post, these changes are live. The coloured text indicates the new policy per category.

    Updated Silencing Policy

    Spamming in a Single Channel
    Posting the same or similar messages 3 or more times in the space of 5 minutes.
    Spamming is no longer silenceable unless the player is clearly trying to disrupt chat negatively (for e.g. posting 20+ swear words).

    Spamming in Both The Pub and World Chat
    Posting the same or similar messages 5 or more times in the space of 5 minutes.
    No longer silenceable, same rules apply as above.

    Spamming as a Group
    Posting the same or similar messages 5 or more times in the space of 5 minutes by different individuals with the intent to disrupt chat.
    Encouraging spam-type messages to disrupt chat.

    No longer silenceable unless clearly done with an intent to negatively impact chat.


    Situation A
    Player 1: Post your height!
    Player 2: 5'2
    Player 3: 6'
    Player 4: 4'11
    Player 5: 5'7
    Player 6: 5'9

    Situation B
    Player 1: SOMEBODY
    Player 2: Once told me
    Player 3: The world is gonna roll me
    Player 4: I ain't the sharpest tool in the sheeeed
    Player 2: She was lookin' kinda dumb
    Player 1: With her finger and her thumb
    Player 4: With a shape of an 'L'
    Player 3: On her foooooreheaaaad

    [naturally, the rest of community also knows the words and sings along]

    None of these people are silenceable. It encourages community engagement!

    Club Ad Spam
    Misuse of the Club Ad feature is silenceable. This includes but is not limited to using the feature to spam chat.
    Spam is considered to be 10 posts Club Ads in 5 minutes.

    Inappropriate Content

    Posting/soliciting obscene, pornographic, excessively violent, harmful, discriminatory or sexually explicit content. This includes using emojis to create inappropriate art or messages.

    Reminder: soliciting nudes in text or emoji form such as "HMU for premium Snap" or "Looking for 🍑💦🍆📷" are silenceable.

    Bypassing with Intent to Harass
    Intentionally circumventing our chat filters to post a message aimed at another player for the purpose of harassing them. Normal bypassing/swearing is allowed.

    Modern day slangs such as "thot" and "hoe" are no longer silenceable.

    Calling another player extremely derogatory and discriminatory words such as the ‘n’ word, fag, cunt etc. are still not okay and are silenceable.

    NOTE: We understand that some of these words are not offensive in other parts of the world. However, PIMD is a largely North American demographic and therefore, we base our silencing policy on North American interpretations of speech.

    Moderators are given the freedom to silence based on context so if you're going to call your bf a "bitch" in what you believe is a friendly manner, please be sure you can prove that it is loving and not malicious at all if you decide to send in an appeal.

    "F*** you, b****."
    "B****, I'm coming for you."

    "Man, rush hour is always such a b****."
    "Lol Tatianna ur such a hoe"
    "Bishhh, what?"

    Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.

    Falsely presenting yourself as a moderator, a member of the development or support teams or another player.

    False Information
    Spreading false information with the intent of misleading other players or disrupting gameplay. This includes public accusations.

    Personal Information
    Soliciting personally identifying information in a public channel. This information consists of First Name, Gender, Age (17+), State / Region / Country.
    Posting your own City / Address / Workplace, School, Phone Number, or Third Party Contact Information.

    Sharing or exposing the personal information of others.
    Claiming to be below the age of 17, or soliciting individuals under the age of 17.

    We are now allowing posting of first name, gender, age (17+), city, state/region, and country.

    Soliciting/posting the following is still silenceable:
    Your own address, work place, school, phone number, third-party socials.

    "I live on the corner of 5637 5th Ave, come on over!"
    "Add me on IG, @pumpkinsquash"
    "-_pumpkinsquash_- is 13!"

    "Who here is from Cincinnati, OH?"
    "My name is Annie and I'm 28."

    AGE restrictions:
    - Do not use the term "young/younger" WITHOUT age specification when soliciting
    - When looking for teens, specify 17+ teens and above

    "Looking for young girls"
    "Younger boys, slide in my DMs"
    "Looking for young teens"
    "Looking for players 14+"

    "Looking for young college students” ← seeing as typically, college students are over 17


    Ageplay is a kink that often involves roleplaying as minors.
    As this distinction can be unclear for young users that may sneak onto the game these types of requests are silenceable.

    "Looking for DDLG" (daddy dom little girl)
    "Ageplay RP roles for 14+"
    "Looking for Ageplay"
    "Ageplay with younger people"
    "Looking for littles"

    "Looking for Ageplay RP for older/elderly scenarios"
    "Ageplay RP roles for 18+"

    Third-Party Content
    Posting links to referral programs or other third-party applications not created by A Thinking Ape.

    Soliciting/advertizing of third-party products and sharing specific socials is what is silenceable.

    “What's your Snap? Add me!"
    “Anyone wanna play Fall Guys?”
    “Follow me on Insta @thirstydonuts”
    “Jazz enthusiasts!! Check out my jazz band on our YouTube!”

    “I messaged you on Line”
    “It was all over TikTok”
    “Did you see Queens’ post on Discord??”
    “Got destroyed in Tetris last night…”

    Soliciting or Showing Interest in In-Game Transactions
    Advertising account selling, trading, gifting or sharing, as well as responding to these.
    Transactions of any type involving any non-game currency (including, but not limited to real-world currency, gift cards, credit transactions, and cryptocurrencies) are not permitted and is subject to action at our discretion.

    Encouraging Abuse
    Encouraging other players to post content in violation of our Terms of Use.
    Intentionally creating a disturbance, flame, or troll.


    Please note that this will apply to silences going forward. WE WILL NOT BE RETROACTIVELY REVIEWING ANY PREVIOUS SILENCES.

    As a reminder, the silencing policy applies to anything publicly visible in PIMD:
    • Campus Chat
    • The Pub
    • IGNs
    • Statuses
    • Walls
    • Pet Names
    • Club Names
    • Club Walls
    • The forums
    The following are not considered public spaces and are therefore private channels: PMs/DMs/inbox, group chat, club chat, tutor chat, gift messages, etc.

    We sincerely hope that these updates will allow you folks to feel you have more freedom to have fun, but also note that we reserve the right to take action on any content we deem inappropriate for PIMD, including, but not limited to, the above. Please also see our Terms of Use for more information.

    The best guideline is, be a good person, do good things, and you'll pretty much be okay.

    Marcie + Will

    JANAUARY 7 2021
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  3. before any complaints start :p i jus wanna emphasise
  4. "Bishhh, what?"
  5. Lol Tatiana, ur such a hoe
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  6. About time as well Apes the whole game needs cleaning up
  7. Finally- I’m always getting silenced for spamming for my club and selling yet perverts got to post their age restrictions 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 great job *sarcasm* better late than never
  8. Thank you so much! I especially LOVE the portion @Vo highlighted.
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  9. I like these changes, good changes!

    now we can actually chat in pub without being scilenced (hopefully)

    and thanks so much for the age specifications and not using the word “younger" there’s so many predatory posts like that, Good News! Thanks!
  10. Finally a clean pub ! But u know english is not the only language used in the game. We don't know how to deal with people spamming our walls with hate speech from our foreign langue or using it in pub.
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  11. I like the changes! Particularly about the "young/younger" and ability to all sing songs in pub now! 😋
  12. Yea I don’t see how I was silenced for “not using club banner for intended purposes” when I was trying to buy bentos for my club but people ask for roleplay, submissives, and a whole bunch of inappropriate things. What a GO ATA!
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  13. Woah that's cool,you're all r hoe:)💕
  14. This
    Reminds me of this guy:
    I mean I guess it was creative
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  15. Definitely am glad that the “looking for younger people” is now silenceable, as I get so grossed out seeing people post this. I already dislike all the asking for explicit photos and rps, but specifically looking for what I assume to be children- horrible. Foul. Disgusting.

    I’m glad things are getting updated.
  16. Wait what it used to be bad to say where live? Fuck
  17. Mmmmm can I say 1 thing n not get in truble coz idk it and idk other words it
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  18. so does this mean sammie can be silenced for promoting hate in pub? 🤔
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  19. Finally will get some relief from harassing stuff....i liked these new policies pub and campus will be bit clean now :)
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