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    Hi Fam!
    It's been a minute since we last posted an update to our silencing policy and with so many new players, we thought it best to give an
    Update and Recap of PIMD Silencing Policies

    We know that rules laid out below may feel targeting for some users and/or kink-shaming, and that is not the goal here. There is space for all our beloved PIMD players, but there are certain topics that break the rules of our Terms of Use and can be harmful to others. We have to keep the community safe and we hope you can understand.

    We get that you are all adults and we know that Silencing Policies aren't fun, but they are necessary to make sure the game is a safe place for all. Party in my dorm is a game that is intended for a 17+ audience, but we know that younger players will try to play.

    With that being said our priorities here are two fold:

    1. We need to make sure public spaces are safe for minors that may find themselves on the game.
    2. We need to create a space that is free from harmful/toxic/inappropriate content that may trigger or negatively impact our community.

    This recap and update is color coded to make it easier to tell what is OKAY and what is SILENCEABLE.

    If you need an update on the basics please read the FAQ at the bottom.

    Silencing Policy

    Read below what we deem silenceable in public channels. Please note it's not possible to make a list of everything that could possibly be silenceable, but the rules below should make it clear what is acceptable and what is not.
    **There are some new clarifications so please be sure to read and be aware of adjustments.**

    Inappropriate Content
    Posting/soliciting obscene, pornographic, excessively violent, harmful, discriminatory or sexually explicit content. This includes using emojis to create inappropriate art or messages.

    Racial Slurs or Hate speech
    Words or phrases that discriminate against any group (including terms like "Futa", "She-male")
    Graphically Violent Language
    Requests for Violent Role play (Use of words like "forced", "abusive","Cnc", "Consensual-non-consensual")
    Requests for Bestiality or Incest
    References to Self-Harm (this can be triggering for many in the community, if you or someone you know are having thoughts of this nature please reach out for support. Feel free to write in a help ticket and we can share a number of Services that can help.)
    Requesting Non-explicit Roleplay in Campus Chat (this only belongs in Pub)
    Sexually Explicit Content/Requests (if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it here. Words like "breeding", "rape/r@pe, etc.)

    Requesting Non-explicit Roleplay in Pub Chat ("Hot Sexy Ladies wall me!")

    Personal Information
    Soliciting or sharing personally identifying information of other players or yourself in a public channel.
    This information consists of Last Name, Age, Address, Workplace, School, Phone Number or Third Party Contact Information.

    You can post your own first name, gender, age (17+), city, state/region, and country if you so choose, but remember once information is out there its hard to control, so be smart!


    "I live on the corner of 5637 5th Ave, come on over!"
    "Add me on IG, @pumpkinsquash"
    "-_pumpkinsquash_- is 13!"
    "Txt me my number is (555)555-5555!"


    "Who here is from Cincinnati, OH?"
    "My name is Annie and I'm 28."

    Underage and Soliciting Underage

    17 year olds are allowed to play the game with consent from a parent, but they are not allowed to solicit sexual or inappropriate chat. Any players found to be under 17, that are 17 and soliciting inappropriate chat, or are soliciting players under 18 will have their accounts silenced and/or disabled.

    If you are soliciting someone by age in campus you must specify 17+.
    If you are soliciting someone by age in pub you must specify 18+.
    Use of terms that are deemed to be a bypass for soliciting underage players will result in your account being disabled.


    "Looking for young girls"
    "Looking for littles"
    "Younger boys into older girls slide in my DMs"
    "Add me players under 19" (only age under 19 you can solicit is 18, just say 18)
    "Teens write on my wall"
    "Looking for players 14+"
    "RP looking for ANY AGE"
    "School girls msg me"
    "I am 16 add me"


    "Looking for young college students” (seeing as typically, college students are over 18)
    "Add me 20-24"
    "Looking for littles 18+"
    "Add me if youre under 20 but older than 18"
    "Hmu any age over 18"
    "Looking for Roleplay with 18+ teens" (would be specific to 18/19 year olds)
    "Looking for friends 17+" (in campus)

    Third-Party Content

    Posting links to referral programs, sharing specific socials or inviting others to play other third-party applications not created by A Thinking Ape.

    "Add me for socials!"
    "Message me for off-app fun!"
    “What's your Snap? Add me!"
    “Anyone wanna play Fall Guys?”
    “Follow me on Insta @thirstydonuts”
    “Jazz enthusiasts!! Check out my jazz band on our YouTube!”


    “I messaged you on Line”
    “It was all over TikTok”
    “Did you see Queens’ post on Discord??”
    “Got destroyed in Tetris last night…”

    Bypassing with Intent to Harass
    Intentionally circumventing our chat filters to post a message aimed at another player for the purpose of harassing them. Normal bypassing/swearing is allowed if it is generalized and not directed at others in a mean/aggressive way. Just because they are your friend, doesn't mean that it's not mean or aggressive, so you may still be silenced in those cases.

    Modern day slangs such as "thot" and "hoe" are not silence-able.

    "F*** you, b****."
    "B****, I'm coming for you."

    "Man, rush hour is always such a b****."
    "Lol Tatianna ur such a hoe"
    "Bishhh, what?"

    Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.

    Falsely presenting yourself as a moderator, a member of the development or support teams or another player.

    Changing your name to have it start with ATA.
    Telling other players that you are running contests on behalf of ATA.
    Changing your name to "I-AM-Will" to make fun of a player named Will and give them a bad name
    Pretending to be a moderator/developer/another player.

    False Information
    Spreading false information with the intent of misleading other players or disrupting gameplay. This includes public accusations.

    "ATA-WILL IS A SCAMMER" (Read here about the best ways to deal with scammers)
    "PVP is broken, hit players in Party-Rockers to test it!"

    Soliciting Pictures or Videos
    Soliciting nudes in text or emoji form. This is not your OnlyFans so its not a place to solicit nudes.

    "HMU for premium Snap"
    "Looking for 🍑💦🍆📷"
    "Girls who send"
    "Hmu if you trade 🍑💦 "
    "Prem OF, add me and I'll DM you!"
    "If you send pics add me"

    "HMU if you send gifts" ( this is okay because you can send gifts in game, but not nudes!)
    "HMU if you trade furni" (being specific about what you are looking to trade is great, don't trade nudes!)

    Soliciting or Showing Interest in In-Game Transactions
    Advertising account selling, trading, gifting or sharing, as well as responding to these.
    Transactions of any type involving any non-game currency (including, but not limited to real-world currency, gift cards, credit transactions, and cryptocurrencies) are not permitted and is subject to action at our discretion.

    "Selling bentos for 🇮🇳"
    "Buy my account"
    "Furni for Paypal"
    "Anyone selling their accnt?"

    Encouraging Abuse
    Encouraging other players to post content in violation of our Terms of Use.
    Intentionally creating a disturbance, flame, or troll.

    "Everybody spam swear words in pub!"
    "Climate change isn't real prove me wrong!"
    "Will is a jerk, everbody wall him mean stuff!"

    Spamming as an Individual or a Group
    Spamming in general is only silenceable if it is done with the intent to disrupt chat negatively or harass other's.


    Sending 5+ messages full of swear words or harassing another player

    Situation A
    Player 1: Post your height!
    Player 2: 5'2
    Player 3: 6'
    Player 4: 4'11
    Player 5: 5'7
    Player 6: 5'9

    Situation B
    Player 1: SOMEBODY
    Player 2: Once told me
    Player 3: The world is gonna roll me
    Player 4: I ain't the sharpest tool in the sheeeed
    Player 2: She was lookin' kinda dumb
    Player 1: With her finger and her thumb
    Player 4: With a shape of an 'L'
    Player 3: On her foooooreheaaaad

    [naturally, the rest of community also knows the words and sings along]

    Club Ad Spam
    Misuse of the Club Ad feature is silenceable. This includes but is not limited to using the feature to spam chat.

    Spam is considered to be 10 Club Ad posts in 5 minutes.




    A silence is when your account's ability to send messages has been temporarily disabled.
    Silences are given to players that break our Silencing Policies.
    The Silencing Policies largely reiterate's our Terms of Use, and explicitly clarifies a number of points.
    A silence is given out by a Developer or a Player Moderator.

    Silences operate on a tiered system, starting at the lowest duration and moving up for your next silence. After your silence has ended, your silence tier will decrease by 1 for every 30 days without additional silences.

    Tier 1: 1 day
    Tier 2: 7 days
    Tier 3: 30 days

    We reserve the right to deviate from this policy at our discretion in extreme situations, and in some cases may move straight to a permanent silence or disabling an account completely.

    If you have questions about a silence given, you can contact Support directly through in game help.

    Please note that you can be silenced for anything that we determine to be inappropriate in our public channels (world chat, walls and status messages).

    Remember that just because you write in to appeal, doesn't mean that we will remove your silence. Our Developers and Moderators are well versed in our Silencing Policies and there are not many cases where an appeal is valid.

    If you would like to report any incidents of inappropriate behaviour in public channels in PIMD (world chat, walls, statuses, usernames, club names and descriptions), please message Support through in game help.

    In your message, please mention the usernames of those involved, what was said, and when and where in game it occurred.

    Private channels (such as PMs, gift notes and club chat) are not moderated in the same way. For these, it’s best to block the player (for personal communication) or speak with your club (for club chat). Some club roles can also silence members for 1 hour in club chat specifically.

    Communication that happens outside the game (other than our Discord Server), is unmoderated and we are unable to take action against a player in game based on something outside the game, without direct evidence linking the accounts.

    When you are silenced you won't be able to speak in public channels.

    If the silence was conducted by a Moderator your Status Message will be cleared and replaced with
    "This account is silenced for violations of the Terms of Service".

    If the silence was given by a Developer the Player Silenced will have a blank status and they will receive a push notification as to why.
    Please note that this will apply to silences going forward.

    As a reminder, the silencing policy applies to anything publicly visible in PIMD:
    • Campus Chat
    • The Pub
    • IGNs
    • Statuses
    • Walls
    • Pet Names
    • Club Names
    • Club Walls
    • The forums
    The following are not considered public spaces and are therefore private channels:
    • Private Messages
    • Direct Messages
    • Group Chat
    • Club Chat
    • Tutor Chat
    • Gift Messages
    Please also see our Terms of Use for more information.

    The best guideline is: Be a good person, do good things, and you'll pretty much be okay.

    Will and the ATA Team
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