New Club Feature: Gold Pass

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  1. Introducing our latest feature on the *~club updates~* train: Gold Pass!

    To be able to experience this new feature, please head to the app store to get the latest version of PIMD! Please note that depending on where you live, it may take some time for this update to reach your app store.

    ☞ The Gold Pass allows anyone to leave and come back into a club without applying or needing an invite. It also allows you to enter a club even if it has a CLOSED policy. #vip

    ☞ It will also never expire!

    ☞ You’ll keep your club role and club title as long as you have the Pass ;)

    ☞ You can acquire a Gold Pass from the Manage page if you are President or Vice President.

    ☞ If you are KICKED OUT of the club you will lose your Pass!

    Hope you guys enjoy this little addition! Let us know if you have any feedback for us as always. <3

    Major shoutout to IGN @Celi for writing in about this idea. I mean, we had already thought of it, wrote the code for it, made the art for it, and then subsequently launched it but it's cute that you also had the same idea. TWINSIES.
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  2. 
  3. yass bih
  4. That's a pretty neat idea.
  5. Makes my job so much easier tbh.
  6. 99ec 
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  7. This is a nice update

  8. Wait so I predicted this new feature? ?
  9. Nice one..
  10. 99ec? Uhhhhh

    No thanks.
  11. who ever came up with this needs a pay increase
  12. Yasssss, this is going to make things so much easier for admins!
  13. Nice one ATA.
  14. Yasssss