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  1. Chat Channels

    What are chat channels?

    When it comes down to it, PIMD is a social game. The biggest social aspect lies in the chat channels, which are a hub of communication varying from traders advertising their wares to people requesting roleplay.

    Currently, there are four chat channels.

    Two are public, where anyone can post: Campus and The Pub. These channels are also subject to moderation. Collectively, these two are sometimes referred to as "WC", an abbreviation for World Chat.

    The other two are closed, where only certain people can post: Club and Tutors. These are nicknamed CC (Club Chat) and TC (Tutor Chat) respectively.

    It's easy to access chat channels. The Home screen even provides a small preview window to it. To access the full-screen version of chat channels, just tap on the preview window.

    Once accessed, you can swipe your screen left and right to navigate the channels.

    The very last window, "Find Channels", gives you the ability to turn off access to certain channels.

    ー Turned On
    ー Turned Off

    At the moment, only The Pub and Tutors can be unfollowed.

    You can always switch the channels on and off at your own leisure.


    To post in public channels (i.e., Campus and The Pub), you need to use a Speaker per message.

    Every user gets 5 Speakers regenerated every hour, and it caps at 25 Speakers.

    A player can have more Speakers at a time, but these either need to be purchased for 1 EC in the Shop or won off the Spinner.

    You do not need Speakers to post in CC or TC.

    Colored Names

    Usually, a player's name will appear the standard black. However, sometimes you will come across colorful names in chat channels!

    Hot Pink: The result of a special Relationship date. Lasts 24 hours.
    Purple: The result of a special Relationship date. Lasts 24 hours.
    Orange: The result of using a Care Pack Notice. Lasts 2 hours.
    Light Blue: The result of being awarded the Honor Student achievement. Permanent, unless revoked.
    Lime Green: The result of being awarded the Resident Advisor achievement (a.k.a a game moderator). Permanent, unless revoked or the player retires.
    Red: The result of being a game developer. Permanent.

    Fun Fact
    New users' names used to appear in dark gray!

    Photo courtesy of Schwanz.

    The Channels


    Campus is the main public chat channel.

    There are many types of messages in Campus:
    • new users asking for volleys or gifts
    • players looking to trade items
    • club advertisements
    • players looking for in-game relationships
    • game notifications* for clubs or new users
    (these are highlighted in purple)
    • and more!

    Fun Fact
    There used to be game notifications for when people entered or ended an in-game relationship, or when people got Silenced.

    World Announcements

    Campus ("World") Announcements, or WA, cost 26 Speakers. These are messages that scroll across the top of Campus for 15 fifteen minutes instead of being displayed in the bulk of the chat channel. This can prevent it from getting buried under other messages and notifications.

    This feature is most useful for advertising clubs.

    The Pub

    The Pub is the newest chat channel, being introduced on 19 June 2018 (with a slight teaser appearing on 25 May 2018, under the working name of "After Dark").

    The biggest differences between The Pub and Campus are:
    • roleplay requests are only permitted in The Pub
    • no club or new user notifications in The Pub

    Other than that, everything that can be posted in Campus is allowed in The Pub!


    Club is pretty self-explanatory. It's a private channel for members of your club. It isn't moderated (except by club admins).

    The Club Announcement, or CA, bar operates pretty much the same as Campus' WA, except that it doesn't cost speakers. (Only certain club ranks of adminship can change CA.)

    A club can set up their own rules for what they deam as not allowed in CC, and breaking this can result in you being muted for one hour by an admin or being kicked from the club.

    For information on what club ranks have the abilities to change CA, mute members, kick members, and more, check out the thread "Moar Club Role Slots!" by [ATA]Marceline.

    CC will also include notifications such as if someone joined or left the club, if a party started or was forfeited, et cetera.


    TC is also fairly self-explanatory. This is a private chat for pupils and their tutors.

    You can only see messages by your own pupil and your own tutors.

    You cannot see messages by your pupil's other tutors, your pupil's pupil, or your tutor's tutors.


    As previously mentioned, Campus and The Pub are subject to moderation by Resident Advisors, or RAs. However, most people refer to them by the more explanatory name of moderators/mods. They are easily recognized by their charateristic very bright green username.

    Mods are regular players that have been given the power to enforce the game's rules and regulations by the game developers. More information about mods can be found in the thread "Moderator Application FAQ" by [ATA]Winston.

    The rules are enforced via Silencing.

    Code of Conduct & Silencing

    Before posting in the public channels, it is important to acquaint yourself with the game's rules.

    The Game Code of Conduct and Personal Information Policy are the easiest to access and the most concise about what can and cannot be posted in public channels.

    More in-depth explanations can be found in the Terms of Use, although it may be more difficult to navigate to learn specifically about what can and cannot be posted in public channels. (I recommend reading through it anyway.)

    If the rules are broken, a Silence can occur. A Silence prohibits the player from posting in public channels, posting on walls, changing their status, and sending gifts.

    On the first offense, a Silence will last 24 hours. Subsequent offenses will increase in length.

    More information about Silencing can be found in the Silencing FAQ.

    Mass Spam

    One particular issue in public channels is "Mass Spam". This can cause confusion upon being silenced, because an individual may only have sent one message. Mass Spam includes several individuals spamming the channel instead of just one and only requires one message per individual.

    An example of Mass Spam:
    Player A: 10
    Player B: 9
    Player C: 8
    Player D: 7
    Player B: 6
    and so on.

    Although it doesn't always have to do with non-conversational nonsense like numbers or letters...

    An example of semi-conversational Mass Spam:
    Player A: How tall is everyone?
    Player B: 6'
    Player C: Ooo I'm 5'5"!
    Player D: Lol u guys are so tall. 5'0
    Player C: lmfaoooo
    Player E: Oof

    Usually a mod will post a warning in the public channel telling people they will be Silenced if they continue, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Special Thanks

    Here are some shoutouts to people that helped me sort this thread out to be the most informative it can be.


    I appreciate it!

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