LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Tie'd Down in September!

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    The 60s after seeing what 2020 has been like so far.

    Avatar Coins

    Introducing Avatar Coins!

    This month, we're doing a little remix on how you can get your hands on avatars.
    Instead of using EC, you can use Avatar Coins to get them!

    But where do I get Avatar Coins, Marcie?
    Great question, nameless RP-er! Avatar Coins can be bought from Molly's Corner!

    There are currently 2 packs available:
    $5 USD – 7 Coins
    $22 USD – 33 Coins

    You can save up your Avatar Coins over time to purchase other avis that come available!
    Bear in mind, these Avis can also be won in the September Timer Box.

    Now, check out this month's content to dye for.







    September Spinner Items are here until noon PST on October 1st, 2020!

    Golden Dreamer

    Colorful Dyes

    Rubber Bands

    Little White T-Shirt

    Collect 5 of each to have them automatically combine into...

    Woofstock the Puppy

    Available through the Prize Spinner and September Timer Boxes until October 1st, 2020 at noon PST!


    Available through the Furniture Store and the Summer 2020 Furniture Box!

    Timer Box


    September Timer Box be dropping the following:
    ☞ September Spinner Items
    ☞ September Avatars
    ☞ ✨NEW✨Avatar Coins

    The content inside this Timer Box will be available until noon PST on October 1st 2020, as is tradition.

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  2. First?
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  3. Ooo pretty
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  4. Omg. The doggy
  5. This is... Interesting...
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  7. The spinner set is adorable!
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  8. Didn’t it cost $20 for an avatar from Molly’s corner though? Now it costs more for an avatar?
  9. This furni is cuuuute! Love the 32 coin avi
  10. I don’t understand the coins
  11. Thank you for putting the avis in box again and also the coins, now that’s a nice way of doing things.
  12. LMAO wtf type of bullshit is that? AVATAR Coins?? $60 for one avi? LOL ATA is doing such a good job at leeching on its player base
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  13. I remember when avatars used to be on the spinner now you have to pay big bucks for avatars. Nonetheless during a pandemic. Nice ☺️
  14. Dear ATA.
    I know you want money, but I don't think y'all are being smart about this. You charge $60 for a shitty avi. Only pea brains are gonna go after that. Listen. 40/40 should be $5-$10, 50/50, $10-$15, 60/60 $15-$20. I know this seems low to you, but people are willing to spend $20 for an okay stat avi. They arent willing to spend $60 for an avi they won't use. Please. Use your fucking heads. Ty
  15. They've had $60 avis in the past XD But you can also get coins from the box, so... Maybe it'll be cheaper?
  16. It's so good that Ata have listened to the complaints about Molly's Corner cash avis and brought out something different inste....... oh wait, this is worse 🌝
  17. Wonderful, ATAs newest scam has arrived! 😅