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    With the newest additions to the moderator team being announced recently, I thought it would be helpful to update "Mod Guide 3.0" by @Quality and expand the information given.

    I included a FAQ section, along with lists of all of the mods, HS, and devs. The lists will be in alphabetical order, disregarding any hyphens, underscores, or brackets.

    Profiles will also be linked (when able), which will be useful for both quick access and that the links will still work even if they change username. Nevertheless, I will try to be on top of updating the given names for clarity.

    Additionally, I will include the year the user either became a mod or HS beside their name. This will not be the case for devs only because they do not receive announcement threads when they join ATA.

    ー Frequently Asked Questions ー

    What is a moderator? A moderator (also known as a mod, Resident Advisor, or RA) is someone that is selected by A Thinking Ape to patrol public channels. While patroling, they ensure everyone is abiding by the app Terms of Service, as well as assist anyone with questions about the game.

    How can mods be identified? A mod can be identified by their green username in in-game chat channels, a green badge next to their username in forums, and a special achievement on their profile.

    How does a player become a mod? A Thinking Ape will post a thread in the Announcement section of forums when they are accepting new moderators. This thread will include an application that must be filled out. Please note that one is required to be playing for at least 6 months to be considered.

    What exactly are the abilities of a mod? Mods can issue silences and forums bans, as well as delete posts on walls and in forums. They can also "lock" a forum thread, which prevents people from replying to it. Mods have direct communication with the game developers, too. Contrary to popular opinion, mods do not have the ability to answer help tickets ー only devs can!

    If a player thinks a mod silenced or banned them unfairly, what should they do? If a player thinks their silence or ban was unfair, they should send a help ticket and explain what happened and why they think it was unfair. The devs will review the case and inform the player whether or not the appeal is successful.

    What should a player do if they see a mod abusing their abilities? Mods are held to high standards by the devs. If a player thinks a mod is abusing their abilities, they should report the moderator directly to A Thinking Ape via a help ticket.

    What are the perks of being a mod? Mods get an increased amount of Speakers, the ability to test new content, a unique in-game item in Mod Crates, and more!

    What is a Mod Crate? A Mod Crate is a special box that a player can win from a mod by winning a contest or competition, or being recognized by them for being extremely helpful. Mod Crates contain a 25kcs stat item that represents each mod. For more information on Mod Crates, check out their Announcement thread.
    Honor Students
    What is an Honor Student? An Honor Student, or HS for short, is a player that has been recognized by A Thinking Ape for being a positive role model in the game community.

    How can HS be identified? HS have a light blue username in chat channels. They also have a special achievement on their profile.

    How does one become an HS? Game developers keep an eye on chat channels and forums. If they see someone frequently contributing positively, they will contact that person privately to see if they want to become an Honor Student. Unlike becoming a mod, there is no application process.

    What constitutes as positive contributions? The best example is making informative guides, and teaching the game to new players. Some HS have gotten it for holding regular fun competitions, or making cool game-related art!

    Are there any abilities or perks for Honor Students? Nope. It's just a way for the game developers to recognize the player for being awesome! And if the player ever ceases being awesome, the devs can remove the player's HS status.
    What is a developer? A developer, also known as a dev, works for the company that created PIMD. The company is called A Thinking Ape, frequently abbreviated as ATA.

    How can devs be identified? Devs have a red username in chat channels, a red badge beside their username in forums, and have "[ATA]" in their usernames.

    How does one become a dev? Like any other employer, ATA requires one to apply. More information can be found on their website.

    What are the devs' PIMD Crates, and how can they be earned? PIMD Crates can be received by winning an official ATA contest or competition, by winning a Pub chat trivia game, or for just being helpful! Similar to Mod Crates, PIMD Crates include personalized 25kcs stat items for each dev.

    If any of your questions were not answered above, please check out the "Helpful Information" section towards the end. If your question still is not answered, feel free to either ask in this thread or in the catch-all PIMD-related questions thread.

    ー Moderators ー

    The mods will be categorized by which campus they monitor: "Asian" or "U.S." Asian Campus consists of non-English speaking countries and U.S. Campus consists of English-majority speaking countries.

    Asian Campus
    @Alexander (2019)
    @angela-always (2017)
    @Arse (2017)
    @Bashly (2020)
    @Daniela (2018)
    @I_dunno (2019)
    @JustZomerVlinder (2017)
    @MAXlMUS-Ja (2020)
    @MAXlMUS-P (2020)
    @-QUINN- (2020)
    @Sir (2020)
    U.S. Campus
    @-Ahli-LovesMike (2014)
    @-_A_-Legwarmers (2019)
    @Atlas (2020)
    @bb (2020)
    @Bit (2020)
    @Bluntwiches (2014)
    @ChoKing (2017)
    @Day (2020)
    @_-FormiDaBelle-_ (2019)
    @Growl (2019)
    @Help (2020)
    @-iLyssaTheGummyBearKissa- (2018)
    @Intoxication (2020)
    @just_a_face_in_the_crowd (2013)
    @Koveras (2018)
    @Libra (2020)
    @LittleMisfortune (2019)
    @meggyboo (2015)
    @-PA_KaramelApples- (2018)
    @Phobia (2020)
    @Pride (2019)
    @Sinderella (2015)
    @Smile_kidd (2018)
    @SUHxDUDE (2018)
    @Swim (2020)
    @TheRoamingGnome (2019)
    @Vosovic (2020)
    @xMedusax (2020)

    ー Honor Students ー

    @CatLady (2014)
    @Jiggy (2015)
    @Muschi (2020)
    @-PA_KaramelApples- (2018)
    @RevolutionaryWolf (2014)
    @_Special-Agent-Kate_ (2015)
    @War-King (2013)

    ー Developers ー


    Helpful Information

    Forum Code of Conduct | Game Code of Conduct
    General Game FAQ | In-Game Extortion Policy
    LGBTQ+ Community | Moderator Application FAQ
    Personal Information Policy | Silencing Policy FAQ
    Use of Inappropriate Language | Terms of Service

    Other Guides by Yours Truly

    Avatars on PIMD | Chat Channels | Extra Credit
    PIMD Crates | Relationships | The Battle List
    The Official PIMD Timeline
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  8. The most difficult part was retrieving links for everyone. I had to use browser forums, and locate posts by each individual user. Luckily, most of them had posts so I was able to provide links once I found them. But I think having links would be extremely useful, so it was well worth the effort.

    No problem. <3
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  12. You should totally add like retired mods and devs :)
  13. I probably will eventually. Quality already had a good bit of the old retired and demodded mods listed in her guide so I may eventually username-check those and add on additional users. Plus add honor students that have been removed and devs that left the company.

    The current ones are the most important ones, so I wanted to release a list of them as soon as possible.
  14. All these mods and I see like 2 every blue moon.
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  17. Honestly wishing We had the old team instead of what we got
  18. Looking back through old forum threads to retrieve profile links, I noticed that the devs interacted a lot more with users in forums than they do now. Even the devs that are still on the team. Joking around with players and the like. I wonder what changed. I think it would be nice for the community to see that side of devs. It's good for morale imo
  19. What changed is the attitude and the brass and I’m fixing to pull shots but Marcelina is one of them who tf made her head of Community what a brilliant idea to put someone with a smart ass mouth in charge of your community just my two cents, don’t get me wrong if she didn’t give off that Sass vibe and communicate she’d be alright

    I also miss and enjoy the times where we got to actually see the developers Hanging out in Campus, phew there were even times when mods and developers would silence each other and that was back when you could actually see who got silenced and when a mod silenced a dev The dev would go god mode and remove his/her silence saying Nu-uh then Silence the mod for hoots and Giggles. Then everyone got butthurt because people would go on the silenced persons wall and laugh because they broke the ToS/ RoC
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