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  1. Relationships

    Note: This is an updated version of the guide "The Ultimate Guide to Relationships" by Matt.

    What are "relationships"?

    Relationships, often called an RS, are a unique, collaborative way to earn a special stat bonus! It involves two people/players ー as most real life relationships do.

    However, most people don't RS each other due to mutual romance feelings. Think of it more like a partnership, just for the stat bonus. Your RS is (or should be) your ally!

    The RS feature was introduced 21 October 2014. Here is the forum thread announcing it!

    A player can only have one RS at a time, so choose wisely!

    To view the Relationship page, swipe left on your home screen. Then tap the corresponding tab!

    How do I get an RS?

    First thing to think about is who your RS will be!

    Sometimes, you can find someone in your club or someone you are already friends with. Other times, you may need to resort to posting an advertisement in our very own Lonely Hearts Column, also known as the "Looking For A Relationship Partner?" thread by Jerk.

    Typically, it costs 79 Extra Credit, or EC, to enter an RS, or "Ask". Luckily, game developers allow everyone one FREE Ask when they start the game!

    Occasionally, game developers have other free Ask opportunities.

    For example, for the 2016 Valentine's "Love Letters" Hunt, one free Ask was given to everyone on 12 February 2016.

    For a longer duration, the 2017 Valentine's "Romantic Signals" Hunt and the 2018 Valentine's "Valentine En Vogue" Hunt had unlimited free Asks for the entire Hunt.

    To Ask someone, just go on their profile! There will be three buttons of interest.

    Battle | Hire | Relationship

    In this scenario, the far right heart button is the point of interest. Tap that button, and an information bubble will pop up.

    Tapping "Ask Out" will confirm that you want to spend 79 EC, or your free Ask. If you aren't interested in Asking the player, just tap "Later"!

    Don't fret ー if you cancel the Ask before the player accepts it, or the player rejects your Ask, you will be refunded.

    To cancel the Ask, tap the now darkened button that replaced the previous.

    Note that cancelling an Ask does not have a confirmation option like the initial Ask. However, since you get a refund, if you accidentally cancel your Ask you can easily resend it.

    On the other hand, maybe someone has decided to Ask you!

    You will receive a notification that you have been asked. Then just visit the aforementioned Relationships tab, and tap on the "Requests" button!

    There, you will see all of the currently pending Asks you have. Accepting or rejecting these are self-explanatory.

    I rejected that one. :•)

    Perks of Relationships

    Stat Bonus

    As mentioned before, the main reason for RSes is for the stat bonus. If you currently have an RS, your current stat bonus can be viewed two ways.

    The first way is by going to the Relationship page.

    The second way is by going to your profile and scrolling down to your "Bonus Breakdown".

    Therefore, my current RS stat bonus is:
    Calculating Stat Bonus

    To calculate the potential stat bonus of a potential RS, it involves a little bit of math. Don't worry though, it's just basic multiplication.

    The stats of my current RS, _Jhean, that reflect my stat bonus as pictured above:
    The overall stat bonus is achieved by multiplying the Strength by 5, and multiplying the Intelligence by 5.

    Variable "x" refers to a player's raw strength.
    Variable "y" refers to a player's raw intelligence.
    Variable "a" refers to said player's RS's strength bonus.
    Variable "b" refers to said player's RS's intelligence bonus.

    x × 5 = a
    y × 5 = b

    For what _Jhean's bonus is, you would simply take my stats and multiply each half by 5. My current stats are:
    Thus, _Jhean's bonus is:
    It's pretty easy! You just plug the variables into a calculator.

    Most people like to have their RS around their own stats so that they have similar stat bonuses.

    Couple's Secret Shop

    The Couple's Secret Shop can be accessed by going to the Relationship page, and tapping on "Gift".

    These gifts work like the regular gift feature, but can only be sent between RSes.

    Gifts can cost either EC or in-game cash.


    To access Dates, simply visit the Relationship page and tap on the "Dates" button.

    Dates can do several types of things, but they can be divided into two categories: temporary stat bonuses and temporary name colors.

    Dates are only purchased by one player in the RS, but will affect both players.

    Temporary stat bonuses cost varying degrees in-game cash. They last for one hour and give a bonus to either your Strength or Intelligence, and for attacking or defending. Thus, these dates work best for players that engage in Player versus Player, or PvP.

    Temporary name colors cost 2 EC. The two colors available are Pink and Purple. These names last for 24 hours and are viewable in Campus, The Pub, Club Chat, and Tutor Chat.

    Some Hunts come with exclusive Dates last are available for purchase during the duration of the Hunt.

    For example, the Hunt "Save The Date" came with a temporary Dark Blue name color Date.

    Additionally, the previously discussed 2016, 2017, and 2018 Valentine's Day-themed Hunts had special Dates, including a Plunder bonus, available ー as well as a 50% deal on their costs. Here's an example of these.

    Players got exclusive Dates to celebrate the United States' Independence Day in 2018, as well.

    "Retired" Perks

    One of the most notable perks of being in an RS that is no longer available was the ability to send EC to your RS. The mechanics of this feature can be seen in the outdated guide by Matt (linked at the beginning of this post). The feature was removed on 7 June 2016.

    Special Thanks

    Here are some shoutouts to people that helped me sort this thread out to be the most informative it can be.


    I appreciate it!

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