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  3. Fixed, Cute cat!

    Here’s a Guide to posting pics that you might find helpful!
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  5. Hello and good riddance. PIMD changes and the old PIMD dictionaries needed updating so here’s the updated version from me and @Day.
    I’d also like to give special thanks to @Muschi, @Mythorius, and @Dark_Lord_Cthulhu for their insights as well as numerous other people who took the time to check the thread and provide feedback. ❤️

    Starting out, we’ll just have the Zero-to-Z list, and at the end there will be abbreviations for parties, as well as some big SFW club tags and nicknames from the past that you might come across occasionally.


    Club-related - Trade-related - PVP-related



    Bento. Spinner sets made of Tempura, Launch, and Pep PIMDinis, often used as a form of in-game currency.

    A furniture item in front of the bookshelf which costs 499ecs to buy from the furniture store.

    A furniture item between the desk and plant which costs 999ecs to buy from the furniture store.



    Active (also see semi-active, and inactive)
    A person who is currently playing the game most days of the week.

    Active Topics(Old)
    The part of forums that were last commented on. (See Recent Posts)

    Refers to people in clubs, other than the president, who hold power.
    Since the updating of club roles, this is sometimes used to describe Executives and Vice Presidents of clubs.

    Clubs that have a friendship or agreement with other clubs.

    Alternative account. People can have a main account and other accounts on different devices, which are called ‘alts’.

    Asian Server (see also US server)
    Campus and Pub are split into two servers. You will only be able to view and post in your designated server. They’re meant to be split based on language, with English-dominant countries occupying the “US server” and non-English-dominant countries being in the “Asian server”. Placement is not necessarily dependent on where you live in the world, and all players will be in one or the other. These are also called Eastern and Western Servers.

    A Thinking Ape. A great ape which has designed, developed, and run PIMD for over 9 years.

    Avatar. The character you use on your profile. These provide extra power in battles.



    Billions of PIMD bucks (also see k, m, T, and Q).
    If you are a poopy bum, it means bentos (see 🍱 and bento).

    Back to Back. Commonly used to describe a club’s routines. Back-to-back parties or cat café.

    When players are no longer to access their account.

    A way to store your money. However it will cost you 20% of what you want to bank. This is a last resort for saving your money.

    To fight another player.

    BB item
    Buddy Box item (An item that comes from the Buddy Box, Bestie Box, or BFF Box).

    Buddy Box Bomb. An event in which everyone in a club buys BFF boxes for each other.

    Build Complete (referring to dorm). Filled all of the dorm rooms with a particular level of dorm mates.

    Best club rank. (the top rank achieved by the club in the club leaderboard (picture in spoiler)

    Billion combined stats. Strength + Intelligence, divided by 1,000,000,000.

    An item created by collecting a certain amount/type of chibi, which drop from the spinner. Commonly used to trade.

    1- Bouncer Force. A club role that has power over who can come, and stay in the club.
    2- Black Friday. A promotional event on PIMD where everything is cheaper and you make 5x the cash off Premium parties.

    Battle List. You find this by clicking the 'people' button and there you can hit other users around the same statistics.

    Items that are part of a hunt. These often include story rewards, furniture, avatars, drops, shards, etc. They often drop from parties, the spinner, they can be earned by completing tasks.

    Bacon Towel. One of the two first 5mcs items. Twin of the Heart Drive, and a rare showcase item from 2016.

    1- Hire a tutor once to increase its hire value
    2- (means the same as volley) To hire a tutor until it’s at a certain value. e.g. can you help me bump charlie 5 times?
    3- To comment on a thread in forums, ‘bumping’ it to the top of recent posts to increase its visibility.



    Club announcement or campus announcement (less likely).
    These are side-scrolling text boxes at the top of chat which contain important information.

    Campus/campus chat
    The chat on the far left. This is a good place to post ads as everyone in your server can see these messages.

    Short for hypnocat. An item required to start the cat cafe premium party, and which costs 69 extra credits.

    This has many meanings: club chat, campus chat (due to it also meaning club chat, saying wc 'world chat' instead of campus chat can help clear confusion), cat cafe, counter culture, cabana cool.

    Cat Cafe Build Complete. Someone who became LCBC almost exclusively by using cat cafes.
    Surprisingly, this used to be an insult because enough LCBC players got there without using cat cafes. However, currently, there are no LCBC’s who didn’t achieve it without cat cafes. And achieving this would probably take over 10 years of daily dedication. So this is now just a reminder of how greedy the game’s developers have become, and how they often release a plethora of (once considered central to the game) content exclusively for paying players.
    This is included in the list to show how broken, and money-hungry this game’s developers have been, and how skill and grit can no longer be associated with high stats, only wealth.

    Cease Fire. An agreed-upon set of conditions for someone to stop hitting another player.

    (Informal) A cute spinner item that can combine to make a bento, a high value item commonly used for trading. (Formally, PIMDini)

    Communities where you can plan and do shenanigans. There are a few different types:
    1. Rp Clubs - Clubs where people rp and don’t party.
    2. B2B POTD Clubs - Clubs where people constantly party and try to complete hunts.
    3. SFW Clubs - Clubs involved in large-scale wars with other clubs and players.
    4. CC Clubs - Clubs that do premium parties continuously, often with an entry-fee. These are run like businesses.
    5. Flash Clubs/Seasonal Clubs. - These are clubs that regularly host and organize flash cat cafe sessions. These often have some downtime between high traffic times.
    6. Emo Clubs - People sometimes go to these places to seek attention.
    7. Crazy person clubs - Weird clubs with only a single member and their alts. They draw scribbles and write strange poetry on their wall before going inactive.
    Key features include CA, club titles, club wall, the potential to do parties, the potential to do club wars, and the potential for cult-like communities to emerge.

    Club farm
    A farm for your club. Usually listed in the club announcement. These are a priority and should be hit constantly or between parties (depending on club policy).

    Cash on hand. The amount of pimd bucks you have to spend at the current moment.
    E.g. What's your coh?

    Care Package. Activated by purchasing a care package notice from the store, this item will provide a player with double plunder from parties for 2 hours, and will make their name golden.

    • (PIMD crate/Dev crate) This is a purple showcase item awarded to players by the developers which can be opened to get a random rare developer item (items designed by and for each dev), or doctor’s note.
    • (Mod crate) This is a green showcase item awarded by PIMD moderators to players. They can be opened, deleting the crate, but giving you a random mod item (items designed by and for each mod), or a doctor’s note.
    Crew/Crew members
    The characters you can put in your dorms to make you stronger and smarter.

    Combined stats. The combined value of intelligence and strength bonuses.



    D/Dance Off
    A type of attack using intelligence. It makes the winner a lot of money, but doesn’t hurt the loser much.

    Def (old)

    People who work on releasing new content and maintaining Party in my Dorm. They sometimes have player accounts which you will recognize by their red names or [ATA] Tags (which you will be silenced and name changed for using).

    Doctors Note. Used for instant regeneration of energy.

    1- (a tutor) To drop a tutor means you basically fire them. You only get a partial refund of the money you spent on them back, and you lose the stat bonus from them.
    2- (a cat or premium item) Done by selecting the ‘use’ party action on a premium party and selecting the corresponding item. Using the right item will complete the first bar of the party and allow people to hit the previously locked bars.
    3- (the soap) Don’t drop the soap. This should be a new kind of party.

    Drops refer to special items you earn after completing a party. These could be progress tokens for a story, rare items, trophies, etc.

    Defender Too Strong. This notice is given when a user has much higher stats than you, therefore you can't hit them.

    Defender Too Weak. This notice is given when a user you are hitting is either too small for you to hit, or their energy level is too low and you’re prevented from hitting them.

    Drop Volley Profit (or dv for short). A method for trading PIMD bucks. One person gives the DVP by telling the recipient what tutors to volley. They then volley multiple tutors, multiple times and the recipient gets rich. The DVP giver keeps the tutors at the end.



    The cost to be entered in a raffle.

    Ec/ecs- Extra Credits
    The premium currency of pimd. Look here for more information.

    Eavesdrop. A combat action that allows you to see information about your opponent.

    This is the worst kind of ban. An expulsion means you will probably never see your account again except with some serious reasoning with the developers.



    Fight. e.g. “Hit them on F”, “F them”.
    The outcome of a fight is based on the difference in strength stats between the people in battle.

    Fake Art 101. A party.

    A user targeting another user by hitting them many times. How many hits define farming vary from user to user.

    Generally done with cat café parties, flash is when a club will complete parties as quickly as possible using doctor notes and party vehicles to earn as many drops and as much plunder as fast as possible.

    Fight losses. Visible on someone’s profile.

    FV/Force Volley
    When someone tries to convince you not to hire a tutor but they’re super underpriced and you can’t be bothered to wait for them to hire back because they’re doing it infrequently to stall progress so you ask someone to help you volley that tutor to their appropriate price.

    A place where the community can talk together and create threads on a selection of topics. The home of guides, history, suggestions, and debate.

    Furniture. Placed in your dorm to show off your interior decorating skills and taste. Press this link to a guide with more information.

    Forfeit. To end a party before it’s due to complete, failing it, and allowing the club to start a new party sooner.



    Group Chat. A feature on PIMD using private messages where you can invite people to participate in a chatroom with multiple people in it.

    Gold Pass. An item that can be purchased by a club to allow a player to leave and return as they please without invites.



    Heartdrive (One of the first two 5mcs items: the twin of the Bacon Towel).

    To bid and own someone as a tutor. You can always be outbid which is why there isn’t a ‘buy’ option.

    To perform an action on jobs, parties, or other players.

    Honour Student. People with sky blue names: Honour student is a title awarded to some players who the developers feel have had a great, original positive influence on PIMD. Often bringing something new to the game, having a positive character, and being worthy of recognition.

    A special event where players collect items to receive prizes, such as unique avatars and furniture.



    ID or IGN
    In-game-name. Your identity as a player.

    In house seller. Refers to a cat café club that has a player that will drop a cat for a price, generally for stat items.

    Someone who's not on at the time or doesn't play anymore. Clubs can also be inactive.

    Inactive Farm
    Someone who no longer plays who you can farm.

    Incoming (hits). Refers to hits received. “Inc” is used to distinguish between the hits you deal to others and the hits you receive in wars. E.g. 1/5p inc.

    1- Using the invite feature to invite someone to a club. This circumvents the need for them to be accepted at the door. Some clubs are invite-only meaning that people can’t apply and can only be invited by high-ranking members of the club.
    2- (Colloquial) Used to describe the items needed to be used in order to activate special, hunt-specific premium parties.

    Invite parties
    Used to describe hunt-specific premium parties that are released sometimes. Named after the premium item required to start the first of these parties.

    In search of. Used to indicate that you’re looking for something. E.g. ISO cheap main story rewards.







    Thousand stats combined. Can be calculated by adding your strength and intelligence statistics (see your profile) and dividing by a thousand.

    Short for Pizza Bikini, an item required to start the Pizza Pop Art premium party. Costs 39 extra credits to buy.



    Leaderboard. Often refers to the Hunt Leaderboard, Overall Leaderboard, or Extracurricular Leaderboard (see XC).

    Last Bar Hitters. Commonly used term to advertise for help with the last bar of a party.

    Level Complete Build Complete. For those who have filled all their dorms with the best possible crew.

    Forum threads can be “locked” by mods to prevent people from responding to them forever. Threads may be locked if their content is deemed unsavoury. “INB4L” or any other variation of “in before lock” may be posted when it is clear that the thread is destined for locking and you want to show off your skills.

    Being in a chat or forum but not talking (See Forums, AC, CC, and WC).

    Level. Can refer to dorm mates/your crew, or furniture.




    Main Account. As in the account a player uses the most, as opposed to other accounts they may own.

    Miscellaneous Bonus - Usually refers to the total miscellaneous bonus on someone’s account. E.g. “They have 1bcs MB.”

    Million stats combined. Calculated by adding strength + intelligence and then dividing by a million.

    Players brought in from outside a club to help with a party or a war. Players who aren’t perms.

    Hitting a player, party, or job only a few times each 5 minutes. People would do this in order to keep their energy high which helps achieve 3 things.
    1- You make more money from hits when your energy is high (from fights and dances)
    2- You have better chances of not failing hits when your energy is high.
    3- You are harder to hit when your energy is high. So if people are trying to hit you, milking is a defensive strategy.

    Hulk Smash that HULK SMASH! our community clean and safe by HULK SMASH!!!! and reinforcing the SMASSHHHHHH!!!!!!. (They enforce the rules) (Mods are also called RA’s. See RA)



    When a mummy and a daddy love eachother very much they have no tutors. e.g. They’re naked. Hit them!

    Name change. To change your in-game name.

    To bump an old thread that is considered, done, irrelevant, and “dead”.

    Notifications. E.g. “Get in my nf’s” would be an invitation for someone to start hitting you.
    “My nfs are dry” is a common complaint from people who are feeling neglected or uncared for.

    Informal name for a new player or someone who doesn't appear to know basic things about PIMD..

    Noted/Note up
    Indicates that someone has used a Doctor’s Note to refill their energy.

    Not Pinned.



    Outside Drop/Outside dropper. Someone who comes to a club to drop premium party items on a party for you.

    1 - Original Poster (usually used in forums). The author of a forum topic. or
    2 - Over Priced (referring to hire value or item prices). E.g. “Furniture is overpriced.”

    Open Farm
    Someone who invites anyone to hit them, or a call for anyone to hit someone scummy. To declare someone an open farm is like declaring them an Outlaw in the Wild West!

    1- You are able to hit them. E.g. “I’m open! Come and hit me!”
    2- “Open- ppa/cc/invite party” Calling a premium party open is a way to invite people to help. Usually these parties are only for pre-existing members of clubs but mercenaries can have little a salami sometimes as a snack.



    Pranks are intelligence-based battles that sap a lot of energy from the victim.

    ‘pay-to-win’ Referring to a feature of a game which allows players the potential to ‘win’ just by spending money.
    Examples: “Hypnocats are p2w!”, “Peace passes are the most p2w crap ever!”

    ‘pay-to-play’ refers to players who utilizes p2w options and essentially play the game with their wallets.

    A permanent member of a club who doesn’t leave often and is loyal to their club.

    Permafarm/Perm farm
    Permanent farm - Someone who you farm without ceasefire conditions.

    Party in my dorm. The name of this game.

    To battle somebody until they are too weak to attack. (See DTW).

    Party Jockey - a club role where you can start and forfeit parties.

    The cash you earn from an action on battles or parties
    (Plunder Isn’t usually used to describe what you get from jobs because that is a fixed amount and doesn’t depend on max plunder and your build like party and battle plunder do).

    Private Message. You have to be friends with someone to send private messages to them.

    Private Message offers. For when you are wanting to trade/sell.

    Party of the day. The non-premium party which rewards hunt drops for that day. (see also ppotd)

    Battle items from the Marketplace that increase your odds of winning in battles.
    Some examples include the Cherry Bomb, Bag of Chips, Jock Strap, Booby Trap, Paintball gun, and Fake Love letter.

    Prank Pin. To hit someone with pranks until their energy has all been drained and they become feeble due to fatigue.
    Prank Primer. A type of party.

    Pizza Pop Art. A party started by using a pizza bikini.

    Pro Party of the day. The non-premium pro party which rewards hunt drops for that day.

    The person who has hired you.

    Player vs. Player (Hitting other people).

    Plunder war. A friendly club war in which one club’s members all spend their money so they don’t lose it when hit, and the other side hit them continuously to make money themselves. Because you make more money by hitting players than you do by hitting parties, this was a popular money-making method before premium parties(cat cafe and pizza pop art) were released.



    Quadrillion. 1000 trillion/ 1000T. She has 1Q!



    Players chosen by the game’s developers to enforce the Terms of Use. They have the power to RAAAAA people from posting in public channels, to edit and delete posts, and lock threads in forums, and to submit reports to the developers that can result in evictions of accounts off of campus. (Also called Mods/Moderators. See Mod)

    Recent Posts
    In forums, this is a section that shows what threads have been commented on most recently. They’ll be the most current, and often the most interesting threads.

    Regenerating. Refers to someone gaining energy to be full again. You regen every 5 minutes.

    The members in both friendly and enemy clans that are active in war. Or listed participants in any club event such as a Buddy Box Bomb or Flash session.

    Role Play.
    Types: Cactus, fruit salad, cooking mama, Dungeons and Dragons.
    For more information, go to this guide.

    Someone who gained LCBC exclusively by RP’ing, or with the support of a partner or sugar parental figure or guardian. This, like CCBC’s, hasn't existed for years.

    Relationship. The person you are "dating"/sharing statistics with. [/spoiler]



    Self Drop. Means you have the premium items for a party already on your account, and you use them yourself on a party.

    Strip Farm. Where someone strips a player of their tutors and farms them in order to make them lose all their money.

    Strip Farm War. When two or more groups of people (or clubs) are strip-farming each other.

    A Mod and the Dev's ability that stops players from being able to post in public channels. This includes sending gifts, walls, smash¡, updating status, and using campus or pub chats.

    Self-Pin. To waste all of your energy in order to avoid being hit.

    The starred section in your showcase. You can choose what items you want to star by pressing and holding on that item or opening its item description and pressing on the star.

    The intelligence and strength bonuses related to something. Types:
    1- Base stats: The stats shown on your profile. These are based on your crew.
    2- Tutor stats: You gain 1/50th of the stats of your tutors.
    3- Miscellaneous stats: You gain 1/50th of the stats of the items you own.
    4- Percentage stats: Avatars, pets, some items, and high-level furniture can give you percentage-based stat bonuses.

    A specific part of a hunt tied to a kind of drop. The main story drops are earned from parties and hunt boxes. Side story drops can only be earned from parties, or (in some cases) from pvp actions.

    Story Rewards
    Items earned by completing stories. Main story rewards are from the main story. Side story rewards come from the various side stories. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

    NOT that kind of strip. It means to hire someone’s tutors.



    Trillions (of pimd bucks). 1,000,000,000,000. 12 zeroes.


    Tier 1 Crew members that cost 1000 pimd bucks - These are Party Guy, Cheerleader, Rastafarian, Sorority girl, Goth Girl, Intellectual Hero.

    Crew members that cost 600 million pimd bucks.

    Crew members that cost 80 billion pimd bucks.

    Crew members that cost 2.8 trillion pimd bucks.

    Club Tag, this is a word or some letters that permanent members of specific clubs have added to their username to show their membership in and support for the club.

    Bovine Tuberculosis. ow.
    Tutor Bonus. The amount of stat bonus that comes from the tutors you hire.

    Tutor Chat. A chat where you can talk to your pupil and your tutors similar to club chat.

    Forum post, topic, etc. Refers to an original post created by someone that others can comment on/post under. We have lots of names for this because of other forums online who call them different things.

    The different sets of crew members (T1, T2, T3, T4, etc., T11).
    Can also refer to tiers of achievement in stories and extracurriculars.

    The Terms of Service. These are the terms that you agree to upon downloading the game. The rules.

    Terms of use,The Terms you agree to by owning this app. The rules.

    Tutor Strip. When one player hires another player’s tutors.

    TT (old)
    Trusted Trader. A post that people sometimes post on peoples’ walls to indicate that they can be trusted in trade. This was important before the trade system when you had to negotiate what the trade would include, and then send the items as gifts and then hope that they’d keep their word and gift you back.

    Tutors. The users you hire in order to increase both the money you make from parties and combat with other players, as well as your stats.

    Thank you. On PIMD, people like to be specific, and add on to this exactly what they are thankful for. But for some reason they don’t say WHO they’re thankful for.
    1- TYFA/ “Thank you for amp”, for when someone uses an amp on a party to increase plunder.
    2- TYFA/ “Thank you for accepting”, said when you’ve been accepted into a club.
    3- TYFB/ “Thank you for box” , for buddy boxes which are sent to all members of your club.
    4- TYFC/ “Thank you for cat”, commonly said after a hypnocat is dropped for a cat cafe party.
    5- TYFC/ “Thank you for coming”, when someone comes to your club.
    6- TYFD/ “Thank you for drop”, can replace tyfc, tyfk, and tyfi
    7- TYFI/ “Thank you for invite”, either for being invited to a club, or an invite being dropped.
    8- TYFJ/ “Thank you for jam”, when someone has used a slow jam to help save a party.
    9- TYFJ/ “Thank you for joining”, when someone joins your club or accepts your invite.
    10- TYFK/ “Thank you for kini”, said after a player drops a pizza bikini for a pizza pop art party.
    11- TYFR/ “Thank you for roleplay”, said after senpai RP’s with you.
    12- TYFV/ “Thank you for vehicle”, if someone uses a vehicle to speed up the commencement of the next party, say ty.

    It’s really cool to see what they are thankful for. But sometimes I want to know WHO they’re thankful for. If you ever see anyone saying “TY Cheems”, or “TY Jimmy”, please say You’re Welcome (or YW for short), because it means they’re paying attention to WHO IS BEING A GENEROUS MENSCH rather than WHAT THEY’RE GETTING! 😏

    Time zone.



    Upgrade. When a player increases their base stats by adding another dorm mate to their crew or levelling up their dorm mates.

    Unload. When a player hits a party, job, or another player until they have no energy.

    Under Priced. Refers to your hire value being lower than usual for your statistics. (Referring to items of tutors)

    US server (see also Asian server)
    Campus and Pub are split into two servers. You will only be able to view and post in your designated server. They’re meant to be split based on language, with English-dominant countries occupying the “US server” and non-English-dominant countries being in the “Asian server”. Placement is not necessarily dependent on where you live in the world, and all players will be in one or the other. These are also called Eastern and Western Servers.



    Hiring 1 person back and forth. Often to increase their hire value or gain money (See Hire).

    Very important people.
    1- These are the leaderboards and show you the top 50 players due to tutors, hire price, fights and overall as well as the top 50 clubs due to strongest, wars won and cash won.
    2- This can also be used to refer to the VIP lounge, a subscription-based feature accessed in the store of PIMD. Some of the benefits of this include extra plunder from parties, champagne boxes, and extra spin tokens.

    VIP items
    VIP items are items that drop from champagne boxes which can be earnt by entering the VIP lounge. VIP items combine with themselves to create avatars.

    Vice President. The second-most powerful role in clubs.



    World Announcement. The header on the top of the screen of world chat where players can make public announcements for 26 speakers.

    A personal dashboard that you and others can post on and anyone can see. You can delete posts on your own wall, but not others. (Can also be used as a verb. To wall someone is to post on their wall).

    A fight between two clubs lasting for various amounts of time. It can be friendly, or hostile.

    World Chat. Where players can use speakers in order to message the public.

    Wall me if Deal. If you’ve set out the exchange rate and exactly what you want to trade in your banner and don’t want people to negotiate with you. End your ad with WMID to make business quick and snappy.

    WMIS. WMIS is similar to ISO: it means “Wall me if selling”. So it’s usually attached to something you’re looking to buy.

    Wall me offers. For when you are wanting to trade/sell but don’t know what your items are worth and want to hear what others are willing to pay for them.



    Extracurricular: a variety of tasks that become available for a few hours, multiple times each day, on a rotation. Accessed from this icon on your homescreen; they each have their own rules and potential rewards.




    Yay everyone eat teeth.
    Short for yachty. Party Yachts are items that shorten the wait time before a party.






    FA101 = Fake Art 101
    DIY = DIY Tattoo
    FA = Factory Art
    BAD = Back Alley Debut
    PPA = Pizza Poop Art

    PP = Prank Primer
    FF = Frisbee Follies
    ARLTB = All Roads Lead to Beer
    RKS = Restless Keg Syndrome

    CC = Counter Culture
    DD = Dumpster Dive
    NHB = No Hand Brakes
    BPS = Blue Plate Special
    FWP = First World Problems

    AD = Afternoon Delight
    CC = Cabana Cool
    JD = Just Dance
    Limo Lux = Limo Luxury
    Skyhigh = Skyhigh Party

    Manga = Draw Manga
    Jpop = Enjoi J-pop
    CP = Cosplay Please
    BIJ = Back in Japan
    CC = Cat Cafe


    SFW club tags and Nicknames

    Club tags are in brackets.

    Common shortenings of club names are underlined.

    PM = Playmates
    BC = Barcodes.
    UN = United Nations
    RN (Rico_) = Rico Nation
    TGJ (Judge_) = The grand Jury
    BAD = Bad Attitude
    (00_) = Steven’s Harem, and Playmates
    Ky4f = Killing you for fun

    (V_ - _101) = Volley 101
    (-_A_-) = Ascension
    CnC = CnC

    (TERROR) = Terror
    (RS_) = Rising Stars
    (KnK) = Kith n Kim
    GG = Gang Gang/ Cosa Nostra
    (_N_IDC) = I.D.C
  6. [​IMG]

    With the newest additions to the moderator team being announced recently, I thought it would be helpful to update "Mod Guide 3.0" by @Quality and expand the information given.

    I included a FAQ section, along with lists of all of the mods, HS, and devs. The lists will be in alphabetical order, disregarding any hyphens, underscores, or brackets.

    Profiles will also be linked (when able), which will be useful for both quick access and that the links will still work even if they change username. Nevertheless, I will try to be on top of updating the given names for clarity.

    Additionally, I will include the year the user either became a mod or HS beside their name. This will not be the case for devs only because they do not receive announcement threads when they join ATA.

    ー Frequently Asked Questions ー

    What is a moderator? A moderator (also known as a mod, Resident Advisor, or RA) is someone that is selected by A Thinking Ape to patrol public channels. While patroling, they ensure everyone is abiding by the app Terms of Service, as well as assist anyone with questions about the game.

    How can mods be identified? A mod can be identified by their green username in in-game chat channels, a green badge next to their username in forums, and a special achievement on their profile.

    How does a player become a mod? A Thinking Ape will post a thread in the Announcement section of forums when they are accepting new moderators. This thread will include an application that must be filled out. Please note that one is required to be playing for at least 6 months to be considered.

    What exactly are the abilities of a mod? Mods can issue silences and forums bans, as well as delete posts on walls and in forums. They can also "lock" a forum thread, which prevents people from replying to it. Mods have direct communication with the game developers, too. Contrary to popular opinion, mods do not have the ability to answer help tickets ー only devs can!

    If a player thinks a mod silenced or banned them unfairly, what should they do? If a player thinks their silence or ban was unfair, they should send a help ticket and explain what happened and why they think it was unfair. The devs will review the case and inform the player whether or not the appeal is successful.

    What should a player do if they see a mod abusing their abilities? Mods are held to high standards by the devs. If a player thinks a mod is abusing their abilities, they should report the moderator directly to A Thinking Ape via a help ticket.

    What are the perks of being a mod? Mods get an increased amount of Speakers, the ability to test new content, a unique in-game item in Mod Crates, and more!

    What is a Mod Crate? A Mod Crate is a special box that a player can win from a mod by winning a contest or competition, or being recognized by them for being extremely helpful. Mod Crates contain a 25kcs stat item that represents each mod. For more information on Mod Crates, check out their Announcement thread.
    Honor Students
    What is an Honor Student? An Honor Student, or HS for short, is a player that has been recognized by A Thinking Ape for being a positive role model in the game community.

    How can HS be identified? HS have a light blue username in chat channels. They also have a special achievement on their profile.

    How does one become an HS? Game developers keep an eye on chat channels and forums. If they see someone frequently contributing positively, they will contact that person privately to see if they want to become an Honor Student. Unlike becoming a mod, there is no application process.

    What constitutes as positive contributions? The best example is making informative guides, and teaching the game to new players. Some HS have gotten it for holding regular fun competitions, or making cool game-related art!

    Are there any abilities or perks for Honor Students? Nope. It's just a way for the game developers to recognize the player for being awesome! And if the player ever ceases being awesome, the devs can remove the player's HS status.
    What is a developer? A developer, also known as a dev, works for the company that created PIMD. The company is called A Thinking Ape, frequently abbreviated as ATA.

    How can devs be identified? Devs have a red username in chat channels, a red badge beside their username in forums, and have "[ATA]" in their usernames.

    How does one become a dev? Like any other employer, ATA requires one to apply. More information can be found on their website.

    What are the devs' PIMD Crates, and how can they be earned? PIMD Crates can be received by winning an official ATA contest or competition, by winning a Pub chat trivia game, or for just being helpful! Similar to Mod Crates, PIMD Crates include personalized 25kcs stat items for each dev.

    If any of your questions were not answered above, please check out the "Helpful Information" section towards the end. If your question still is not answered, feel free to either ask in this thread or in the catch-all PIMD-related questions thread.

    ー Moderators ー

    The mods will be categorized by which campus they monitor: "Asian" or "U.S." Asian Campus consists of non-English speaking countries and U.S. Campus consists of English-majority speaking countries.

    Asian Campus
    @-AKUDOU- (2019)
    @Alexander (2019)
    @angela-always (2017)
    @Arse (2017)
    @ChoKing (2017)
    @CrazyReD (2016)
    @Daniela (2018)
    @Gamy (2019)
    @I_dunno (2019)
    @JustZomerVlinder (2017)
    @KiLlErSDoRk (2018)
    @-Kit (2019)
    @-SakuraHime- (2019)
    U.S. Campus

    ー Honor Students ー

    @CatLady (2014)
    @Jiggy (2015)
    @-PA_KaramelApples- (2018)
    @RevolutionaryWolf (2014)
    @_Special-Agent-Kate_ (2015)
    @War-King (2013)

    ー Developers ー


    Helpful Information

    Forum Code of Conduct | Game Code of Conduct
    General Game FAQ | In-Game Extortion Policy
    LGBTQ+ Community | Moderator Application FAQ
    Personal Information Policy | Silencing Policy FAQ
    Use of Inappropriate Language | Terms of Service

    Other Guides by Yours Truly

    Avatars on PIMD | Chat Channels | Extra Credit
    PIMD Crates | Relationships | The Battle List
    The Official PIMD Timeline
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  9. again? Much wow
  10. List of Daily Sales

    On September 8, 2015, PIMD released a new feature known as daily sales. These sales offer you more than what you would get if you purchased these items at the normal rate. Clicking here will lead you to the announcement thread.

    Currently, there are 6 main sales that are in game and get rotated through daily. There are also three prices these sales are offered at. The prices are (in USD) $5, $30, and $100. These sales will refresh daily at 3AM EST and you will see them whenever you log on next after 3AM EST.

    The list is as follows:

    • Cafe Express
    • Deal Makers
    • It’s Raining Cats
    • Spinner Winner
    • Superior Interior
    • Unboxing Day

    Cafe Express

    This sale can consist of Doctor Notes, Hypnocats, Care Pack Notices, and Extra Credits.

    $5 Sale

    • 3 Doctor Notes
    • 1 Care Pack Notice
    • 18 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 30 Doctor Notes
    • 2 Hypnocats
    • 2 Care Pack Notice
    • 130 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 120 Doctor Notes
    • 4 Hypnocats
    • 2 Care Pack Notice
    • 930 Extra Credits

    Deal Makers

    This sale can consist of Extra Credits, Speaker Tokens, Hypnocats, and Bento Lunch Boxes.

    $5 Sale

    • 14 Speaker Tokens
    • 2 Bento Lunch Boxes
    • 50 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 80 Speaker Tokens
    • 8 Bento Lunch Boxes
    • 400 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 250 Speaker Tokens
    • 2 Hypnocats
    • 20 Bento Lunch Boxes
    • 1500 Extra Credits

    It’s Raining Cats

    This sale can consist of Extra Credits and Hypnocats.

    $5 Sale

    • 1 Hypnocat
    • 6 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 5 Hypnocats
    • 180 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 16 Hypnocats
    • 900 Extra Credits

    Spinner Winner

    This sale can consist of Extra Credits, Hypnocats, and Spinner Tokens.

    $5 Sale

    • 600 Spinner Tokens
    • 45 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 3500 Spinner Tokens
    • 400 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 7000 Spinner Tokens
    • 2 Hypnocats
    • 1500 Extra Credits

    Superior Interior

    This sale can consist of Furniture Box Keys, Furniture Boxes*, and Extra Credits.

    $5 Sale

    • 3 Furniture Boxes
    • 3 Furniture Box Keys
    • 28 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 9 Furniture Boxes
    • 9 Furniture Box Keys
    • 385 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 32 Furniture Boxes
    • 32 Furniture Box Keys
    • 1500 Extra Credits

    *The furniture box will change randomly to whatever season it is(Spring Furniture Box, etc.)

    Unboxing Day

    This sale can consist of Extra Credits and PIM-Keys.

    $5 Sale

    • 5 PIM-Keys
    • 25 Extra Credits

    $30 Sale

    • 25 PIM-Keys
    • 275 Extra Credits

    $100 Sale

    • 80 PIM-Keys
    • 1200 Extra Credits


    Here are some helpful tips about maximizing your EC/DN purchases!

    The best sale for buying pure EC is the Dealmaker sale at $5, the Spinner Winner and Deal Maker sale at $30, and the Spinner Winner, Deal Maker, and Superior Interior sale at $100. This does not take into account what you will use the EC for. For example, buying cats is best bought with the It’s Raining Cats sale.

    For buying ONLY Doctor Notes, it is best to buy them normally. There is no sale that will give you more Doctor Notes than what you would normally get. (This excludes using Extra Credits as a substitute for Doctor Notes.)

    tldr: buy EC through sales, buy DNs normally


    Thank you to SinisterDentist and SinisterChef for helping me gather the contents of the various sales.

  11. I have been silenced because I was complaining that someone scammed me after they threatened to farm me on my wall. I would like a developer to investigate because I don’t feel it’s fair for me to be silenced when I was just taking care of my situation.
  12. 1) Completely wrong and totally random place to post this

    2) If you feel you were wrongfully silenced then send in a help ticket.
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