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  1. Updated Info Includes: Timer boxes, noob furniture, additional furniture boxes, level 20 stats, and updated links for Android users

    TLDR Guide Version Available Here

    Furniture Guide

    1. All About Furniture
      • Background Information
      • What is Furniture?
      • Where Does It Go?
        • How Do I Equip/Place Furniture?
      • What Does It Do?
      • How Much Does It Cost?
      • Where Can I Get It?
    2. Furniture Item Names

    3. Recycling
      • How to Recycle
      • What Happens When I Recycle?
    4. Upgrading
      • How to Upgrade
      • What Happens When I Upgrade?
    5. Furniture Upgrading Stats
      • Furniture Stats
      • Number of Materials Needed to Upgrade
        • Amount Needed at Each Level
        • Total Number of Parts Needed
    6. Noob Furniture
      • Where Do I Get It?
      • Is it Different from Regular Furniture?
      • What to Do with It
    7. Extra/Updated Information!

    1. All About Furniture

    Note: “Furn” = “Furniture” So in case you see me saying furn, you know what it means.

    Background Information

    The “My Room” feature first came out November 28, 2016. The thread announcing it can be found here.

    For the first few months after Furniture Boxes were released, the contents of them were hidden; but after April 10, 2017, they were improved and updated to show the goodies inside (this was also applied to hunt boxes). This thread has more info!

    Also on April 10, 2017, ATA let us upgrade, recycle, and have duplicates of furniture. Check out this thread for that announcement.

    Then on May 30, 2017, ATA made ALL furniture, of all levels, tradable and gift-able (before this update, only some furniture could be gifted/traded). To see that thread, click here.

    What is Furniture?

    Furniture are the items that you can use to decorate your room with. Furniture includes shelves, bedside tables, flooring, beds, rugs, and other awesome items. They also give stat bonuses (when equipped).

    Where Does It Go?

    Furniture goes in your room! To find your room, go to your profile and you’ll see a button with a house on it (located under your stats, and above your showcase). Click on that to enter your room.

    How Do I Equip/Place Furniture?

    1. Go to your room
    2. Click on the specific furniture’s area
    3. You’ll have two tab choices: “Owned” and “Store.” Click the “Owned” tab to equip furniture you already own or the “Store” tab to look at what you can possibly buy.
    4. Select the furniture you want to equip

    What Does It Do?

    Furniture not only allows you to customize and decorate, but it also gives you stats! (We’ll talk more about stats later on in this guide).

    How Much Does it Cost?

    As said before, there are all sorts of different furniture items, and most of those prices vary in cost depending on which piece you buy.

    If you’re thinking of buying individual furniture items with Extra Credits, the prices range from 19ec to 999ec. Specific costs (or the exact ec values) can be found in Section 2 of this guide, where all the furniture items are listed!

    In terms of market prices (when trading with other players), check out this guide!

    Note: The original content in the above guide may be outdated, but you can still ask for price checks! Or you can use this thread to ask your questions!

    Where Can I Get It?

    Buy furniture from the store! Access the store from your room by clicking on an item’s area/button. You’ll be shown furniture options and their costs:

    For example, after I clicked on the chair icon:

    If you’re not interested in spending hundreds of ec for a single item, try your luck with (furniture) boxes instead!

    These boxes contain ONLY furniture, and include everything from previous hunts to the current hunt and even special furn found only in Furniture Boxes.

    Note: The “Amazing Furniture Box” was the very first furniture box ever. Since then, special holiday-themed furniture boxes (as well as seasonal furniture boxes) have been introduced. You can see a few of these boxes later in Section 7!

    All types of furniture are found in furniture boxes, which is why you’ll have to try your luck, and hope for something good! You might get a poster or you might get a desk, who knows.

    Note: Don’t forget that 1 key only opens 1 box. So if you want to open 5 boxes, you’ll need to buy 5 keys.

    Other Methods of Getting Furniture:
    • Open hunt boxes (lite and ec)! Both boxes can drop furniture, though opening an ec box costs 10ec.
    • Ranking in a hunt’s leaderboard! Sometimes Top 10 and Top 100 players will receive furniture and/or “Decor Boxes,” which include furniture.
    • Trade with other players! Use the world chat campus and the trading thread to your advantage! (Buying/Selling Furniture thread can be found here!)
    • Champagne Boxes and Buddy Boxes, earned from buying VIP Lounge and/or ECs and DNs, might also drop furniture. Check these threads for more info: VIP Lounge and Buddy Boxes
    • The spinner! It’s a rare occasion when furniture is a possible prize on the spinner, but it has happened, so keep a look out!
    • Timer Boxes! This is a new addition to the list, and you can find where they were introduced here! There are 2 kinds of timer boxes that have the possibility to drop furn:
      • Wooden Puzzle Boxes: These drop a special set of furniture items, and I’ll go over them more in the “Noob Furniture” Section.
      • Hunt Timer Boxes: These boxes are specific to a hunt. Similar to a regular hunt box, they contain all the same things (including furniture). The only difference is how to open them. In this case, you open it with “time.”

    2. Furniture Item Names

    Here is what your dorm looks like as a whole (and completely empty):

    Here are the names (and ec prices) for each furniture item:

    1. Wall Shelf (Above Bed): 29ec
    2. Bed: 199ec
    3. Floor/Flooring: 19ec
    4. Rug: 99ec
    5. Poster: 19ec
    6. Wallpaper: 19ec
    7. Lamp: 29ec
    8. Bedside Table/Nightstand: 39ec

    9. Bookcase/Bookshelf: 89ec
    10. Top Shelf: 49ec
    11. Middle Shelf: 49ec
    12. Bottom Shelf: 49ec
    13. 499 (Floor Item): 499ec
    14. Above Desk: 19ec
    15. Desk: 299ec

    16. 999 (Wardrobe): 999ec
    17. Above Plant (Window): 39ec
    18. Plant: 49ec
    19. Chair: 69ec

    3. Recycling

    How to Recycle:

    1. Go to your room
    2. Click on the item’s area
    3. Hold down on the furn you wish to recycle
    4. Press recycle
    5. Hold down on the red recycling button

    What Happens When I Recycle?

    When you recycle an item, that item disappears and turns into components. All furniture items will give nuts, bolts, and washers when recycled. Some furn items will give also give special upgrade materials.

    Note: Keep in mind that some players may get more nuts, while others receive more bolts, and some more washers. For example:

    These are the materials you’ll receive if you recycle a Level 1 piece of furniture:

    Note: Some of your nut/bolt/washer values may be swapped with mine:

    Note: The only components/upgrade materials that can be traded are nuts, bolts, and washers. Item-specific components such as knobs, frames, and soil, cannot be traded/gifted.

    Other Note: When you recycle an upgraded furniture item, you’ll get more materials! For example:

    4. Upgrading

    How to Upgrade:

    1. Go to your room
    2. Click on the item’s area
    3. Go to the “Owned” section
    4. Hold down on the furn you want to upgrade
    5. Click on the “Upgrade” button
    6. Hold down on the green arrow (upgrade button)

    What Happens When I Upgrade?

    When you upgrade an item, the stats of the furn increase, as does its level. The components used to upgrade the furn will also disappear (since you’re using those to upgrade the furn piece). The furniture’s appearance does not change if it’s upgraded.

    Note: The maximum level for furn is now 20! (It used to be 10)

    5. Furniture Upgrading Stats

    This section contains all the info about furniture stats if you upgrade. It also shows furn stats at each level, as well as how many components are needed to upgrade a specific piece of furniture.

    Note: Some pieces of furniture (poster, wallpaper, flooring, and above desk item) cannot be upgraded.

    Furniture Stats:

    Max Level 1 Furniture:

    Above Desk:

    Note: The stats below (in the pictures) only show half of the entire stats. For example, if it says 50,000, the total stats are actually 50,000/50,000 or [stats]50,000/50,000[/stats]
    When you get to the percentage stats, the first number corresponds to strength and the second to intelligence!

    Note: Stats that are in red mean that I guessed the stats based on its general trend, but have not 100% completely verified that those are the correct values. Any stats in green that say “Help” are just stats that I have yet to figure out.

    Number of Materials Needed to Upgrade:

    Number of Components Needed at Each Level:

    Note: The numbers (in the pictures) are not cúmulative and are taken individually at each level.

    Edit 1:These pics weren’t revamped cuz that would’ve taken foreverrrrrr. Sorrynotsorry. Edit 2: Ta-da~ I ended up redoing the pics. Plz appreciate them, cuz they did indeed take foreverrrrrr ;-;

    Note: I don’t have the info for levels 11-20 (for number of materials needed), but feel free to add any information that you know!

    Total Number of Parts Needed:

    Note: These numbers are c​úmulative (so it’s the total number of components needed to upgrade each furniture piece to level 10).

    6. Noob Furniture

    Where Do I Get It?

    Noob furniture consists of the following:
    • “Fruushmann” Furniture (aka Newbie furn)
    • “Starter Furniture”
    Fruushmann Furniture” comes from the noob quest stories available only for newly made accounts. Although only noobs get the stories, the furn itself is tradable/giftable! That means you can still get the furniture even if you aren’t on a new account!

    Starter Furniture” comes from Wooden Puzzle Boxes and can be collected by anyone. However, you are not able to trade/gift these pieces of furniture. Learn more about Wooden Puzzle boxes (and timer boxes in general) here!

    Is it Different from Regular Furniture?

    Yes! Noob furniture varies in a few ways. I’ll start first with the “Fruushmann Furn.” This type of furniture has lower stats than regular furniture and cannot be upgraded. When you trade it, it will also appear differently. For example:

    The desk on the left is part of the Fruushmann collection, whereas the desk on the right is a “regular” furniture desk (that’s level 1).

    Note: Fruushmann Furniture will always be level 0, and it cannot be recycled.

    Moving on to “Starter Furniture,” these pieces can be upgraded and recycled! However you can only upgrade them to level 4. Unlike Newbie and regular furn, they can’t be traded/gifted. Starter furn stats are also lower than regular furniture.

    Note: ”Starter Furniture” has its own set of upgrade materials that are separate from regular furniture components. Just like with the regular components, only the washers, bolts, and nuts can be traded/gifted.

    Here’s a stat comparison of Starter, Fruushmann, and regular furn:

    Notice how the Fruushmann rug is at the max level (Level 0), and can’t be recycled/upgraded. This information is also included in its description.

    What to Do with It

    Use it just like any other piece of furniture of course! While the stats may not be as good as other pieces, at least you’ll have something nice in your dorm as a placeholder!

    7. Extra/Updated Information!

    • New furniture boxes! Since the Amazing Furniture Box first came out, other boxes have been released as well. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Frightening Furniture Box
      • Black Friday Furniture Box
      • Holiday Furniture Box
      • New Year’s Furniture Box
      • Etc.

    • A few of the more recent furniture boxes that have been released are the seasonal furniture boxes! For example, the Spring Furniture Boxes and Summer Furniture Boxes.
    • The first boxes to show the contents inside were the “Greek Fret Boxes” from the hunt “Toga! Toga! Toga!” and Amazing Furniture Boxes.
    • Furniture now has its own tab in gifting!
    • When you receive a new piece of furniture (whether from opening a box, completing a trade, or accepting a gift), it will show up as “New!” in your room! This will also happen if you have multiples of a furn piece and trade/gift one away.

    • A completely leveled dorm (all furniture being level 20) would display the following stats:

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