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  1. Party in my Dorm is intended to be an inviting place for players to socialize with each other and have fun. To ensure everyone has a pleasant experience we encourage everyone to read over the Game Code of Conduct and act accordingly.

    The following is a list of general activities that are prohibited in the game.

    Inappropriate Language
    Using language that is inappropriate, profane, vulgar, hateful, or otherwise discriminatory is prohibited. This includes terms that refer to an individual or group in a demeaning context.

    Inappropriate Content
    Please keep all posts free of content or behavior that could be deemed as inappropriate. This includes obscene, harmful, illegal, and adult content, as well as Terms of Use breaking discussions.

    Creating multiple similar messages, posting nonsensical messages, or otherwise flooding the chat is seen as spam and is prohibited.

    Personal Information
    We respect the privacy of all of our players, and as such disclosing personal information of yourself or others is prohibited. Examples of prohibited personal information include last name, address, email address, phone number, private conversations, or any other information that may be personally identifiable. Age and gender are however permitted. Please note that PIMD is a 17+ game, any player found to be underage, or seeking players underage will be removed!

    External Links and Third Party Products
    Providing links to external websites in a public chat channel is not permitted. Links to, or advertising third-party games and applications not created by A Thinking Ape in any way are also prohibited.

    As a user, please note that links may get posted before the can get removed. Clicking on links is at your own risk, and not recommended. Any websites that ask for your account information are not run by Party in my Dorm, and you should NEVER give out your password. No staff member will EVER ask for your password. There are no "hacks" for free Extra Credits, and any exploits could result in your account being removed.

    Harassing or encouraging others to harass a specific person is prohibited. Messages made solely to flame, insult, or harass another player are not allowed.

    Intentionally impersonating another person, be they a player, moderator, or an A Thinking Ape staff member is prohibited.

    False Information
    Spreading false or misleading information about the game (mechanics, rules, etc) as well as A Thinking Ape with the intention of creating conflict or deceiving others is prohibited.

    Customer Support
    Requests for support in regards to a specific problem or account should be submitted to the customer support team by contacting us through the in-game Help system. Suggestions should be posted in the Questions/Feedback forum.

    Reporting Abuse
    Campus chat or walls are not the place to accuse or report players and posts doing so will be actioned on. If you would like to report a player for violating the rules please do so by contacting a Moderator in game or contacting support directly via the help system. Be sure to explain the abuse in detail and provide any evidence you may have. Note that private chat messages are not moderated and support will not action on them. If any player is harassing you via the private chat, please block them.

    These rules are not all-inclusive, and are subject to change without notice. Any action taken against an offender is done at the moderator or devloper's discretion and may include (but is not limited to) a temporary silence, permanent silence, temporary ban and in extreme cases, a permanent ban.

    For more details, please see:
    Terms of Use
    Silencing FAQ
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