Introducing Daily Sales!

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  1. Today we're announcing a brand new feature in Party In My Dorm,

    Daily Sales

    Every day you log in to PIMD you'll be presented with a random sale package. Tapping on the new sale button (found on the home screen) will display your current sale. Each package provides a number of valuable items at a discounted price.

    Sales are unique to each player, and so the sale you see may not be the same as others.

    Act quick, as once a specific sale is over there's no telling just when it will return.

    Note: You'll need the most up to date version of the game from Google Play or the App Store to see these Daily Sales. An Android update should be available shortly (if it's not already showing on your device).
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  2. What? 
  3. I'm not sure I get this. ?
  4. Tryna get us to update I see.
  5. Yall are just gonna cover the hell out of our homescreens huh?
  6. Daily sales? So do you like want more of our money and when will the new update be available for the lg g stylo?
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  7. Wait are these rewards or discounted store items
  8. Um lol ok I guess see how this works make them giftable so campus can be full with other rubbish than keys and rp hahaha

  9. That too
  10. Quite simply we can't add new features like this to old versions of the game.

    You should always upgrade to have the most up to date version which has the latest features and fixes bugs in previous versions.

  11. discounted store items
  12. Just small discounts to get you to spend more lol.
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  13. Yeah pretty much
  14. So what about the android bug about pimd fc when opening profiles of players with larger showcase items? This has been reported for months by many many player...we need collapsible showcase like IOS has
  15. Uh-huh
  16. okay il get it but only if u promiced that the new layout doesnt come with it :(
  17. soooo are the items on sale going to be rp items