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  1. Kefo’s Guide to RP (Roleplay) V1

    What is it?

    RP is a form of scriptwriting that was born online. It involves describing the thoughts, actions, and/or spoken words in an interaction or event.

    In traditional scriptwriting the focus is on the dialogue, with very few and vague stage directions (actions).
    Example 1:

    Example 2:

    Because of the minor role of stage directions in this text type, they are written within parentheses and are seen as, almost, an aside.
    In RP, actions are written within hyphens or asterisks, and dialogue is either written within speech marks (“ ”) or unenclosed (like dialogue in script-writing).

    The main difference between RP and scriptwriting is the number of people who participate in authoring it. While scripts are always written by only one person, RP is usually written by 2 people, each assuming one character, whose role they “play” (write).

    See scriptwriting as drawing an image, and RP as that 2-player game where you take turns drawing, but when you lift the pen, the other person gets control of the pen.

    RP evolved as a writing style within personal message(pm/dm) boxes, where the author’s name is either written or already-known, so there is no need to write the character name before the text(as is done in scripts).

    How Do You RP?

    Just follow these steps

    • Refer to your character/role in either third of first person
      (you may manipulate other people’s characters within the RP scenario however, it is often disruptive to their creative process and thus, is rude so you shouldn't do it. Penalties may include RP crucifixion)
    • Write actions within asterisks (* *) or hyphens
      (- -)
    • Write dialogue either unenclosed or within speech marks(" ")
    • Allow the other character to react to your actions (wait for them to lift their pen)

    2 optional features are
    1. Describing the tone/emotion of dialogue
      In most cases this isn't specified because the context suggests tone however, in order to develop characterisation, it may be important to show how your character react to certain important stimuli.
    2. Setting descriptions

    Below are some examples of RP.

    (First person – unenclosed dialogue)
    *Walks into the backyard and yells* This is how you RP! *and then goes back inside*

    (First person – enclosed dialogue)
    *Walks into the backyard and yells* “This is how you RP!” *and then goes back inside*

    (Third person – enclosed dialogue)
    *It walks into the backyard and yells* “This is how you RP!” *and then goes back inside*
    *They Say* ”Okay.”

    Miscellaneous example 1:

    Stop Right There! *Chases the thief down a narrow alley*

    Never! *parkours over a fence and keeps on running, pushing over bins and barrels*

    *Fires webs from my wrists at the thief’s man bun, tugging on it* I said Stop!

    Argh! *is dragged back by the hair and collapses on the ground*

    *Proclaims* I am spodermen!

    Miscellaneous Example 2:

    Miscellaneous Example 3:

    What are the types and possibilities?

    The variety of RP-types are potentially limitless due to the different combinations of roles.
    Some major categories of roles include Organic, Professional, Inanimate, Mindless/involuntary, and Abstract.

    Organic roles can include penguins, unicorns, amoeba, stomach bacteria, trees, horses, monkeys, humans, etc.

    Professional roles can include chiefs, police officers, pizza deliverers, IT workers, plumbers, teachers, politicians, prisoners, etc.

    Inanimate roles can include rocks, mountains, planets, countries, hatchets, etc.

    Mindless/Involuntary roles can include tools, vehicles, guillotines, chainsaws, hearts/organs, vacuoles, zombies, etc.

    Abstract roles can include: rp’ers, love, hate, obsession, emotion, the universe, the multiverse, etc.

    These genres can also be mixed and matched, for example: loving hatchet, hateful nurse, unicorn prime minister.

    Some of these may not have intuitive abilities and it may be difficult for you to RP as them initially, but this is why you must practice and level up your RP.

    Level System

    The leveling system isn’t very well defined due to the number of roles and undefined limits to ability, and also because some abilities can be achieved earlier than others in lower levels.
    But I'll post a rough guide below.

    A range of 1 to 1,000,000 is often used, with 1 referring to people who don’t know how to RP, or what it is.
    On PIMD these people often claim to have never done it, and believe it is just about intimacy.
    Sometimes they are literate but just don’t realize it. In which case they may already be a high level, but simply misunderstand RP.

    [1] – Illiterate Normie Pleb/the worst insult you can ever give someone
    [5] – Someone who tries but has poor English skills, doesn’t know what a verb is or an asterisk (only does human rp)
    [10] – Someone who just describes actions in value detail, no punctuation
    [50] – Beginning to use asterisks
    [100] – Uses asterisks and separates verbs from spoken text and thoughts
    [500] – A growing understanding of human roles and professions (most familiar)
    [1,000] – A growing understanding of objects that humans interact with and some basic animals (begins to move beyond only humans, but tends to anthropomorphise non-humans. This habit will persist at lower levels of mastery of harder roles)
    [5,000] – Fully developed speech and verb understanding, along with the ability to follow proper RP form
    [10,000] – Beginning to use thought and speech dynamically, along with inanimate roles.
    [50,000] – Discovering obscure and mythical creatures, creatures from other biological kingdoms (stops anthropomorphising)
    [100,000] – Macro-Micro transitions, and group actions, along with beginning abstract abilities.
    [500,000] – Obscure items such as spigot, and lymph node RP, mostly-developed abstract roles too.
    [ 1,000,000 → ∞ ]
    – All items unlocked, abstract roles mostly-developed, full grasp on inter-human interaction, and understanding of interactions between all things.
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