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  1. You may post questions here but they must be RELATED to aspects of pimd and nothing else!
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  2. There are many of these posts because several people love helping others to better understand pimd
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  3. 1. Who Benefits from a volley?

    2. Where are the ToU located and what are the ToU?

    3. What are the meaning of;
    - LCBC
    - DTW
    - DTS
    - Ec
    - OAF
    - ODF

    Please help me

    only the person that made the thread answer to these questions
  4. Lmao Zeus ok

    Both the person being volleyed and the two or more people volleying benefit, but the volleyer that keeps the tutor will not benefit the same as the one who doesn't. This is due to the money the tutor costs which removes the small bonus you made from volleying.

    The TOU is located under help topics on the second page of the home screen
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  5. LCbc: technically means land complete build complete, but In pimd it is refer to the renting of all 32 dorms and filling them with tier four crew
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  6. DTW:defender too weak
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  7. DTS: Defender too strong
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  8. OAF or OIF: is an player who has low intellegence and allows people to do dance offs against him when he/she is open

    And OSF or OFF: is a player who has low strength and allows people to fight him when he/she is open
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  9. Thx
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  10. Can u send speakers to other ppl
  11. No you can not though that would be a great idea to add to the game.

    You should send and email to the devs: suggesting your idea :)
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  12. Great idea
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  13. In volleying, everybody does make money. The person that keeps may just have to wait longer to get his money, due to keeping the tutor.
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  14. LCBC: the t4 also have to be fully upgraded.
  15. That is what I meant royal but thanks for catching that I didn't see that. :)
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  16. How do you get a speaker point?
  17. How do u delete friends
  18. Thx jack
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  19. I was not on so I appreciate your assistance
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