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  1. Moderator Application FAQ

    If you are interested in becoming a moderator, joining the ranks, helping the community, and making a difference in people's lives, you are in the right place!

    Moderator Requirements

    In order to apply as a moderator you must meet the following requirements:
    - Have an account that has been active for at least 6 months
    - Be an active member of the community and show a helpful and considerate attitude towards others
    - Have no history of account abuse or recent history of silences
    - Be 18 or older, so that you can get into the pub!

    Do's and Don'ts

    - DO show maturity with your in-game actions and posts.
    - DO be considerate of others and help out when possible
    - DO take time to carefully complete your application
    - DO answer all questions honestly
    - DO be an active member of the community and have knowledge of Discord and the Forums
    - DON'T submit multiple applications for the same position
    - DON'T start a forum thread about why you should be a moderator
    - DON’T spam or promote inappropriate behaviour

    Required Reading

    A clear understanding of the following is REQUIRED.

    Party In My Dorm: Terms of Use
    Party In My Dorm: Code of Conduct
    Party In My Dorm: Forum Code of Conduct
    Silencing FAQ

    The Responsibilities

    Moderator responsibilities include:
    - Providing guidance to the community on acceptable behaviours
    - Helping new players understand the game
    - Monitoring campus chat for spam, inappropriate comments and harassment
    - Monitoring the forums for violations of our Rules of Conduct
    - Ensuring players understand the Rules of Conduct
    - Explaining to players how they are breaking the Rules of Conduct, warning them, and applying silences as needed
    - Reporting major bugs, harmful community trends or other emergencies
    - Reporting inappropriate names
    - Reporting any permanent forum bans that may be needed
    - Helping organize and keep the forums clean

    The Perks & Abilities

    Moderator Perks and Abilities include:
    - Being able to issue silences to players violating the Rules of Conduct
    - Being able to delete forum posts and merge, move and delete forum threads
    - Being able to directly report players who need further action taken by support
    - Being a trusted member of the community
    - Having a constant supply of speakers so that you can be active in world chat
    - Having direct contact with A Thinking Ape
    - Having the chance to share feedback and help test upcoming content

    How to Apply

    When we are accepting moderator applications, we’ll create a new thread that details which regions we are accepting applicants from, any preferred languages spoken, and how to apply. We will also state how long the applications will remain open for.

    NOTE: We generally receive a large volume of applications; you will only receive a response if you are selected for the next stage in the selection process. Please DO NOT send us multiple emails or forms if you have not received a response. Doing so will immediately nullify your application.
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