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  1. Spending Moneys
    Smarts By: RitheVo & Coding By: Lytha
    All values are in USD

    This is my personal opinion

    VIP benefits
    $100 Worth of VIP Membership (5 weeks): Rewards
    • .25% cash boost for 5 weeks, approximate value~ $12.50
    • 175 DNs, approximate value~ $107
    • 350 EC, approximate value~ $35
    • 35 PIMDKeys (costs 350 EC), approximate value~ $35
    • 35 VIP boxes
    • x3 Spinner Token Boost, minimum of 150 spins (see breakdown below)
    Total: $187 Value + spins & boxes for $100

    Spinner breakdown
    Assuming a player is active for 12 hours out of the day...
    The minimum free tokens given are 15, the bonus is x3, so it would be 45 minimum.

    45 per hour * 12 hours = 540 spin tokens per day
    540 * 7 days a week = 3780 spin tokens per week

    Minimum of 3780 spin tokens/37 spins per $20 vip
    Minimum of 15000 spin tokens/150 spins per $100 vip

    EC Offer Wall
    The offer wall is a great way to earn free EC. Personally I don’t recommend doing offers during non 2x promos. Promos are run by the service provider, Tapjoy, not ATA. These promos often happen during holidays. Holidays that will likely have a x2 offer wall sale include: Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. Occasionally they will also do promos during spring break or even randomly.

    There are currently 2 available subscriptions: Cash Multiplier and Event Drops Booster.

    1 Month $10 Cash Multiplier: +.25 for
    1 Month $10 Event Drops Booster: +.2 drops for all story drops

    The drop subscription is good if you are flashing and the cash subscription is good if you are soloing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these.

    Molly's Corner: BF 2017
    JD's Pal Pack: 25 EC, 5 DN, and an exclusive 4%cs item!
    Molly's BFF Bundle: 160 EC, 20 DN, and an exclusive 8%cs item!
    Tess' Confidante Combo: 550 EC, 50 DN, and an exclusive 12%cs item!
    These can only be purchased once.

    Total Cost: $42 USD
    Total Items: 735 EC 75 DNs + 24% in stat items
    Value Breakdown: 735 EC = $73.50 USD | 75 DNs (if 168DNs = $100) = $44.64
    Total: $118.14 value for $42

    Best times to spend
    Black Friday and July 4th are hands down the best times to spend.
    Black Friday typically has better RWC sales, as well as half off on cats every year.
    July 4th has the best in game cash payout, the 22 inv party pays out ~1.5x more than BF cats.

    Daily Deals
    The $100 deal is always the most efficient.
    Cat Cafe Express - Good for flashers / everyone
    Deal Makers - Trash! Cry and wait for next daily deal
    It’s Raining Cats - Beneficial for people who frequent cat clubs
    Spinner Winner - Trash! Cry and wait for next daily deal
    Superior Interior - Best raw EC deal
    Unboxing Day - Personal fave, DNs from opening old boxes & raw EC

    Cat Cafe Express
    $5 Sale
    3 Doctor Notes ($1.79 EC if 168DNs = $100)
    1 Care Pack Notice ($3.90 EC BF price)
    18 Extra Credits
    Value: $7.49

    $30 Sale
    30 Doctor Notes ($17.86 EC if 168DNs = $100)
    2 Hypnocats ($13.90 EC non BF) ($7 EC BF)
    2 Care Pack Notice ($7.80 EC BF price)
    130 Extra Credits
    Value: $52.46

    $100 Sale
    120 Doctor Notes ($71.43 if 168DNs = $100)
    4 Hypnocats ($27.6 EC non-BF) ($14 EC BF)
    2 Care Pack Notice ($7.80 EC BF price)
    930 Extra Credits
    Value: $199.83

    Deal Makers
    $5 Sale
    14 Speaker Tokens ($1.40 EC)
    2 Bento Lunch Boxes
    50 Extra Credits
    Value: $6.40

    $30 Sale
    80 Speaker Tokens ($8 EC)
    8 Bento Lunch Boxes
    400 Extra Credits
    Value: $48

    $100 Sale
    250 Speaker Tokens ($25 EC)
    2 Hypnocats ($13.90 EC non BF) ($7 EC BF)
    20 Bento Lunch Boxes
    1500 Extra Credits
    Value: $188.90

    It’s Raining Cats
    $5 Sale
    1 Hypnocat ($7 EC non-BF) ($3.50 EC BF)
    6 Extra Credits
    Value: $7.60

    $30 Sale
    5 Hypnocats ($34.50 EC non-BF) ($17.50 EC BF)
    180 Extra Credits
    Value: $52.50

    $100 Sale
    16 Hypnocats ($110 EC non-BF)($56 EC BF)
    900 Extra Credits
    Value: $200

    Spinner Winner
    $5 Sale
    600 Spinner Tokens
    45 Extra Credits
    Value: $4.50

    $30 Sale
    3500 Spinner Tokens
    400 Extra Credits
    Value: $40

    $100 Sale
    7000 Spinner Tokens
    2 Hypnocats ($13.90 EC non-BF)($7 EC BF)
    1500 Extra Credits
    Value: $163.90

    Superior Interior
    $5 Sale
    3 Furniture Boxes
    3 Furniture Box Keys ($4.50 EC)
    28 Extra Credits
    Value: $7.30

    $30 Sale
    9 Furniture Boxes
    9 Furniture Box Keys ($13.50 EC)
    385 Extra Credits
    Value: $52

    $100 Sale
    32 Furniture Boxes
    32 Furniture Box Keys ($48 EC)
    1500 Extra Credits
    Value: $198

    Unboxing Day
    $5 Sale
    5 PIM-Keys ($5 EC)
    25 Extra Credits
    Value: $7.50

    $30 Sale
    25 PIM-Keys ($25 EC)
    275 Extra Credits
    Value: $52.50

    $100 Sale
    80 PIM-Keys ($80 EC)
    1200 Extra Credits
    Value: $200

    Regular EC & DN Deals in Store
    EC packs are trash. They are only ever good if you need raw ec ASAP.
    The $100 DN pack is the most efficient dn pack in the store (1.68 dns per dollar)

    Spending In-Game Cash
    For upgrading advice for new players, check out this guide.
    For all other upgrading needs, check out the guide to your dorm tower.

    Best Ways To Spend Your Money

    Helpful Links
    Find other helpful links here

    My brain & My calculator
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  3. 12/10 love this 🖤
    great job 🤩💛
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  4. Thank you for doing math so I don't have to 💛 dis is lovely
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  5. Yayyy love!
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  6. This feels a bit like my spending priorities guide. I would have been happy to help create an updated version if you had asked.

    There is a lot of new and updated info in here that would have made for an awesome collaboration.
  7. Your guide tells people not to buy Molly's Corner unless they engage in PvP and it doesn't mention any of the benefits or alternatives. This is comprehensive and informational if people are wondering the best way to spend RWC. The two would not mesh.
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  8. 🤔Benefits or alternatives? Yah I didn't look into the nitty gritty of the deals in store because it was about spending in general.

    That is precisely the new and updated info I was referring to. Molly's corner has changed since its publishing.

    The two would mesh. They are similar.

    It would have been cool to hear an iota of a whisper about this guide considering how similar it is to my own.
  9. I’ve never even heard of your guide
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  10. It's incredibly dissimilar. Pretty sure Vo mentioned it on the pimd server. Maybe you could check.
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  11. I've seen your guide. My guide and your guide do not mesh. They are not similar whatsoever. Mine go into the aspect of spending RWC the best way possible. Efficiently, if you will. The JD's Pal Pack, Molly's BFF Bundle, and Tess' Confidante Bundle, or widely known as "Molly's Corner" have not changed since their release in 2017. Your guide doesn't even include them other than the fact they have stat items, which I don't necessarily touch up on other than the fact they include them.

    I have mentioned it in the PIMD discord server that I was working on it. Here's a screenshot

    On the issue of asking you update/collaborating is that once again, our guides are NOT similar and I've heard you're a pain to work with nor do you listen to the co-authors input unless you strongheartedly agree.

    Rather than try to take attention away from the guide to argue that yours is similar and collabed, please feel free to PM next time. This was unnecessary.

    TL;DR: Our guides aren't the same and I didn't want to work with you even if I felt your help was beneficial.
  12. What you've heard isn't true. I love to collaborate and give and take with ideas.

    It would be your thread and initiative and all decisions would ultimately be yours to authorize. The few projects I've worked collaboratively with others on have been my own projects.

    The accuracy of rumours that have reached you aside, it is a general courtesy.

    Ur right. Mine was about what priorities should be and I included many in a "don't do" pile because I found them to be useless.

    And while this is different in some ways, at the end you include a bit of the other side of the coin: which are the best things to spend on. Which was also the topic of my thread.

    The two would go well together. You would authorize all the ideas. The collaborative process would go well despite what others have said, and I would like to offer my support in any projects people have for guides in the future.

    It hurts me that people have excluded me from projects when I've never had my mettle tested as a helper and I am gung ho to help. The rumours you hear just get me down man.
  13. I don’t think anyone was attempting to exclude here. Your guides aren’t similar?
  14. I have been excluded in the past. I am commenting on a trend.

    It's upsetting.
  15. What I wanna know is, who really needs a spending guide?
  16. I mean the work is great and all, but does someone really need a guide on how to spend their money?
  17. He said it's his personal opinion. At the very top of the thread. He just listed efficient ways to do it. It's very easy to ignore.
  18. Getting excluded and just not being asked to collab aren’t the same though.

    To have excluded you Vo would have had to INTENTIONALLY think that you might want to help and continue not to ask you.

    Vo making a guide that you feel is similar to yours is not excluding.
  19. YEET! Looks really good Pup! Ty for doing the math and laying this out clearly. This is some really solid advice and makes much more sense than anything I've ever seen a certain someone else post 💚💚
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  20. On the issue of asking you update/collaborating is that once again, our guides are NOT similar and I've heard you're a pain to work with nor do you listen to the co-authors input unless you strongheartedly agree.

    This is only you Day. You're the only person who's been in that position. I went inactive, and when I came back, I apologized for taking the helm, finished the thread, and published it. I included your name as a courtesy for the work you did, and full on kept it in the thread.

    It would have been cool to work together but when I went inactive it was too much of a hassle.

    I robbed you of proper co-authorship. I apologize for that.

    But why are you now telling people I'm a pain to work with, claiming it is so bad that it would impact their decision about whether to ask me for help?

    Do I have to apologize again? I already took you out of the credits which hurt because you deserved it for the thought, time, and effort you put into helping. Lordt.
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