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  1. ✨Extra Credits✨

    Extra Credits, commonly referred to as ec, have a large role in pimd. Using ec one can purchase store items which boost stats, change their avatar, have a name change, buy a club, purchase in-game money, send cool gifts, start a relationship, and also regenerate.

    Thats all great, but how do you get ec? Well, there are two ways to get ec! The first and simplest is buying ec, the other method is jobbing!

    Buying Ec

    Buying ec is the fastest and most effective way to get ec. To buy ec you must first go to the nurse (there are multiple ways of getting there):

    One way is by clicking the store button


    Another is through the bank


    A third is when you win against an opponent

    And a fourth is when you complete a job

    When you are at the nurse scroll down, there you will see options to purchase ec:


    There, click buy!

    (Sometimes known as spamming jobs)

    Jobbing is the other method of earning ec. Jobbing takes a lot more time than purchasing ec, however; it is free.

    The best way of jobbing for ec is unloading from full regen on an easy job. You earn ec only on successful job completions, so the easy jobs are your best bet because you will almost always win on them.

    Each time you complete a job there is a 2% chance that you will earn an ec. This, however, does not mean that you will get 2ec every 100 jobs.

    You know that you earned an ec when this screen pops up:


    Usually, this method provides about 4-5 ec a day.

    A Side Note

    Jobs do not drop only ec, they also occasionally drop dn’s (doctors notes), however, these are extremely rare drops. I've completed about 40,000 jobs and have only gotten 3 or 4 DNS (that were not the reward for completing a job set).

    Good luck getting ec!
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  10. You have a 1/200 chance in getting an ec. Just fyi.
  11. Last time I checked it was 1/100
  12. U can get DNS from redoinging easy jobs too rite?
  13. No, Only get Dn's from completing an original set if jobs, buy buying or sometimes ATA hands them out.
  14. ***you only
  15. I'm 95% sure it's 1/200
  16. Thats what I heard too.

    1/50 chance of getting ec.
    Also, 2% of an ec dropFrom what I heard.
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