Social Shopper / Buddy Box Info & Combinations

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    Social Shopper / Buddy Box Info & Combinations
    By: Lyssa & Ayrshi

    Basic Info
    Some info from ATA’s announcement threads…

    What are Social Shopper Boxes?
    Colloquially known amongst the community as Buddy Boxes, Social Shopper Boxes are gift boxes that go out to a purchaser's entire club when they make certain EC or DN package purchases.

    How Do I Get One?
    You can get them one of two ways:
    1. Make an EC or DN package purchase yourself and receive a box for you and for your club members.
    2. Receive one when someone else in your club generously makes an EC or DN package purchase.

    Your Boxes vs Club Boxes
    You, as the purchaser, earn one Social Shopper Box. There are four tiers, depending on which package you purchase: BFF, Super, Celebrity, OR Legend Boxes.

    Club members can receive either one of three different tiers: Buddy, Bestie, OR BFF Boxes.

    The $4.99, $19.99, $74.99, and $99.99 packs (all in USD) all have Social Shopper Boxes, with the buddy box being at the $19.99 value. The bigger the purchase, the sweeter the Box drops!

    K, But What's In Them?
    Special avatars, unique furniture, and rare items that combine into even rarer stat items. All these Box drops can only be attained through the Social Shopper Boxes!

    Check out our previous forum announcement for more information on these great Boxes!

    Buddy Box Bombs
    What are they & How do they work?
    BBBs (Buddy Box Bombs) are when players get together in a club and purchase Social Shopper Boxes. The majority of BBBs require you to buy the biggest EC or DN pack in the store ($100 USD), though there are some mini bbb’s that only require the smallest box that also gives a box to the club ($20 USD).

    Hosts will always try for 100 bookers in the club, though this doesn’t mean everyone buys. The common forms of BBBs are 50 buyers & 50 guests, 100 buyers (1 box each), or 100 buyers (2 boxes each). Plus one BBBs (50 buyers & 50 guests) means that each buyer is able to bring a plus one (+1).

    Meaning you buy and your guest gets to come for “free” - people also sell +1 spots for bentos if you don’t have a sugar Mommy/Daddy to spoil you, friend to share the spot with. Some players will even buy an extra box at 100/200 box BBBs and bring a +1 there!

    Plus ones are typically priced between 20-30 bentos for 50 box BBBs, between 40-60 for 100 box BBBs, and 80-120 for 200 box BBBs.

    BB Item Combinations





    All Announcement Thread Links

    If your items are not combining, try the following steps:
    • Have 1 needed combo item sent to you through gifts to complete the combo.
    • Trade/Gift 1 group of the needed combo items to one account and back.
    • Trade all of the needed combo items to an empty account (with no combo items).
    • Reload your app if you don’t see the completed item in your showcase.

    You can find find more helpful information on the threads featured here.
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    Just a little thing for anyone reading further.
    The example of pricing mentioned in the BBB section is in USD, I believe.
    The pricing in the shop reflects the players location currency. Just Incase anyone will wonder and gets confused or started saying others are lucky or it is more expensive.
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  4. I was thrilled to see that there is a list of the bb sets(e. g. Loft and Found), but the only link that is currently working is the very first forum announcement one right before buddy box bomb info. The very last link titled “here” isn’t working atm either. Please lmk if the issue is just me!
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  13. Does no one have the new ones yet?
  14. So far I have Little Church turns into Faith the Bee.
    I'm almost done with the deck of cards and about half way through the rest.

    I'm buying/trading any of the new items to get one of each. Wall me if you'd like to help speed up the process or if you have/found a combo!

    Thank you!🖤💕
  15. The padlocks turn into Toledo the Turkey.

    The Ribbons turn into Simone the Shrimp

    *In my showcase
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  16. Credits to @Nate. They are from his showcase.
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