Social Shopper Boxes: New Furniture and Items!

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  1. Check out the Social Rewards Purchases Boxes for fun new additions!

    We've added some nap-tastic furniture to these Boxes, and they really are bedroom goals.

    We've also added some mysterious new items that will combine into more mysterious new items but that's all we're saying about that! Have fun figuring them out!

    For the Noobies

    What are Social Shopper Boxes?

    More popularly known in the PIMD community as Buddy Boxes, Social Shopper Boxes are gift boxes that come with certain DN and EC purchases at the Store.

    How Do I Get One?

    You can get 'em one of two ways:
    1. Make a DN/EC purchase yourself and receive a Box for you, and for your Club Members!
    2. Receive one when someone else in your Club generously makes a DN/EC purchase!

    You, as the purchaser, can earn one Social Shopper Box. There are four tiers, depending on which package you purchase: BFF, Super, Celebrity, OR Legend Boxes.

    Club members can receive either one of three different tiers: Buddy, Bestie, OR BFF Boxes.

    The $4.99 (USD), $19.99, $74.99, and $99.99 packs all have Social Shopper Boxes, with the buddy box being at the $19.99 value. The bigger the purchase, the sweeter the Box drops!

    K, But What's In Them?
    Special avatars, unique furniture, and rare items that combine into even rarer stat items. All these Box drops can only be attained through the Social Shopper Boxes!

    Check out our previous forum announcement for more information on these great Boxes!

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  6. I’m in LOVE with this furni️️
  7. oh my god that cat
  8. Seriously  u have to stop the cute rooms  this room looks comfy af
  9. Sleeping kitty 499 = 
  10. I mean I thought I was all for biblio furni so I levelled it up some... but then they go and bring this furni out 
  12. Aww great. New way for ata to earn $$
  13. Buying all of this furniture wall me if you have it and the price you want for it
  14. The official this whole time was social shopper boxes?
  15. Official name*
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