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    Brand new content has found itself into the Social Buddy Box! Ever wondered who JD hangs out with? Wonder no longer! Here's JD's good vibe.



    These guys are really looking rad in plaid.





    New secret combo items have been added, but that's for us to know, and for you and your pals to figure out ;)

    Here's a doggo that may or may not be part of the new items tho:


    Content Moving to the Social Legacy Box

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    With these new additions,
    the following content are LEAVING THE SOCIAL BUDDY BOXES
    and moving over to the

    EDM Fan
    EDM Fan (VIP)
    Vaporwave Life
    Vaporwave Life (VIP)
    Vaporwave Veteran
    Vaporwave Veteran (VIP)
    Chillhop Chick
    Chillhop Chick (VIP)
    Hip Hop Hero
    Hip Hop Hero (VIP)
    Hip Hop Life
    Hip Hop Life (VIP)
    Chillwave Champion
    Chillwave Champion (VIP)
    EDM Admirer
    EDM Admirer (VIP)

    Pack of Noodles
    Fresh Apples
    Fried Chicken

    "Neon Wave" Walls
    "Neon Wave" Floor
    "Fuchsia Future"
    "Neon Wave" Prints
    "Bubble Gum" Lava Lamp
    "Neon Wave" Bust
    "Neon Wave" Card Wall Art
    "Neon Wave" Nightstand
    "Neon Wave" Leaf Wall Art
    Potted Snake Plant
    The Future of Computing
    Retro Media
    Nostalgia Beat
    "Neon Wave" Low Chair
    "Neon Wave" Rug
    "Neon Wave" Bed
    "Waffle Cone" Bed
    "Neon Wave" Desk
    "PredatorWare" Desk
    Retro Television
    "Neon Wave" Oasis
    Nostalgia Entertainment Center

    Greenies: Just For You

    What are Social Shopper Boxes?
    ☞ Colloquially known amongst the community as Buddy Boxes, Social Shopper Boxes are gift boxes that go out to a purchaser's entire club when they make certain EC or DN package purchases!

    How Do I Get One?
    You can get 'em one of two ways:
    1. Make a EC or DN package purchase yourself and receive a Box for you and for your Club Members!
    2. Receive one when someone else in your Club generously makes a EC or DN package purchase!

    You, as the purchaser, can earn one Social Shopper Box. There are four tiers, depending on which package you purchase: BFF, Super, Celebrity, OR Legend Boxes.

    Club members can receive either one of three different tiers: Buddy, Bestie, OR BFF Boxes.

    The $4.99 (USD), $19.99, $74.99, and $99.99 packs all have Social Shopper Boxes, with the buddy box being at the $19.99 value. The bigger the purchase, the sweeter the Box drops!

    K, But What's In Them?
    ☞ Special avatars, unique furniture, and rare items that combine into even rarer stat items. All these Box drops can only be attained through the Social Shopper Boxes!

    Check out our previous forum announcement for more information on these great Boxes!
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  2. Love these!!!!
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  3. So cute!!!
  4. they’re gorgeous ;(
  5. I can feel my bank account crying
  6. Happy with these as well 🥺🖤
  7. Love the preppy avis
  8. Marcie pls that dog 🥺
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  9. I love those Avis 🥺🥰
  10. Does anyone know the stats on the avatars yet ?
  11. If you look into the buddy box, you can see these avis..the stats are shown as well
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  12. Love avis and those shelves! 💕
  13. Fdhghdhsg I love this 🥺
  14. I’m buying stag skulls so if anyone gets them and wanna sell them come my way 😂💕
  15. Thank you !
  16. I just swallowed two flies ...when my bowel opens will they be in my stool ?
  17. okay now THESE male avis are actually cute asf
  18. The male avatars are actually hot oml 🥵 finally! I love this new set so much 😭
  19. I nerd more monzey
  20. Who should I sell my soul to get these avis