LIMITED-TIME CONTENT New Social Buddy Box Avatars, Furniture & Items! 🐯 🦊

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    New Common Items

    For the new common items that you would collect, we are changing the ones that you can collect and reducing the amount needed! There will be a new selection of items to collect and you will now only require 60 of them to create!


    WHOA! Lookit this stick. That's a nice stick! I wonder what it will create...

    Note: The old collectable items are still able to be combined and are moving to the Legacy Social Box.

    New Combo Items

    Now to replace our beloved Essences, we're doing something a little different. We got a fresh, new mechanic for you!


    If anything is unclear:
    - Coloured Orbs and Coloured Boxes are both rewarded from Buddy Boxes
    - 50 Orbs create 1 key of the same colour
    - 25 Orbs of 1 colour and 25 Orbs of another colour creates a different key
    - There is 1 coloured key for every coloured box
    - Each coloured box has it's own unique rewards

    Content Moving to the Social Legacy Box

    Out with the old, in with the new!


    With these new additions,
    the following content is LEAVING THE SOCIAL BUDDY BOXES
    and moving over to the


    Common Items
    Papaya Half
    Wet Mop
    Large Pinecone
    Perfect Acorn
    Stack of Tortillas

    The Entrepreneur
    The Entrepreneur (VIP)
    The Fashionista
    The Fashionista (VIP)
    The Early Adopter
    The Early Adopter (VIP)
    The Influencer
    The Influencer (VIP)
    The Pleasure-Seeker
    The Pleasure-Seeker (VIP)
    The Diva
    The Diva (VIP)
    The Promoter
    The Promoter (VIP)
    The Socialite
    The Socialite (VIP)

    Combo Items
    Earth Essence
    Fire Essence
    Air Essence
    Water Essence
    Wood Essence
    Gemstone Essence
    Cosmos Essence
    Light Essence
    Metal Essence
    Glass Essence
    Dark Essence

    Social Furniture
    Influence Walls
    Influence Floor
    Purple Mountains Painting
    Influence Mirror
    Influence Idea Lamp
    Influence Wall Shelf
    Influence Nightstand
    Touch of Lavender Nightstand
    Strata Painting
    Influence Plant Pot
    Purple World
    Amethyst Gallery
    Violet Sunset
    Influence Armchair
    Influence Rug
    Touch of Lavender Bed
    Influence Bed
    Influence Desk
    Influence Ottoman
    Silver Heels
    VIPs Only
    Influence Loveseat

    Greenies: Just For You

    What are Social Shopper Boxes?
    ☞ Colloquially known amongst the community as Buddy Boxes, Social Shopper Boxes are gift boxes that go out to a purchaser's entire club when they make certain EC or DN package purchases!

    How Do I Get One?
    You can get 'em one of two ways:
    1. Make a EC or DN package purchase yourself and receive a Box for you and for your Club Members!
    2. Receive one when someone else in your Club generously makes a EC or DN package purchase!

    You, as the purchaser, can earn one Social Shopper Box. There are four tiers, depending on which package you purchase: BFF, Super, Celebrity, OR Legend Boxes.

    Club members can receive either one of three different tiers: Buddy, Bestie, OR BFF Boxes.

    The $4.99 (USD), $19.99, $74.99, and $99.99 packs all have Social Shopper Boxes, with the buddy box being at the $19.99 value. The bigger the purchase, the sweeter the Box drops!

    K, But What's In Them?
    ☞ Special avatars, unique furniture, and rare items that combine into even rarer stat items. All these Box drops can only be attained through the Social Shopper Boxes!

    Check out our previous forum announcement for more information on these great Boxes!

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