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    Let's take it back a minute and vibe with the Alexa in the early 2000's.

    Vintage (is 2000's vintage now?) Avatars, Items and Furni available now in Social Boxes!

    Back to the Stone age (of mobile games)





    New Common Items

    6 new collection items! Collect 60 of each of these new items to create a brand new item!
    *Each item comes with its own painful pun.


    OMG the nostalgia! BRB need to burn a CD Mixtape for my RS!


    Content Moving to the Social Legacy Box

    The following content is LEAVING THE SOCIAL BUDDY BOXES
    and moving over to the


    Anything Prose
    Anything Prose (VIP)
    Rhyme or Reading
    Rhyme or Reading (VIP)
    Art of Words
    Art of Words (VIP)
    Read by Night
    Read by Night (VIP)
    Prizewinning Poet
    Prizewinning Poet (VIP)
    Slam Champion
    Slam Champion (VIP)
    Slam Legend
    Slam Legend (VIP)
    Prolific Poet
    Prolific Poet (VIP)

    Social Furniture
    Bard's Tearoom Walls
    Bard's Tearoom Floor
    Bard's Tearoom Portrait
    Bard's Tearoom Cafe Menus
    Bard's Tearoom Poet Portrait
    Bard's Tearoom Cake Domes
    Bard's Tearoom Plant Shelf
    Bard's Tearoom Bedside Table
    Bard's Tearoom Calathea Plant
    Bard's Tearoom Pekoe and Pottery
    Bard's Tearoom Bibliophile Bust
    Bard's Tearoom Plants and Prose
    Bard's Tearoom Striped Armchair
    Bard's Tearoom Bookshelf
    Bard's Tearoom Rug
    Bard's Tearoom Dessert Case
    Bard's Tearoom Sofa
    Bard's Tearoom Cafe Table
    Bard's Tearoom William Purrsworth
    Bard's Tearoom Open Mic Stage
    Bard's Tearoom Bar Seating

    How folks learned to dance before Tik Tok

    Best Place to get Social Boxes!

    Our web store offers EC/DN bundles that give up to 3 BFF/Legacy Boxes! Check out the PIMD Web Store by tapping the image below!

    For The New Dormers

    What are Social Shopper Boxes?
    ☞ Colloquially known amongst the community as Buddy Boxes, Social Shopper Boxes are gift boxes that go out to a purchaser's entire club when they make certain EC or DN package purchases!

    How Do I Get One?
    You can get 'em one of two ways:
    1. Make a EC or DN package purchase yourself and receive a Box for you and for your Club Members!
    2. Receive one when someone else in your Club generously makes a EC or DN package purchase!
    You, as the purchaser, can earn one Social Shopper Box. There are four tiers, depending on which package you purchase: BFF, Super, Celebrity, OR Legend Boxes.
    Club members can receive either one of three different tiers: Buddy, Bestie, OR BFF Boxes.
    The $4.99 (USD), $19.99, $74.99, and $99.99 packs all have Social Shopper Boxes, with the buddy box being at the $19.99 value. The bigger the purchase, the sweeter the Box drops!

    K, But What's In Them?
    ☞ Special avatars, unique furniture, and rare items that combine into even rarer stat items. All these Box drops can only be attained through the Social Shopper Boxes!
    Check out our previous forum announcement for more information on these great Boxes!
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  2. Yo I like this furni
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  3. I love this better than the last y2k-inspired set!
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  4. So many bb sets now. Will some of the items be added to the legacy boxes? There is so many items in the boxes now and seem impossible to collect them at this point.
  5. Oh SO much better. 😌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  6. Stop this is cute
  7. Omg the mirror. 💸💸💸💸💸
  8. I agree with this. It is too much items in the box. Ata hear me out, but maybe not adding it to the legacy box but maybe adding another box filled with the bb items might be a good idea? Opening it is a gamble and you never know which bb item you’ll get y’know?
  9. Laughing so hard 8 years ago I bought Dance Dance revolution 5th mix the arcade machine.. then later on I bought the upgrade kits to play all the versions
  11. I see a corgi 🥹❤️
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  12. Support seperating bb furni and bb items
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  13. aaah! This is 😍🔥
  14. Adding the corgi to my collection is a must
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  15. I’m in love with the avis and furni
  16. Absolutely in love with the bed, bookcase, carpet and the not pictured 999. Too bad I'll never pull them 😂 Either way great job!🧡
  17. The bookcase 😳😳😳 they’re getting creative damn
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  18. I was gonna send this to you for the corgi but you were hella quick 💀🖤
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  19. why is this not a hunt🥲
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