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  2. The avi you want is on the 1st page some where
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  3. Such a rad Forum Post!💗 Great job! But also a little jealous of all the amazing avatars ATA has created that I'll never be able to have.😭 Maybe bring back every single avi?!😍 Lol just kidding, but still wish some of the avis could come back
  4. You missed a few avatars from 4-5 years ago but amazing job!

    Also didn’t see my rs’ KAW avatar, an avatar that only belongs to her (which lags the server when she puts it on 😂)
  5. Congratulations on the guide! 🙂❤️:)
    It's finally finished and before the expected schedule. ❤️
    I know how much effort you've put in and everyone else who helped in creating this guide. ❤️😍
    Thank you so much to everyone especially Addy, Kara and the team ❤️🥰
    Was nice working with you all for this meaningful guide! 🥰
  6. Looking back at all these avis makes me feel so old. Brings back so many memories.. we've had some pretty amazing hunts throughout the years. To many more. 💕
  7. I know the Kaw one is in the thread, you might’ve just missed it. If you can think of the exact avatars that are missing I suggest you pm @AdalineRose, the creator, so they can be added in.
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    A very special request from the PIMDANONYMOUS Website Owner
    KAW Girl Owner, Tutorial Maker, and Website Creator @Abusive has made herself known! She is an absolute legend <3 A huge round of applause for all her hard work over the years.

    Roots and Branches


    Multiple Changes and additions to Unobtainable Avatars and these are just a few

    NPC'S Curtesy of [ATA]Claptrap

    Cover Photos


    Final Comments
    We hope to have the black friday avatars up soon but its 60-70 avatars!! Have patience while we work on it. Thank you <3

    And as always a huge thanks to @-PA_KaramelApples- for coding this all!
  9. Ahhhh Addy! Everything has been so hectic this is the first time I e been able to actually sit down and look at the WHOLE thing! It amazing! I’m in awe of what you and the team have accomplished with this! Congrats!! 💕🤯
  10. So many bad avatars. THE MEMORIES

  11. Newsletter #2
    Hi PIMD Community!
    Welcome to the first official posting of the Avatar Database Guide Newsletter!
    I want to thank everyone who helped me find all these avatars!
    If you didn't know before, ATA likes even numbers. This last batch of avatars made up 70!!! That's a LOT of avatars! Champagne and Buddy box COMBINED don't even release that many at once. Definitely took us a good while past black friday to make this next portion go live!
    Without further ado, here are ALL the new editions to the guide! You might even see a surprise at the end 😁

    Rock and Royal Hunt

    December 2019 Spinners

    Greek Shards
    After Dark Shards
    Story Pass: Myth Fulfillment

    Permenate Store Avatars
    Bundle Avatars

    XC Leaderboard
    Unobtainable Avatars:

  12. Newsletter #3

    Hello Pimd Community! I hope you all had a good time celebrating the holidays! Not to mention, its also a brand new decade!! New year, new you, and a new newsletter for the Avatar Database Guide😁 A huge thanks to Rad and -Sakurahime- for catching me up on photoshop! Of course, @-PA_KaramelApples- for getting the guide all fixed!

    December 2019

    Ice Escapades


    Carols and Sugarplums

    Dropping the Ball

    January 2020!!

    January Spinner Avatars

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    cant see anything
  14. Try looking again with a stronger WiFi signal or with cellular data, sometimes the pictures don’t always load but it is there.
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    yea got it, i bought the aftet dark avatar but its not on my avatar list, can someone please help me?
  16. It’s a glitch that the devs are trying to fix, you can access it through the “items” section of your profile (not showcase) if you’re on iPhone.
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    omg tysm! omg 😭🥺🥺🥺🥺
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