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  1. Join the PIMD squad in the nineties and relive your childhood through the toys you loved. Collect retro-tastic toys, furniture, avatars, and more!
    Definitely not at all totally related in any shape, way or form to the computer-animated adventure comedy film by Walt Disney, Toy Story.

    Avatar Sneak Preview

    Available through the Stories + LB!

    Avatar Shards

    Before you read on:
    ☞ Collect unique versions of this event's avatars in entire sets by opening this event's Regular, LITE and Timer Boxes and collecting each Box's unique Avatar Shard!
    ☞ This time around, you get BOTH Femme + Masc avatars when you collect enough Shards for each Tier.
    ☞ You will need to collect each Tier to get to the next!

    Event Pet Styles

    Available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Skins Box!

    Brand New Mini Mammals

    Check out our brand new Mini Mammal: The Hedgehog! #gattagofast


    It's like I'm negative five again.

    Available throughout the Stories, Event Boxes and Spring Furniture Box!
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  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!
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  9. I'm not first but I'm present?
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  11. Gimme the furby!! Love it