Golden Age Glamour

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  1. The glitz and glamour does not end here. Stay tuned for that noon phone call on your home screen to make sure you get a chance to get your hands on vintage avatars, glorious furniture and rad rewards + gifts!


    A small glimpse of what's available throughout Golden Age Glamour stories! More avatars available!

    Encores Timer Box

    This event's Timer Box.

    ☞ 6 hours to open.
    ☞ 6 ECs to speed things a tad.
    ☞ Contains event goodies! And more excitingly...
    ☞ Contains avatar shards!

    Avatar Shards

    To earn this event's special avatars, pay attention to these shard drops!

    ☞ Antique Mirrors are dropping ONLY from TIMER event boxes.
    ☞ Antique Rings are dropping ONLY from REGULAR event boxes.
    ☞ Ergo, you'll need to open both regular Encores Boxes and Encores Timer Boxes to earn these glamorous avatars below!

    ☞ You will need a certain combination of both the Mirror and Ring to create an avatar! Here's a breakdown:

    ☞ These won't need an activator so they'll auto-combine once you collect enough of each
    shard type.
    ☞ To prevent your shards from auto-combining, trade some away to a trusted friend or an alt!
    ☞ You will have to get the lower stat avatars before you can earn the higher stat ones!

    Golden Age Furniture

    Actual apartment goals.

    All will be available through the usual means: event boxes, the Winter Furniture Box and the Furniture Store!

    New Pet Styles!

    Three fabulous new exclusive Pet Styles have dropped at the Store! These are available for purchase at varying prices until noon PST on March 7th, 2019.
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  3. I want it all
  4. I dont like it sorry
  5. Not bad
  6. ❣️ the furni
  7. Love the interiors! 
  9. Loving the avatars but I like some of the furniture
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