Easter Eden

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  1. Event Premium Parties

    We're welcoming back the Teatime! Party Series as part of our Easter tradition ;)

    What's going down:
    ☞ Each Party will cost a certain number of Tea Party Invitations to start.
    ☞ Each Tea Party Invitation will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. The Invites are a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too ;)
    ☞ Each Party will be a bit more challenging than the last, so best of luck to those who are able to unlock the final one! Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party. Good luck!
    ☞ Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    ☞ The more challenging the Party, the more tea-rrific the rewards.

    1 Tea Party Invitation for 5 ECs.

    Avatar Sneak Preview

    These are some of the avatars available through the Stories + Easter Egg Hunt LB (more on that later!).

    Avatar Shards

    That's not all though, of course we'd have special Easter Avatar Shards too!

    This time around, choose your avatar by choosing your shards below:

    ☞ Ceramic Bunny
    ☞ Ceramic Lamb
    ☞ Ceramic Fawn

    These shards will be dropping from the Easter Eden Avatar Box available in the Store until 12 PM PST on Tuesday, April 23rd.

    Collect these items, and when you have enough, purchase the Femme or Masc avatar activators in the Store to create your avatars!

    Avatar Activators will remain in the Store until 12 PM PST on Thursday, May 23rd.

    Rather important things to note:
    ☞ If you somehow manage to have both activators at the same time, which you shouldn't but IF you were able to, it will prioritize feminine avatars first and always the lowest shard count first.
    ☞ You won't be able to achieve the VIP avatars without first having the regular set!

    Easter Pet Styles

    Check out these egg-cellent Easter Pet Styles available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Skins Box!

    They will be available in the Shop until the end of the event, and the Pet Skins Box up to a week after the end of the event.

    Brand New Pocket Pets

    So you may have noticed a couple of new cuties up there. Check out our brand new Pocket Pets! AH, too cute.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Truly no Easter PIMD hunt can be complete without a literal Easter Egg Hunt!

    Keep a look out for these Fancy Easter Eggs. They're dropping from parties –– which ones? That's for you and your club to figure out!

    There will be a Leaderboard for each coloured egg and you stand a chance to win unique stat items and avatars!


    This is egg-xactly what I thought a fantasy Easter-themed dorm would look like.

    Available throughout the Stories, Event Boxes, Easter Furniture Box and Spring Furniture Box!

    Easter Furniture Box

    Making a comeback alongside our Teatime! party series is our Easter Furniture Box! This box will contain all Easter Eden furniture from this event, as well as furniture from last year's Easter event: The High Tea Life!
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