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  1. Anybody know how to get the pink avi? 🥺 which I’m assuming would be considered the witch? Please let me know and thank you ☺️💕
  2. The over inflation of these crystals are ridiculous! Lets say bentos are worth $1 each, you need to spend $3 at 100:1B to create 100 clusters of crystals. Thats $6 for something im going to sell for a few chibis. Literally cents on the dollar.
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  3. I think its the third side story. Join some flashes and use alot of dns!!
  4. Not even talking about real life money, they're hella expensive using game currency. Like, 6 bentos for a stat item worth 1-2c, a furni box not even worth a chibi, and a timer box you can't even sell. It's INSANE!

    I hope people aren't actually buying them. I sure won't.
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  5. Potd and ppotd. The dumb fucks changed it to random chance drops for the box so dont always get it
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  6. Not a fan of the random drops either, drop rate for the seance crystal box seems super unbalanced
  7. It's niceeee
  8. can we have normal drop system where i dont have to add & talk/trade with people for drops please my awkward self cant handle dealing with people😩😩 not to mention box drop rate is random😑😑
    and why you havent stop with the avatars in box thing? it's been going on since forever & nobody likes it😢😢
    another hunt, another sed me😥😥
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  9. Omg this hunt is one of my faves so far 😻😻
  10. Ugh all this furniture is just so cute 😩😩
  11. Where can we see shard avis
  12. The shards aren't for avis. One of each color (pink, purple, and green) will be needed to create one seance crystal.

    *Seance crystals are the side story hunt drops. They don't drop from parties. You will need to combine the shards to get drops. 😁
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  13. Thank you so much! 💜
  14. You don’t have to do flashes, you can just join a normal b2b cat cafe club and that should get you the 3rd story avatars.
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  15. Avas are so cute😍
  16. Clarissa was so much better than Sabrina, just saying!

    So this non-spooky Halloween hunt is for those hyper-politically correct people who needed "safe spaces" in college, and now they're old enough to have children. Sheesh, when I thought Halloween couldn't be ruined more.

    I can imagine them whining things like, "My kid can't trick or treat because they're a gluten free vegan, and if someone gives them a Snickers bar, it may trigger their peanut allergy 😌." The poor kid doesn't actually have peanut, soy, egg, dairy, and gluten allergies; the mom is just too pretentious to shop at any grocery store that isn't Whole Foods. Our candy might not be organic or locally sourced from the co-op downtown. Thank you, ATA, for subtly making fun of these people in the stories. I want to smack those Karens and give their kids a damn tasty PBJ sandwich.
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  17. I don't mind alternative ways to collect drops, since it distracts me from the repetitive "hit party/get drops/repeat" for 13 days until the next hunt. Sometimes it can be more exciting (even if challenging).

    I have noticed that the box might drop at least 50 crystals, but I've gotten up to 150 at once, and not sure if it could drop even more. That being said, you'd need 3 drops of different crystals to get the seance.
    Usually, one potd gives us 28 side story drops. The box gives more, but it drops randomly and you need to combine three different crystals.

    I am terrible at math, so I can't really tell if in the grand scheme of things, this would make the side story much harder to complete, or if it would ultimately be the same. I don't even know if this is making sense.

    To be honest, I've had more boxes than I expected to get from POTD, just consistently hitting.

    I understand why people are bothered though, because it demands more time/effort to combine things. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope it's not too difficult because I'd like to get to the 3rd side story.

    And there are always people selling these things super overpriced when that's not the point, it's happened before. It's insane to put that high of a price on drops like these, but in my opinion even more insane to pay such price for them.
    Just trade your crystals 1:1 and y'all will be fine. No one would sell things overpriced if there were no buyers.
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  18. I love this roobix hunt. I remember blue and orange clothes are the most expensive ones. I got lots of bentos during this hunt.
  19. I have actually done the math, but just generally so far, it feels about the same difficulty and sometimes even a bit easier when the box drops (highest I've seen) 250.

    I'm guessing if you get an average 150 crystals from every box and you get (at least for me) 5-6 boxes a day, that's a total of 750-900 crystals a day, divided by 3 gives roughly 275 side drops a day. Of course, this'll vary depending on activity and party types, but I'm pretty sure any active player could easily get it done with enough time for the second and probably even third side stories.
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