Days of Pastel and Chocolate

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  1. Is your Easter feeling a bit lackluster? Are you bored of honey ham? Has your pet rabbit filled you with a sense of "bunn-uie"? Add a blast of color!

    Spring is the time to go wild with pastels, stuff your face with chocolate, and EMBRACE THE CUTE! Feel like a kid again as you and your friends go hunting for sweets and stuffed animals and escape the winter blahs (at least until next year)!

    Purchase the Mystery Egg item from the store to be randomly assigned to either the Yellow Cheepers or Purple Chicks team.

    Then, collect Pink, Blue, and Yellow Butterflies from ALL PARTIES until 12PM PST on March 29th. Collect all 3 and they'll combine to form Rainbow Butterflies!

    Event Progress

    Your rewards for this event will be based on the number of Rainbow Butterflies you have at the end of the event. your position in your team, and the result of the team battle.

    (Reminder: Rewards will take time to reach everyone)

    Easter Box

    As you complete parties you'll occasionally stumble upon Easter Boxes. These boxes can be opened in one of two ways:

    - Using a Easter Key which is purchased using cash. (Limit 2 Per Day)
    - Using a Gold Easter Key which is purchased using EC. (No Limit)

    Note: This event you are now able to open 2 Boxes using the Easter Key each day. This provides you with more opportunities at different rewards and avatars. To maintain balance, event items from boxes opened with Easter Keys are halved. In addition, the Gold Easter Key can provide better rates at certain rewards.

    These boxes can contain different numbers of Rainbow Butterflies used for hunt progress, as well as a rare chance at Hypnocats, Doctor's Notes, Pizza Bikinis, and Care Packages, and at a very rare rate, EVENT AVATARS.

    Boxes can be opened until the end of the event 12PM PST on March 29th.


    Individual Reward Tiers

    Individual Reward Tiers below are based on the number of Rainbow Butterflies you have at the end of the event.

    Team Reward Tiers

    Team Reward Tiers below are based on your position on your assigned team.
    These rewards stack with Individual Rewards, and are given to both the Winning and Losing teams.

    Winning Team Reward

    All members on the team that wins will receive the following items in addition to any rewards earned above.


    Current Leaderboards are posted in Campus Chat and set as a Campus Announcement every hour.
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