An Arctic Adventure

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  1. Off into the north!

    How This Hunt Works!

    To make progress in this event, you will need to collect Night Sky Shimmer-Tinis! These are formed by collecting different bottles of coloured booze:

    • - Bottle of Yellow Liqueur
      - Bottle of Blue Liqueur
      - Bottle of Pink Liqueur
      - Bottle of Green Liqueur

    When you have 1 (or more) of each, they will auto-combine into Night Sky Shimmer-Tinis and will count towards your event progress!

    Different parties will be dropping the different colours, so work with each other to figure out which gives out what! The Cat Cafe and Pizza Pop Art will be dropping all four. As a note.. drops may or may not change up!

    As well, keep an eye out for side stories!


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  2. We get more Avis with animals?!
  3. aww the dogs, 10/10
  4. Where are November spinner items?
  5. I need that galactic chair ???
  7. it's been november for like 4 minutes chill out
  8. Ooooo so will harder parties drop more like y'all used to do?
  9. so excited !!
  10. Love this hunt 
  11. I like this furni for once yikes is ata feeling okay
  12. This is going to be so fun!! Thank you ATA 