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  1. Happy Holidays, PIMD!

    How This Event Works

    Shaking it up to wake you guys up a little this event! For this event, collect the following items:

    - Shot of Eggnog
    - Shot of Spiced Rum
    - Shot of Sprinkles

    ... and have them auto-combine into the main collection item: Swagnog!

    Every party will be dropping a specific collection item throughout the whole event so work together to figure out which drops what! Keep in mind that drops may or may not change up! Premium Parties drop all 3 items.

    As always, keep an eye out for more Side Stories throughout the event!

    **New** Christmas Cat Cafe

    It's Christmas time at the Cat Cafe!

    After Black Friday, some of you had concerns about changes in overall plunder from Cat Cafe. In this festive version of your favourite Party, we've made some mechanics changes that should hopefully help with those concerns. At Christmas Cat Cafe, all players deal roughly the same amount of damage. This means that you won't see any changes in your plunder per hit, but as a whole, most Clubs will see a higher total number of hits.

    Please note that Christmas Cat Cafe is a TEMPORARY Party, available until December 26th Noon PST! We'd like to see how things go with this Party, and take it from there.

    Make sure to let us know your feedback!

    Holiday Furniture Box

    Introducing a special furniture box which you can earn through Story Rewards, and the Leaderboard!

    This furniture box will contain not only this year's lovely new Christmas furniture, but also the highly-popular Christmas furniture of 2016!

    Merry Christmeow Box

    Keep an eye out for this super rare Box that will only be dropping through the new Christmas Cat Cafe. Open it to win one of four EXCLUSIVE stat items or one of two furniture pieces available only through this Box!

    'Nog Box

    Each day, one Party and one Pro Party will be dropping special 'Nog Boxes! Which Party and Pro Party that is changes every day at Noon PST. You can find which Parties drop 'Nog Boxes by checking Party descriptions.

    Each Box will give you a random amount of event collection items! All Premium Parties will also be dropping this Box throughout the event!


    New Christmas furniture available through the Holiday Furniture Box, Regular and LITE Christmas Show Box, Decor Box and the Store!

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Keep a look out for this side story with exclusive Hanukkah items and avatars!

    Hanukkah furniture can be found in the Holiday Furniture Box, Regular and LITE Christmas Show Box, Decor Box and the Store!
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  2. "colletive" ?
  3. Isn’t the Hanukkah rug from that one other hunt??
  4. No support
  5. Sure looks like it!
  7. Where's Kwanzaa¿ >:[
    Jk, looks fun imo
  8. Colletive, I agree
  9. Awesome! 
  10. New Christmas Cat Café? Woooow 

  11. Rip to all the people that spent hundreds of Bentos collecting last years “rare” Christmas furni !
  12. Thank you so much for not overlooking Hanukkah!
  13. Merry Christmas & a happy new year in advance Jean ma'am. :)