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  1. Question: Isn’t Skyhigh Party 5 hours?

    Skyhigh Party
    Damage Needed to Complete: 219,000 damage
    High-Five: 43,000 damage
    Drink: 60,000 damage
    Drink: 60,000 damage
    Tease: 28,000 damage
    Last Bar: 28,000 damage
    Drops: Health Water, Electric Guitar, Porta Potty, Hot Tub
    Duration: 4 hours

    it is showing as 4 in the post, thanks!
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  2. Ah yes! Thanks.
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  3. Is there any way I can share this with other members? I would like to share this information with my club members xoxo
  4. Yes. You can tag them by @'ing them in here



    Or you can send them the url by opening this up in browser

    Or you can tell them to search for the thread in forums.
  5. Thank you 😊
  6. For the Premium Party Item section:
    I know it’s still new (December 2020) - if my memory is correct & I am aware you must a lot of work creating and updating several guides ☺️; but there’s the Dog Star Party (under VIP Pass ) (which is currently update in the VIP Pass section) which is requiring 2 Moneydogs (49 ec each) at the shop/store to activate the party. You can use the VIP Pass Amp

    For the invites ; if a club has already unlock the invites serie and it come back the next year like the Teatime Serie or the Fashion Invites; they don’t need to unlock it again :) not sure if it is significant to add on the thread; though
    Thank you for sharing this :)
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  7. Hi!! Thanks for it! It's very Nice, but i have a little question: how to know rules party?
    My club was kick out from "all roads are lead To beer", 30 minutes after i used a slow jam.
    It says we had a unruly behaviour... I didn't know that i can't use it in this party. So, why does it works if we can't use it?
    It was very shocking, we had almost finished it. And alot of members left the club, probably thinking we are cheaters. We are not cheaters, we don't know the rules... I'd like to know them, so we could respect them...
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  8. Hey, that's actually part of the party! It means you moved onto the next "page" of the party actions. It doesn't mean your club did anything wrong; you actually accomplished a party action page which is very good! Almost all of the Bro Code parties have multiple pages of actions to complete with little messages for club chat after you pass each page. :)
  9. Okay!!! Nice! Thank you very much! :)
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  10. Thank you for making my day better 😂💕💀💜
  11. Where’s the part on how to increase your chances of a Cloudpaca????

    : (
  12. Difficulties: as defined as damage per hour, required.

    Star⭐= ~10,000 damage per hour
    Twinkle ✨ = ~5,000 damage per hour

    Art Skool

    Fake Art 101 (Easy) Damage per hour (dph) = 18,500
    DIY Tattoo (Easy) DPH: 29,500
    Factory Art (Easy) DPH: 17,500
    Art Starzzz (Easy) DPH: 24250
    Hype Machine (Easy) DPH: 23,125
    Back Alley Debut (Easy) DPH: 40,200
    Pizza Pop (Art) DPH: 15,833

    The Bro Code

    Prank Primer DPH: 46,500
    Frisbee Follies DPH: 20,000
    All Roads Lead to Beer DPH: 26,500
    Restless Keg Syndrome DPH: 33,833
    It’s Brostep, Brah! DPH: 43,000
    Fitspiration DPH: 43,125


    Counter Culture DPH: 24,000
    Dumpster Dive DPH: 23,500
    No Hand Brakes! DPH: 22,666
    Blue Plate Special DPH: 23,125
    Arcade (Mis)Fire DPH: 23,250
    First World Problems DPH: 23,900

    VIP Pass

    Afternoon Delight DPH: 49,166
    Cabana Cool DPH: 46,500
    Wait-Listed DPH: 41,250
    Just Dance! DPH: 44,900
    Limo Luxury DPH: 36,000
    Skyhigh Party DPH: 43,800
    Dog Star DPH: 29,375


    Draw Manga! DPH: 38,750
    Noodle Express DPH: 28,000
    Enjoi J-Pop! DPH: 47,750
    Cosplay Please DPH: 42,125
    Anime Expo! DPH: 53,400
    Big in Japan DPH: 58,500
    Cat Cafe DPH: 23,750
  13. How many actions do you have to take in order to get max drops from the ec parties? I don't notice that covered in here
  14. Hahaha I'm here checking the same thing 🤣🤣🤣
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  15. There isn't a set number, it changes based on your stats, various subscriptions, and bonuses. It also varies depending on which bar you hit. At your stats I'd suggest starting at a full unload and working up or down from there. Hope that helps ❤️
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  16. would really appreciate the pros section to be continued for potd🔁ppotd comparison👉🏻👈🏻
  17. It takes time to collect this data. You're more than welcome to volunteer to help!
  18. Love the excitement! I’m sorry it’s a bit of a tedious process and my real life does come first.

    I appreciate the consideration in advance 💕