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Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Bird, May 8, 2017.

  1. Hey all!! ??

    So I searched through some years worth of threads with Clubs in the title to see if there was something like this already. Please tell me if there is, and I'll happily delete it.

    Just as the title says, advertise your clubs here. Remember to include kcs requirements, type of club and club name!

    Bird ?
    ?NO RP?
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  3. Assension
    All rp welcomed
    B2b failed parties
  4. Ty bb
  5. Tyler
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  6. I'll join
  7. What about sir
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  8. ?????????
    ? -BE- ?B2B Parties
    ? ? ️1Mcs️
  9. ? Galas, galleries, and galaxies ? b2b potd  ? come get your drops ?  100kcs 
  10. There's been threads like this before.

    They just die quickly.
  11. Congratulations! You're the winner of a one time Floccinaucinihilipilification support. To confirm your prize email Expires 31/12/17
  12.  so honoured
  13. I've searched for them but found none.
    I don't mind if it does ?
  15. My heart is broken into a trillion pieces now
  16. I lol'd.
  17. I got hot glue. ?
  18. Fix it ? or I'll go pimd emo again
  19. Teenage angst.
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