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    •How is plunder broken up
    •Max plunder from a tutor
    •How to work out your max plunder
    •Tutor bonus effects on plunder(tutor bonus stats)
    •Best farming methods for maximum plunder

    PIMD has many ways to make money and grow, farming is the most effective method that you can do with out assistance off another player helping with volleys. When hitting a player, fight or dance, if successful you earn what is known as plunder, which is the money that your earn from battles. This guide will teach you all about plunder, everything from how to work out your maximum plunder per hit, all the way too make maximum plunder from farming.

    How is plunder broken up?
    If you successful win a dance off or a fight, you will see a similar screen shown below




    Dance off

    As you can see you have 3 different amount off money won.
    •Total Cash Won; this is the total that you've won from successfully beating your opponent in a dance off or fight, this number is Cash Won Tutor Bonus to equal the Total Cash Won
    •Cash Won: this will be the smallest amount off money you win as you see in the screen shots. This amount is the amount that your character gets naturally with out any tutor bonus plunder and is determined by your crew.
    •Tutor Bonus: if your at max plunder, this amount will be greater than your Cash Won bonus. Tutor Bonus plunder can be increase by the value of your tutors, yes, it's the value off the tutors is what matters, the stats off tutors does not increase your plunder at all.

    Max Plunder From A Tutor
    So, how to figure out exactly how much hiring a tutor helps increase my plunder? It's pretty simple, just need to do some basic maths.


    By looking at their profile, and looking at their hire value, we can work out the absolute maximum amount they can boost your max plunder


    By scrolling down your own profile, you can see "Max Bonus To Pupil" under your player stats. You can't do this on other players profiles, so this is were you'll need to do some maths.

    The maximum bonus of a tutor to its pupil can be found by working out 0.2473% of its hire value, so rounded off to 0.25%, of the tutors hire value.

    How To Work Out Your Max Plunder

    A lot off players constantly ask how to know if your at maximum plunder, well guess what, there is two ways to work it out.

    First method: hire some tutors and hit a some one, it's best to test doing dance due to its higher plunder per hit, take note off the plunder you made, then buy another tutor, and hit the same player again and take note off the plunder you made. If the plunder is the same, then your at your maximum plunder! However, if it does in fact change, then your not at your maximum plunder, in this case, you'll need to hire another tutor, and test again, you keep hiring tutors until your plunder stops changing. Once it's stops changing, that's when you know your at maximum plunder.

    Second method: this requires a little bit off mathematics to work out your maximum plunder, it's a simple ratio;

    1kcs=15 million

    For every 1kcs that you have, you require 15m value in tutors., pretty simply isn't it?
    But beware, each tier and the level off each tier crew, changes the amount off plunder you make, so it's a give or take a few thousand $, 15m is the average and easiest to work out.

    So, once you've worked out the approximate value off the tutor, go and hire one but be sure to double check by testing using the first method.

    Tutor Bonus Effect On Plunder

    Many players will advice that you will need a large tutor bonus, however, you think that having this extra power doesn't come at a cost? Well it does it reduces your plunder

     It reduces my plunder? Omg!!  Why does it reduce my plunder and by how much? now don't freak out yet! It's only a small drop actually, so small most players don't notice it. First, how much off an effect does it have?
    100kcs tutor bonus=30k plunder drop, yep, for every 100kcs that your tutor bonus grows, your plunder drops about 30k, not much at all is it? But why does it drop? Well have a good think about it, it's pretty simple actually. Have you noticed when you hit some one stronger than you your plunder is higher? But when you hit some one smaller than you, your plunder drops. Tutor bonus is called an invisible bonus, you can't physically see it change your stats, but about 2% off your tutor bonus is added to your stats, look at the LCBC in your club, they are all the same stats, so how do they get ranked in the club? It's their tutor bonus. Now back to the point, since tutor bonus makes you stronger, and the stronger you are over your target, the less plunder you get, see the connection now? It's pretty simple but a pain to explain.

    Best Farming Methods

    Many people ask how do I farm to make the maximum amount of cash, well by a method known as milking. Milking is where you farm a player from full or close to full energy, the closer you are to 100% energy, the higher your plunder is, both fight and dance have their different farming methods.

    Fight: the minimum energy fight can drain of your own energy every hit, is 5%, and you regain 9% every 5 minutes, so by fighting 2 times, you drain 10% energy, then if you wait for your regain, you'll be at 99%. With this we can work out how we can best farm to make full effectiveness of our energy.

    Fight 2 times
    Fight 2 times
    Fight 2 times
    Fight 2 times
    Fight 1 time
    Your now back at 100% energy, so go back to the top as start again

    Dance drains 6% each dance off, slightly more than fight, but makes the strategy on how to farm different, for dance, the best method is below.

    Dance 2 times
    Dance 1 time
    Your now 100% energy, so again you need to go back to the top and repeat.

    Don't have the time to farm every 5 minutes? Before you decide to self pin using dance because it pays more, have a think about it.

    Since dance uses 6% per actions, 100%/6% is about 17 dances per unload, and for fight it's 100/5, which is 20 fights per unload.
    Now pay attention to your plunder as you get lower on energy, dance drops about 10% plunder each dance off, this % increase above each dance off, and fight starts off at a 5% decreases rate, and as with dance, it's % drop increase slowly.
    In an unload, fight pays roughly 40% more than dance due to the extra hits and a higher average plunder per hit.
    That's not all, to get the maximum amount of plunder while unloading, is to dance to 50-40% energy, which is about 8-9 dance off's, and to do fights with your last bits off health.

    Happy farming 

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