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  1. No support for the change in side drops, making them only in premium and pro potds takes away the chance for many people to get them. Having them be 3 for 1 side drop is even more of an f you to people, since buying will be expensive no doubt (already seen 250:1b)
  2. They drop from POTD.
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  3. Thankfully, I was concerned since I saw they only mentioned premium and pro 🤧
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  4. Yeah we all were super concerned but after a while a bunch of people reported it dropping from POTD! Not sure why it wasn't included in original post. :( Quite the scare.
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  5. Hate that you get boxes to open for the shards and the shards combine for the side story. I am on pc and can't trade with other players to get the shards. Are most side stories like this? I'm just really not into it.
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  6. This is the first side story presented like this, and many of us don't enjoy it.
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  7. I’m not a fan either, but the PC part isn’t really the fault of the devs. They do caution you when using emulators or other apps to run the game.
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  8. People are really selling these crystals... Just wow... 1🍱 for not even half the amount of side drops that get you a 125kcs stat and furni box 🥴😵🤯
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  9. Is it me or is the male bat avi in the box supposed to be on the leader board with the Bat girl and the male nurse in the hunt box? So now to match those with your rs one has to get the leader board.
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  11. It is the first side story but several main storylines in the past have had this exact mechanic, the only difference is that this time you need to open the box to get the combo items instead of it being directly provided from a party.

    Some examples on combinable stories that required trading:
    Prank to School in Sept 2018
    Holly Popular and the Party of Dorm in Dec 2018
    Orientation Navigation in Aug-Sept 2019

    If you go back a few years more, you had to do this without trading other players! (Also pre-dates the modern hunt.)
    Days of Pastel and Chocolate in March 2016
    Bunny Side Up in April 2017
    An Arctic Adventure in Nov 2017
    Festive Collective in Dec 2017
    Anything but Clothes in April 2018

    And even an event that has both trading and non-trading collection elements, aka the hunt I started playing during: Roobix Cube Party in Jan 2018.
  12. Omg a couple of those links r broken kms
  13. well yay ty🙆‍♀️😂
  14. nvm y’all brought shards😐 disappointed again
  15. Does this someone here is selling hunt's 4mcs Stat for any casualty? Please contact me @Darlux
  16. I could taste some of these colors 😆
  17. OMG MENHERA FASHION!!!! 💗💗💗💗 The dorm is so flipping cute too! 🥺✨
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  18. It's not like they don't have more masculine avatars.

    Something to note about ATA is they like experimenting. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it's the only way to see what sells. So if you have good recommendations and some examples you can show, send in a ticket to ATA. They do look and they do consider. I couldn't tell you how their planning goes and how far ahead they plan but they've got a lot on their plate. Regardless, they listen to their community. Unless they already really like the way something is which is understandable because it's their game.

    It's just a case of, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Not a case of disregarding part of their community. Everyone matters but it's not easy to ALWAYS cater to EVERYONE'S personal preference or taste.
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  19. My manhera fashion sense is QUaking
  20. what r the 2 other parties from where we can get seance crystal? excluding cate cafe and pizza pop