[Guide] To Knowing Your Hit Range Bucket

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  1. Guide To Knowing Your Hit Range Bucket

    Today, I'll be explaining a little bit more on the Hit Range Adjustment that [ATA]Strange introduced recently.
    Here is a link to the official post :
    Hit Range Adjustment

    UPDATE 28/5/2019

    Example :
    You are in bucket 31

    With the new update you will be able to hit 2 above and 2 below and your hit range will be bucket 29,30,31,32,33

    The new rule only applies :
    1. IF you hit someone who is active you can either hit/ be hit by a player 2 buckets above and 2 buckets below .
    2. IF your target does not hit back , you will not be able to hit them if they are 2 buckets above or 2 buckets below.
    3. IF the target is inactive for 48 hours and they are 2 buckets above or 2 buckets below you will be able to hit them.

    The "a while" is a time limit of 5 hours named Recent Aggression which can be found in Temporary Bonuses from your profile . scroll down to find it

    Peace Tags

    Peace Tags was introduced recently by [ATA]Strange and they can be found in the spinner with different times such as 8 hours , 1 day and 3 days
    To activate the Peace Tags you will need to buy the activator that can be found in JD's Party Store.

    IF you hit someone 2 times or more you will not be able to use a Peace Tag to defend yourself for 15 minutes as a Temporary Bonus is activated called Peace Prevention

    PS: If you hit someone while the Peace Tag is on you will lose your Peace Tag and can be hit again by other players

    What is a Hit Range ?

    A hit range is like the weakest and strongest range a player can hit when they are hitting another player.

    Next, what is PvP?
    means Player Vs Player
    A player will have to hit another player in PvP and that can be found in the game mechanics by going to the meet people section and clicking on the  :x (angry face) or by going to a persons profile and clicking battle
    There are 4 options which is :
    - Fight
    - Dance
    - Prank
    - Eavesdrop

    If you are still new into PvP I have found some good threads that you can read about to know further about how PvP works and also the Pro's and Con's of Strength vs Intel vs Even Builds.
    Some info on how PVP works by [ATA]Strange
    [Guide]Battle List by Muschi
    [Guide] to PvP on PIMD for new/mid players by Kefo
    [Guide] Builds:STR vs INTEL vs EVEN v2 by Rude

    Here is also a list of Inactive Farms that you can try on!
    Farm List 2 by Kefo

    What is a Bucket ?

    A bucket or a "matchmaking bucket" is like a group in which you are in and this bucket helps to determine on who you will meet in the Meet People area.
    This bucket will also determine on who you can hit and who can hit you.
    If you are stronger than that person then you will get a message saying the Defender is too weak (DTW-Defender Too Weak).
    If you are weaker than that person then you will get a message saying the Your opponent is too strong (DTS-Defender Too Strong).

    From the original post , you can now hit :


    Last time it was 2 above and 2 below but now it has changed

    How to Calculate ?

    Formula : Total Stats = Dorm (Strength + Intel) + Tutor (Strength + Intel) + Relationship (Strength + Intel) + Misc (Strength + Intel)
    The total stats then must be divided by 2 until it becomes LESS THAN 1

    Please remember that the Misc Cap still works for this.
    If your Misc Stats is more than your Cap you can only calculate using the Maximum Misc Stats amount.
    Here is a link to the official post : PVP Changes: Misc Rebalance, Matchmaking, and Peace Tags

    Example :
    500 / 2 = 250 FIRST ROUND
    250 / 2 = 125 SECOND ROUND
    125 / 2 = 62.5 THIRD ROUND
    75.5 / 2 = 31.25 FOURTH ROUND
    31.25 / 2 = 15.63 FIFTH ROUND
    15.63 / 2 = 7.82 SIXTH ROUND
    7.82 / 2 = 3.91 SEVENTH ROUND
    3.91 / 2 = 1.96 EIGHTH ROUND
    1.96 / 2 = 0.98 NINTH ROUND

    since it is less than 1 so we stop here

    After calculation , you will see that your bucket number is at 9 and your hit range is 8,9,10.

    Now lets take a look at this examples of stats!

    213,200 + 1,070,000 + 466 + 462 + 9,500 + 9.260 + 466,264 + 2,178,888 = 3,948,040 (3.95 mcs)

    Note :
    The Misc Stats used to calculate the Max Misc is underline in red because the Stats above is more than the Max Cap on the Misc Stats

    109,979,000 + 154,443,500 + 135,034 + 128,834 + 42,492,080 + 66,255,550 + 31,148, 031 + 30,948,031 = 435,530,060 (435mcs)

    203,000,000 + 605,000,000 + 595, 278 + 495, 456 + 62,100,000 + 26,000,000 + 138,066,098 + 137,386,098 = 1,172,642,930 (1.173bcs)

    This stats is quite hard to divide and it might cause you to have a headache :( thus I've made a Hit Range Bucket Calculator !

    Hit Range Bucket Calculator

    This calculator is on another webpage which I have gotten permission to post from ATA.


    You will need to input your stats and it will output your bucket number. Then you can - 1 or +1 to get your hit range.

    PS: Sorry in advance if the calculator loads a little slowly at times!

    Hit Range Bucket Estimate


    Here is an estimate Total Stats & Hit Range Bucket Table I've made. This table can be used as a rough guide to those who have calculated their total stats or you want to know the total stats of their target of their hit range or bucket.

    Using the example stats above :
    3.95mcs will be in bucket number = 22
    435mcs will be in bucket number = 29
    1.173bcs will be in bucket number = 31

    If you have any other questions about this matter , I would be happy to answer them. :)

    I would like to thank [ATA]Strange for the clarifications in the calculations, [ATA]Marceline for giving me the permission and thumbs up to post my calculator ,
    Lea for the support and help in the making of this guide ,-Ahli-LovesMike in giving me opinions about my guide and Benzophenone for reminding me about the misc cap. I would also like to thank Muschi , Kefo and Rude for their very helpful and informative threads that I have linked above.
    Thank You.
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