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    Made By: @Phobia with special help from @Azari and @Atlas


    This is a guide for all of the PIMD NPCs! It will include their names, what they look like, where you’ll find them, and descriptions for each of the characters around PIMD.

    What is an NPC?

    NPC is an abbreviation for a non-player character. These are the characters you will find in the hunt stories (main and side), hosting the Extracurriculars, giving some of the deals in the shop, and giving you those helpful little lite boxes daily.

    Table of Contents

    ✩ JD

    ✩ Zander

    ✩ Tess

    ✩ Dani

    ✩ Molly

    ✩ Carly

    ✩ Cordelia

    ✩ Joaquin

    ✩ Quinn

    ✩ Alexa

    ✩ Marco

    ✩ Kiran

    ✩ The Latest Gos (important NPC updates)

    ✩ Hunt Story Post Database

    ✩ Honorable Mentions

    ✩ Bonus : NPC Fanart


    The laid-back stoner of the group. JD is always up for a good time and a wild adventure. He may not always understand what’s going on but he will make the best of any situation he is thrust into!

    A punk musician and multi-instrumentalist with an extensive knowledge on alternative subcultures. He can be recognized by his laid-back attitude and enthusiasm for all things alternative.

    The ultra-rich socialite with a love for travel adventures. Parties are a way of life and they are something that Tess makes a point to do right. There is never a dull moment when hanging out with her and she is always the perfect representation of all things glamorous. She makes it a point to know everyone although there is one person in particular she just can’t seem to get along with.

    Dani is always ready to get her blood pumping on the dance floor and hit any achievement she sets her eyes on. Her competitive spirit not only helps her reach her goals in dance, but is able to motivate her friends in any situation.

    The sweet bookworm who runs the local corner shop, Molly's Deals! She’s always finding some great new deal and is willing to share it with you. While she is more of a wallflower than her friends, that doesn’t keep her from joining in on the adventure. As a cozy individual with a pumpkin-spice obsession, her favorite season is fall.

    Carly is into the metal scene and has a love for alternative culture. You can find her at all the latest concerts and venues.

    Cordelia is into all things ooky spooky. She can be found searching for what goes bump in the night.

    Joaquin is a grad student who is often labeled as wise beyond his years. As the RA, he’s the more responsible friend of the group. His bright-minded spirit and high aspirations keep his friends inspired.

    The resident stereotypical geek of the friend group. He reads, he games, he even goes to all of the cons. Be sure to look out for his clever puns in the hunt stories! If it’s nerdy, he is into it. He loves to drag his friends into his world, often showing them all the ways the world can be filled with magic. While his friends may not always understand him, they are always down to hang with him in his universe.

    Alexa is the type of girl who is always up for new experiences with friends. Her high-spirit is able to uplift any mood and turn any average event into a blast! That same high-spirit is used on the field as she cheers to keep her team pumped during any event, as well as when she’s on the field, uplifting her team.

    The honorary himbo! Marco and Cordelia have been dating for some time and even though he isn’t the biggest fan of all things spooky he endures it for her. Sports are his favorite pastime and he is always down to hang out with his friends.

    Easily the most laid back of the friend group, they love yoga and regularly take time for relaxation. As an artist, they easily have the most tattoos, each of them expressing their creative spirit. They enjoy reading tarot for their friends as they go day by day. They are often the calm voice in the chaos of their friends' adventures.

    The Latest Gos

    ✩During the Mid-Autumn Festival, JD and Dani shared a kiss in the Quad. Could this be a possible start to a new relationship?

    ✩It’s official! According to the Poseidon’s Ball, JD and Dani have been dating for 2 months now.

    ✩ Unfortunately, during the Ready, Sweat, Go! hunt, it’s confirmed Marco and Cordelia are officially broken up.

    ✩ The crews got a new look! Check out the details here.

    Hunt Story Database

    Honorable Mentions

    The Nurse
    Without them, who would you be able to run to in the shop to get your doctor’s notes?!

    Downey The Seagull
    The sassy bird loved by many. You’ll occasionally find Downey making a grand appearance in a hunts side story!

    Bonus: NPC Fanart

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