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    This guide was made to track the existing hunt story forum posts (made by ATA) as well as upkeeping the hunts not included (made by me).
    I couldn’t have done this without the help received from other players who sent me the rest of the stories I was unable to unlock. I will be leaving a post of recognition under this guide.

    I hope you all enjoy following the adventures of the PIMD NPC’s in these stories!


    A couple of notes about this guide:

    ✩ Clicking the banners of the hunts will direct you to their forum event post!

    ✩ I will only be including the main story, the side stories would have been too much to keep track of and release in time for the end of the hunt. Instead I will be mirroring the ATA hunt story posts and sticking with the main story.

    ✩ In the event of ATA posting the hunt story, a link to their post will take place over my version.


    ✩November 8, 2021 A Change of Art

    ✩November 8, 2021 Are You Afraid of the Park?

    ✩November 12, 2021 Thanksgiving Large

    ✩December 8, 2021 Away In a Manor



    Part 1


    Started a group chat.

    Jaoquin: Great news! The Faculty of Fine Arts is relaunching its prestigious portrait photography competition!

    Keiran: Ooooh I've heard of that. Isn't that kind of a big deal?

    Jaoquin: It is! Every entrant gets valuable feedback from expert photographers. And the winner's photo will be displayed in the arts building permanently. Not to mention the generous cash prize!

    Molly: Oh wow! What an opportunity! I have been trying my hand at film photography lately...I'd love to get feedback from actual experts.

    JD: DID SOMEONE SAY "GENEROUS CASH PRIZE"? Heck yes! Can I enter even if I'm not an art student?

    Jaoquin: It's open to everyone, yes! I'd encourage you all to try. I entered a few times myself when I was an undergrad. Even if you don't win, it's great fun to attend the judging and see everyone's work.

    Molly: You talked me into it. I'd better get started right away!

    JD: Me too! Let's do this!

    Part 2


    You and Dani are helping Molly set up for her portrait photography shoot.

    Molly: light still isn't quite right. Maybe if we take my desk lamp and tape it to the ceiling?

    You: That seems...dangerous. How about I just stand on a chair and hold it for you?

    Molly: Oh! That's probably better. Okay, Dani, now I need you to sit under the light and act natural!

    Dani: Act...natural? Is it really natural if it's an act?

    Molly: I mean...don't act like anything. Just be yourself! And also be comfortable. And also pretend I'm not taking your photo?

    Dani: This still seems like a lot of acting.

    You: How about you pretend Molly isn't here and just talk to me instead? Didn't you say you had some juicy gossip from the gym?

    Dani: Oh, do I EVER have juicy gossip. You wouldn't believe the love triangle that's going on with my coworkers right now. It might even be a love hexagon at this point…

    Dani: ...and then I said, "No way. In here?" And then He said, "BEHIND THE WATER COOLER." CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

    Molly: ... That's it! Perfect! I think I've got the shot!

    Part 3


    With the photography contest on the horizon, Tess enters the Common Room to find JD on the couch.
    In the Common Room...

    Tess: JD! What are you doing lounging about? Didn't you say you were working on your entry to the photo contest?

    JD: Yep! It's all done.

    Tess: Already? But you only just started.

    JD: Yeah, it was easy! Check these out…

    Tess: just took them with your phone, then? You're not going the "film camera" route?

    JD: Nahhh, I tried that once. WAY too much work. Plus, I wanted to see how cool they looked right away! I'll just print 'em out at the library later. Whatcha think?

    Tess: Well, they may not be the most traditional of entrants, but they completely capture your spirit. I love them!

    JD: Aww, thanks.

    Part 4

    Molly and JD are headed to the arts building to submit their entries for the photography contest.
    Heading to campus...

    Molly: ** YAAAWWN ** Ooh, I'm so sleepy. I stayed up so late working on my entry!

    JD: Oh yeah? Taking some latenight photos?

    Molly: No, I was over in the darkroom on campus developing my film.

    JD: Developing?! Daaaang! That's pretty serious.

    Molly: It's a serious contest! I want the judges to see my best possible work so they can give me good feedback.

    JD: Aw, that's cool. Hey, uh, was everyone supposed to develop their own film, or is it chill if we didn't?

    Molly: I don't think they specified. Why, what did you do?

    Molly: ... ... ... ...Is this...a blurry selfie? Did you just print this out at the library?

    JD: Pretty dope, right? Look, I'm even holding a beer in the shot!


    Part 5

    It's the day of the photography contest. All the entries are being displayed for judging. You and Tess find Molly standing by her photo.
    At the photography contest...

    Tess: Molly, I just ADORE your photo. Dani really comes to life in this! It gives you such a warm sense of being in a room with a friend.

    Molly: Thank you! I'm glad you like it. The judges had a few critiques about my lighting and composition, but it was all really helpful stuff. And they said I had a great eye, so that was nice…

    You: That's amazing, though! If THOSE experts think you have a great eye, that's got to mean something.

    Molly: Definitely! I'm really happy with my feedback. I'm a bit worried about JD, though...the judges have been over there with him for a while. I hope they're not being too hard on his work...

    Tess: Oh, look! It seems they're moving on. Here comes JD now!

    You: JD! How was it? What did they say?

    JD: They loved it!

    Molly: ...They did?

    JD: Yeah! They said I had a great eye! They also kept telling me how my work was an "artistic deconstruction of modern selfie culture" or whatever. I don't really know what that means, but hey! If they're happy, I'm happy!

    Molly: ...Oh. Okay. A great eye. Awesome…

    Part 6

    With the photography contest officially over, the gang has gone out for pizza to celebrate.

    Tess: Congratulations, both of you! I can't believe Two members of our dorm got an honorable mention in the contest. That's so exciting! Joaquin is going to be so proud of you both.

    You: Yeah, seriously, way to go!

    JD: Aww, I knew me and Molly were gonna crush it! We're both just natural photographers, right, Mol?

    Molly: Yeah...I guess. I mean, I did also work really hard on mine.

    JD: Heh, totally! Our hard work really paid off.

    Molly: ... ... ...Yep... ... …

    Tess: Are you all right, Molly? You don't seem that pleased.

    Molly: I'm fine! I just...need some air for a minute. Excuse me, please...

    You: Hmmm...

    Part 7

    Molly is sitting in the pizza parlor parking lot. After some time, JD pops out to find her.
    In the parking lot...

    JD: Yo! You okay out here? What's wrong? I thought you'd want to celebrate our victory! C'mon, aren't you proud of us?

    Molly: Yeah, I just...sorry, JD, but I'm feeling a little frustrated. I worked REALLY hard on my photo. But then I got basically the same feedback as someone who isn't even taking this seriously??

    JD: ...Oh.

    Molly: ...Sorry. That was...sorry. That came out pretty harsh. I didn't mean it like that, I just...

    JD: No, no, I get it! Actually, uh, I kind of wanted to talk to you about that.

    Molly: You did?

    JD: Your photo was sooo good! You can, like, FEEL what a good person Dani is just by looking at it, you know what I'm saying? I don't even know how you did that!

    JD: I just kinda thought...well...if you have some time...maybe you could teach me how to take photos like you do?

    Molly: Awww. JD! I'm honestly not an expert, but I'd be happy to show you what I know. And, hey...maybe you can teach me a little about not overthinking my photos quite so much?

    JD: Yeah? I'm totally great at not thinking! You've got yourself a deal!

    Part 8

    It's a new day. You walk into the Common Room and find Molly and JD chatting.

    Molly: ... It's not just about where the light is coming from, though. The type of light you have can really change a picture...

    JD: Ooooh...I had no idea!

    You: Hey! What are you two up to?

    Molly: This is the first meeting of the dorm photography club! JD and I decided we're gonna work on our new hobby together.

    JD: Yep! By our powers combined, we are...the BEST photographer in the world!

    Molly: Well, I don't know about that. But we're both learning a lot from each other.

    Molly: Hey! Could you pose for some photos for us?

    You: Sure! Just tell me what to do.

    JD: Oh, sweet! Here, take this beer and hold it up. Gotta make sure we can see it in the shot!


    Part 1

    Kiran started a group chat.

    Kiran: Is it just me or did it get real dark in here all of a sudden?


    Quinn: The lights have gone out everywhere! It must be a power outage!

    You: AHHHHH

    Jaoquin: Don't panic! I'm told the power is out across campus. I'm sure they will fix it as soon as possible! We just have to wait a little while.


    Carly: OKAY I WAITED, THIS BLOWS. I was in the middle of watching something, too! Now I'll never find out who the murderer is..

    Quinn: The internet is out. THE INTERNET IS OUT. Everything important to me is on the internet! What are we supposed to do now?!

    You: Well, since the internet can't entertain us, why don't we just hang out with each other?

    Kiran: Beats being alone in the dark! Grab your pillows and flashlights and let's meet in the Common Room!

    Part 2

    With the power still out across campus, the gang has gathered in the darkened Common Room.

    Jaoquin: I just got off the phone with the power company. Sounds like it'll take them most of the night to fix the problem.

    Carly: Dang, that's no fun. How am I supposed to do my whole bedtime routine without any power? Maybe I'll just stay up until it comes back…

    Kiran: Here's an idea. What if we spend the time together? We could drag our mattresses into the Common Room, even. Make the most of the situation.

    Alexa: Ooh, like a slumber party! I'm so into that. I haven't had a slumber party in ages!

    Quinn: You know, I never really went to any slumber parties as a kid. I preferred to just sleep in my own bed. In fact, I never understood why it's called a "party" when it's just sleeping in a room...

    Alexa: What? It's not "just sleeping in a room"! It's about staying up all night with your friends, eating snacks, watching movies...!

    Quinn: But…it's a school night!

    Carly: Hey, that does sound pretty fun. I could go for some snacks and movies right now.

    You: I'm sure we can find snacks, but it's gonna be hard to watch movies with no power, isn't it?

    Kiran: Hmm...I think I have a plan for that...

    Part 3

    You are sitting in the Common Room, watching your friends perform a scene illuminated only by a flashlight.
    In the Common Room…

    Kiran: ...Quiet descends. A sense of peace has been restored. The killer is finally defeated. So Alexa gets into her canoe and goes for a paddle...

    Carly: Oh, what a beautiful day it is out here now that I don't have to worry about being murdered. Let me just relax and stare pensively into the lake…


    Alexa: AAHHHHHH! SPLASH! … … … …and scene! The end!

    Quinn: Bravo! It's almost like we were watching the actual movie! In spite of the liberal dialogue edits.

    You: It's even better when the actors can't stop laughing during the scariest scenes. Who needs electricity?

    Carly: That was pretty fun. But I think it's time we moved on to the next item on our slumber party agenda…

    Quinn: Is it..getting a good night's rest for our classes tomorrow?

    Carly: Not a chance! I'm talking about SNACKS! Let's raid the dining hall!

    Quinn:** SIGH ** Fiiiine...

    Part 4

    You and the gang are sneaking across campus toward the dining hall. It's pitch black outside.

    Quinn: We'll definitely get some actual rest once we've had snacks, right?

    Carly: Yeah, yeah, probably! Now hush. We're definitely not allowed in the dining hall at this hour. Let's not let anyone catch us…

    Kiran: Wow, everything is so eerie with no lights on. It's like a horror movie set...

    Alexa: PLEASE don't talk about horror movies right now. I cannot handle a real-life jump-scare.

    You: Whoa. Wait. Did you hear something?

    Alexa: What?!

    Quinn: Oh no, I heard it too. Oh, geez. Is it a monster?

    Carly: Shhh! Listen…


    Alexa: RUUUUUUUUN!

    Part 5

    It's a dark night on campus. Armed with nothing but a flashlight, the gang has just been ambushed.

    You: …

    You: …Chill, everyone. It's just a raccoon!

    Alexa: ..OH.

    Quinn: WHY was that so scary? HOW am I so on edge after the least scary horror movie re-enactment of all time?

    Carly: Hey, what are you talking about?! Our movie was thrilling.

    Kiran: Whoa, wait a minute, gang. Is it just me or was that raccoon holding a bag of chips in its paws? Where did it get that from?

    Carly: Look, up there! JACKPOT! One of the windows to the dining hall is open! That must be where the raccoon was coming from. What a helpful little trash panda!

    Alexa: Nice! I think I can wiggle through there. Someone give me a boost!

    You: Slumber party snacks, here we come!

    Part 6

    After a harrowing encounter with a raccoon, the gang has returned to the darkened Common Room.

    Quinn: Okay. We've acted out our movie. We've had our snacks. But it's getting really late now…can we please try to get some rest?

    Alexa: I guuueessss. But we haven't even given anyone a makeover yet...

    Kiran: I gotta admit, I am getting a little sleepy. Maybe we should try to get some shut-eye.

    You: …

    Carly: …zzzz...


    Quinn: What?? What was that?

    Alexa: Shh! It's Carly! Is she asleep?!

    Carly: Zzzz.…, Zander, you're waaayy cuter than oatmeal…you're like a hot little breakfast croissant.. ...zzzz…

    You: Holy crap. What?

    Kiran: I sure wish my phone weren't dead right now…someone get me a pen. I'm writing this down!

    Part 7

    After a baffling few minutes of talking in her sleep, Carly has finally been awoken by the sound of everyone.

    Carly: Ugh! Are you serious? I can't believe I had to talk in my sleep tonight of all nights. Now if that isn't blackmail material...

    Kiran: It was amazing. Like beautiful sleepy poetry. Here, let me read it back to you, starting with the part where you compare Zander to breakfast foods...

    Carly: HA HA HA WHAT?

    Quinn: I'm sorry, but can we PLEASE do that in the morning? I am SO tired and I have class first thing tomorrow, so I would really like to get some rest!

    Kiran: Aw, sorry, Quinn..did you want to go back to your room to sleep? We won't be offended if you need quiet!

    You: Yeah, do what you gotta do.

    Quinn: ...yeah, but... I'm... ** mumble **

    Alexa: What? What did you say?

    Part 8

    It's the wee hours of the morning. The power outage is still going strong.

    Kiran: Okay, okay. It's gotten late enough! I think it's time we actually got some sleep. For Quinn's sake, if no one else's.

    Quinn: Thank you! That's all I wanted!

    Carly: Yeah, I'm exhausted. Let's hit the hay. Good night, everybody!

    You: Night, friends!

    Alexa: See you in the morning!

    You: … … …

    Quinn: … … …

    Carly: GAH!

    Alexa: Hello??



    Part 1

    Started a group chat.

    Alexa: You will not BELIEVE what just happened! You know how Marcie's getting married, right?

    You: Sorry, who?

    Alexa: Marcie! You know Marcie. She lives over in the other dorm? She's on the cheerleading squad? We've seen her at the club a billion times? Remember?

    You: Oh...sure…

    Alexa: Anyway, Marcie's getting married and...get this...she asked me to be her MAID OF HONOR!

    You: Oh?? Wow! I didn't realize you were such close friends with her!

    Alexa: Sure I am! Also her original maid of honor apparently quit at the last minute and she really needs someone to finish organizing everything. I've never been asked to be a maid of honor before! I'm so excited!!! ANYWAY G2G SO MANY THINGS TO PLAN

    You: Wait. Her old maid of honor QUIT? That kind of sounds like a red flag. Are you sure this is such a good idea?

    You: Alexa?

    You: Alexaaaaaaa

    Part 2

    Started a group chat.

    You: Hey! I feel like I haven't seen you all week! Are you okay?

    Alexa: Oh, I'm GREAT! I've just been working really hard on prep for Marcie's wedding. You know how it is when you're the maid of honor!

    You: I guess so…..what are you up to in here? What's with all the boxes and ribbons?

    Alexa: I'm just tying the perfect bows on all of these wedding favors. Marcie's got SUCH a clear vision of her wedding's aesthetic, it's really awesome.

    You: ...Alexa, that's.a LOT of wedding favors! How many people are coming to this wedding?!

    Alexa: Oh, just a couple hundred!

    You: And she has you tying that many ribbons by yourself?!

    Alexa: It's fine! I've only been doing this for a few hours so far. I'm sure I'll get it finished soon!

    You: All right, this is nuts. You can't possibly do all of that alone! I'm rounding up the gang.

    Alexa: I'm really fine!.. … … but bless you my hands hurt SO MUCH.

    Part 3

    You and the gang are sitting on the floor of Alexa's dorm room, where you're working hard on Marcie's wedding favors.

    Alexa: This is going great! Thank you so much for your help. We're SO close to wrapping all the wedding favors!

    Tess: Oh, thank goodness. I think my hands are developing a cramp. How many do we have left?

    Alexa: Just a hundred to go!

    You: …

    Marco: Yo, Alexa, I ran out of ribbons. I'm gonna use these silver ones over

    here, okay?

    Alexa: No. no! Here, take these. We're tying BRONZE ribbons on the maple syrup, with a spring of dried lavender tucked in. Marcie was very clear about that! She wants us to save the silver ribbons for the personalized jars of jam.

    Marco: What?! We have to put ribbons on the jam jars too? How many of THOSE do we have to do?

    Alexa: Just like five hundred or so! No problem!

    Tess: … … … …

    You: I sure hope Marcie treasures your friendship after all this…

    Part 4

    It's the day of Marcie's wedding. You have joined Alexa at the outdoor wedding venue to oversee procedures.

    Alexa: Look at this beautiful autumn day! Leaves just starting to turn…this is going to be an absolutely perfect wedding. I can feel it!

    Marco: It's gotta be amazing after all the effort you put in, Lex! Those centerpieces you made look bomb.

    Alexa: Right? Look how gorgeous everything turned out! It's exactly how Marcie wanted it. Nothing can possibly go wrong now!

    You: Whoa, don't say that! That's just asking for trouble.

    Tess: Particularly when it's a cloudy day like this...that's not exactly what I like to see on the day of an outdoor wedding...

    Alexa: No! What do you mean? It's a beautiful cloudy autumn sky, which means perfect lighting for photos! That's what all the experts say.

    You: ...The clouds are a little dark, though, huh.


    Tess: I…I'm certain it's absolutely fine, then!


    Part 5

    Started a group chat.

    You: Wow, there sure is a stiff breeze rolling in.

    Alexa: That's just added atmosphere. Look at how it's rustling the leaves. It's beautiful!

    Tess: And the clouds are getting awfully dark now...

    Alexa: Dramatic. Great for photos.

    Marco: Uh...any chance there's a sprinkler on somewhere? Otherwise I think I just felt a raindrop...

    Alexa: You're probably just crying over how beautiful this wedding is!!

    You: Alexa…

    Alexa: OKAY. SO IT'S RAINING. But that's fine! A few drops of rain can't ruin this wedding. It'll clear up in no time!

    You: Annnd here comes the downpour.


    Part 6

    Minutes before the wedding, rain has begun to fall. All of your handiwork is quickly getting soaked.

    Alexa: No, no, no! This can't be happening! I've worked too hard to let this rain spoil my big day!

    You: You mean Marcie's big day?

    Alexa: Sure, her too! But I can't let my reputation as a maid of honor be ruined. I have to make this right somehow. We need to salvage this, gang!

    Marco: We're ready, coach! Just tell us what to do and we'll move out!

    Alexa: Everyone start moving the decorated chairs inside! Let's get two people carrying the arch! That's the most important thing!

    Alexa: We've already got a tent over there where the buffet tables are! Anything that we can't get inside, let's get it under cover there and we'll sort it out later!

    Alexa: Marco, the quests are starting to arrive! Redirect them inside! We can't have wet mothers-in-law, that's a recipe for disaster.

    Tess: Alexa? The bride is in a terrible state back there. What should I tell her?

    Alexa: ….Cet her a bottle of wine, ASAP.

    Tess: Right away!

    Part 7

    With the rain pouring outside, you and your friends have transported Marcie's wedding decorations inside.

    Marco: Phew! Considering how quick we pulled all that off, the setup in here looks pretty sweet.

    You: Alexa really saved this wedding. What a maid of honor! Marcie must be thanking her stars that she picked Alexa.

    Tess: Oh doesn't look like it. She appears to be yelling at Alexa about something instead…

    You: Hey, is everything okay?

    Alexa: Yeah! No problem! Just have to redo all the decorations really quick before the ceremony starts!

    Marco: What?! But the ceremony's in like two minutes!

    Alexa: It's not to Marcie's liking. And it's her day. I'm the maid of honor, so...what else can I do, right?

    Tess: There is still such a thing as being totally unreasonable! Not to mention taking advantage of your friend's kindness.

    Alexa: It's okay! Really! Let's talk about this later. I have a LOT of garlands to rearrange..

    Part 8

    After the ceremony.

    You: Well, that was a pretty amazing wedding in the end! You really outdid yourself, Alexa.

    Tess: It was beautiful, wasn't it? And look….the rain has even cleared up! Just in time for the reception. Marcie will get her dinner under the leaves after all.

    Alexa: It might be a bit muddy out there, but……you're right, we can totally do It. Let's start moving the tables back out! WE'LL BE HAVING DINNER OUTSIDE, EVERYONE!

    Marco: Whoa, whoa, wait.…what is that box? Is that the wedding favors? Did someone leave the wedding favors out in the rain??

    Alexa: OH NO! The ribbons are ruined! NOOOO! THIS WILL TAKE HOURS TO FIX!

    You: Aw, man. After we spent all that time on these...I guess Marcie will want them fixed. So much for getting any dinner, huh?

    Alexa: … … … ...I need you to promise me something, okay?

    You: What's that?

    Alexa: Never tell Marcie about this. Now, come on. Let's eat!

    Marco: Heck yeah! I'm never tying a ribbon again!


    Part 1

    Kiran started a group chat.

    Kiran: Hey y'all, I could use some help! Anyone have experience, uh, throwing a rave?

    Marco: Depends. Is it anything like doing the wave?

    You: What's going on? Is there some kind of rave emergency?

    Kiran: Yeah, basically! Some of my friends from the art faculty run the EDM club. They've been planning this week's campus rave for ages, but they're having some trouble…

    Tess: I would love to help however I can, but I'm afraid I don't have any experience with raves! Are you certain we're the best people for the job?

    Marco: Yeah, what's the big deal that they can't figure it out? Don't they know where to find all the EDM people?

    Kiran: That's the problem, see. Normally our rave attracts all the EDM fans in town. But Ryvell Tech also holds an autumn rave…and they just rescheduled theirs at the last minute. Now it's on the very same night as ours!

    Marco: HOLD UP. WHAT?!

    Tess: Not Ryvell Tech again! They would have the nerve to create a scheduling conflict on purpose. How utterly gauche!

    You: Now it's personal. Let's meet in the Common Room. Sounds like we've got a rave to save!

    Part 2

    The gang has assembled in the Common Room to discuss the emergency rave situation.

    Kiran: Ugh. It's worse than I thought. Apparently Ryvell Tech went and poached our DJ right out from under the EDM club. And we don't have a backup!

    Tess: What?! There's no D]? How is one meant to throw one of these electronic rave parties with no DJ?

    You: Sounds like a very quiet rave. Is that a thing?

    Marco: Nah! It's not gonna go down like that. We just gotta get a new DJ. One that's WAY BETTER than this traitor DJ guy!

    Tess: I'm afraid it's not as simple as all that. It's extremely difficult to book a D] on such short notice…

    Marco: Well, there's gotta be someone we can ask! Don't we know anyone who can DJ? Who do we know that's good at, like, music and junk?

    You: Hmm..."good at music and junk, you say…we do know someone like that...

    Tess: Who do you…oh! You don't think?

    Kiran: No way! He'll never say yes. … …Unless?

    You: Only one way to find out...

    Part 3

    You and your friends hurry to Zander's room. He looks up with confusion as you pile through the door.

    Zander: Hey……what's up? Why are you all looking at me like that?

    Marco: Listen. Zander. Buddy. You love music, right? And you hate Ryvell Tech, right? And you would do anything to help your friends? Right??

    Zander: Uh-huh. Look, how about we skip a few steps and get to the scheme? What's this all leading to?

    You: You being the DJ for our rave! So you'll do it, right?

    Zander: WHAT? Wait. I think we skipped a few too many steps!

    Kiran: Please. Zander! The EDM club is counting on the proceeds from this rave to keep producing events. If it flops, the diversity of the school's musical subcultures is at stake!

    Zander: But I'm not qualified...! Sure, I know a little about EDM, but how can I possibly be trusted with a whole rave? And if Carly ever found out I was a D]?! She would roast me harder than a Thanksgiving turkey.

    Marco: Don't even worry about any of that! Carly will never find out, first of all. And second of all, you'll be totally amazing. We believe in you! And finally…you're the only one we can trust to do this. So come on, bro. Whaddya say?

    Zander: ** SIGH **...Please get out of my room. I have to obsessively research how to DJ for the next twelve hours straight.

    Kiran: Yes! We love yoouuu!

    Part 4

    The campus rave is tonight and preparations are well underway. You and the gang are setting up.

    Zander: I can't believe I let you talk me into this. What was I thinking? How can I possibly carry a whole rave by myself?

    Kiran: C'mon, you've got this! You're gonna be fantastic. Now quit stressing and help me finish this poster. All that's left to add is your DJ name! So what is it?

    You: How about "DJ Frownyface"? …Yep, see? He's doing one right now. It's perfect.


    Tess: Shouldn't it be something with a Z? I thought alliteration was key for a good DJ name.

    Zander:Look, does it even matter? I'm never gonna DJ again after tonight. Just put whatever on the poster.

    Kiran: All right! DJ Zesty Zan it is.

    Zander: I regret everything. I regret the course of my entire life up to this point.

    Marco: Your catchphrase can be "KEEPIN' IT ZESTY!"

    Zander: DIs don't have catchphrases! .........Wait. Do they? Am I supposed to have a catchphrase? Oh, geez. I'm so unprepared.

    Part 5

    It's less than an hour until the start of the rave. You and the gang are doing your last bit of setting up.
    At the doors to the rave...

    Tess: So, we've got the DJ sorted, the room is set up, wristbands are ready to be handed out..was there anything else the EDM club needed before the event starts?

    Kiran: Yeah, Ryvell Tech sniped their glow stick supplier. But don't worry. I got us a backup.

    Carly: Me! No way I'm missing this chance to stick it to those Ryvell jerks. When Kiran told me about all this. I called in a bulk party supplier that my family knows. Ta-da! Glow sticks galore!

    Marco: WHOA! Nice one, Carly! Dang, look at all of these. We could have raves for days!

    You: Hey, is this a good idea? What about DJ Zesty You-Know-Who? We promised him we wouldn't tell Carly…

    Kiran: C'mon, it's chill! She's just bringing us the glow sticks. I doubt she'd wanna stay for the actual rave. Totally not her scene.

    Marco: You sticking around for the rave? It's gonna be sick!

    Carly: It's totally not my scene, but…eh, why not. Zander had to cancel our date tonight, so I've got no plans. Maybe I will check it out!

    Kiran: … … … …Hm!

    You: Great…

    Part 6

    The campus rave is in full swing. You are surrounded by neon lights, glow sticks, dancing students, and beats galore.




    Carly: WHAT?



    Kiran: WHAT?!

    Kiran: Phew! Looks like she got it. Crisis averted.

    You: Right. Is that why she's walking straight to the DJ booth?

    Kiran: Wait what

    Part 7

    Up in the DJ booth, Zander is deeply focused on his work when someone approaches him from the crowd.

    Zander: Sorry, I don't take requests.... …AH! C- Carly! Hey...

    Carly: Soooo! THIS is what you ditched me for tonight, huh? Not exactly where I expected to find you..."DJ Zesty Zan"? Oh, wow, that is NOT the name.

    Zander: I didn't pick the name! And I'm not normally a DJ, I swear. I just...the gang really needed my help, and I…

    Carly: Oh, relax, you absolute goober. I'm not annoyed about your secretly zesty lifestyle! I'm just hurt you thought you couldn't tell me.

    Zander: It's's kind of embarrassing?

    Carly: What's so embarrassing about it? This might not be my style of music, and it might be kinda funny to see you of all people in this neon booth.but, hey. You sure are committed to helping our friends. That's something I love about you.

    Carly: Plus, you're actually a pretty good DJ Like, dang, honey, way to drop a beat.

    Zander: Thanks, Carly. That actually means a lot to me right now. Hey.…I'm not supposed to let anyone back here, but…you wanna get up in the booth and help me out?

    Carly: Only if you call me by my true name...DJ Calamity Carly! Or something like that. Still workshopping it.

    Zander: Well, it's way better than ' "Zesty Zan." Get on up here.

    Part 8

    It's the wee hours of the morning. After a busy night of dancing, the rave is finally starting to wind down.

    Marco: Yooo! Just checked Insistentgram and you're not gonna believe this. Look at these pics from Ryvell Tech's rave. Super sparse! Pretty much nobody showed up!

    Tess: Ha! That's what happens when you change your scheduling at the last minute. That DJ they poached from us must feel awfully silly now!

    Kiran: Karma, baby! Thank goodness they couldn't stop ours from going off without a hitch. We owe it all to DJ Zesty Zan!

    You: And to think he was so nervous about it. We should tell him what a great job he did!

    Kiran: Yeah, we should...! Uh. But maybe not right now. It seems like he's a little busy over there.

    You: …I was wondering why he'd looped the same beats for the last five minutes…

    Marco: Well, dang. Glad they're having fun!

    Tess: It seems he may have misjudged Carly's feelings about DJs...

    Kiran: See? Never underestimate the power of a really fun rave!


    Part 1

    After a long morning of football practice, Marco is cutting through campus on his way back to the dorm

    Marco: Phew.I'm exhausted. Can't wait to get home and take a load off…

    Marco: ...? What was that? Hello?

    Marco: It's coming from the man. Is there another raccoon stuck in there? Better check it out.

    Marco: Hello? Mr. Raccoon? Don't bite me, okay? Just gonna see if I can.............!

    Marco: Oh, dang! That's not a raccoon! It's a tiny little cat! Are you stuck there, little buddy?

    Marco: looks so scared…it's okay, cat! I'm not gonna hurt you! Come on, let me help you out! Wanna sniff my hand first and see it's okay?

    Marco: Ha ha! You think my fingers are delicious, huh? I did eat some pretty good snacks after practice…okay, little cat, hang tight. I'm gonna pick you up out of this dumpster now, okay? Easy…

    Marco: WHOA!!

    Marco: Hey, those were some pretty slick moves. little cat! You must have been stuck down there for a while, huh? Well, don't worry…Marco's here now!

    Marco: Just sit tight up there. I'm gonna get someone to check you out. Then we've gotta get you home!

    Part 2

    The gang has gathered in the Common Room to meet Marco's new kitty friend.

    Marco: ….And then he just climbed up my sleeve! Like a total athlete. He's amazing!

    Kiran: Awww.look how sweet he is. But he's so skinny…so he didn't have a collar or a chip or anything, huh?

    Marco: Nah. I brought him to the vet to make sure. They said he's healthy and everything, but he's probably a stray. That's why I brought him here! We've gotta find him a place to live!

    Jaoquin: I believe there's an animal shelter downtown. I'm sure they'd be willing to take care of him.

    Marco: I guess, but.…I dunno, is that good enough for this little guy? Won't an animal shelter let some random adopt him? What if they're not a good owner? What if they suck??

    You: I don't think they hand cats over to just anyone…

    Jaoquin: Ah! What about Whiskery Woods, that cat sanctuary in the country where Molly volunteers sometimes? It's meant to be an absolute paradise for cats.

    Marco: Oh, hey, yeah! Now that sounds more like it. l'Il bet this poor little dumpster kitty hasn't ever seen the countryside before!

    Kiran: Sounds like a plan! Let's get this cat to the bus station!

    Part 3

    You and the gang are sitting on the bus, headed to Whiskery Woods Cat Sanctuary.

    Jaoquin: Marco, I don't think cats are allowed on this bus without carriers…couldn't you hide him in your jacket?

    Marco: Aw, but look at him. He loves the view out the window!

    You: That cat has you wrapped around his little paw already.

    Marco: Yo, have you seen his little face?! How could you say no to this guy? Besides, this is probably his first bus trip ever. We've gotta make it special!

    Jaoquin: Just try not to let the bus driver see you...

    Marco: It's totally chill! The cat's just gonna hang on my shoulders. He won't bother anyone.

    Kiran: Uh…Marco? Speaking of the cat...where is he?

    Marco: ..Huh? Well, that's weird. He was right here a second ago...

    You: Annnd now he's face-first in that lady's groceries.

    Marco: KITTY. NO!

    Part 4

    At the end of a long dirt road, you and the gang find yourselves at the gates to Whiskery Woods Cat Sanctuary.

    Kiran: Well, that would have been a lot faster if we hadn't gotten kicked off the bus...but look! We're finally here!

    Jaoquin: Wow, this is beautiful! A huge farmhouse equipped for cat care…a giant, completely screened-in woodland for cats to roam around in…this really is like a paradise!

    Marco: Hmm…yeah…it's pretty cool, I guess...but do you think it's really nice enough for James?

    You: Who?'ve named him James, now, huh?

    Marco: Why not? It suits him!

    Jaoquin: Well, why don't we take a look around? Make sure everything is up to your specifications?

    Marco: Okay, but if James doesn't like it, we're leaving. You got that, James? It's all up to you, bud!

    Kiran: Meow once for yes and twice for no!

    Marco: WHOA! Did you hear that? That was a yes! Okay, sounds like we're clear to go in.

    You: I don't think he actually… … …never mind. Let's go!

    Part 5

    You and the gang are exploring the grounds of Whiskery Woods Cat Sanctuary with your stray cat.

    Jaoquin: Good news! The sanctuary owner says they have room for James! And that we're welcome to take a stroll around the grounds before we leave him in their care.

    Marco: Guess we should check it out, then. James, take a good look around. You gotta figure out if you wanna come and live here, okay?

    Marco: WHOA!

    Kiran: Oh! There he goes. Guess he does like the look of this place after all!

    Marco: WAIT! BUDDY! COME BACK! I didn't get to say goodbye yet!

    Jaoquin: We can't just let him go free! Not before we've completed the necessary paperwork! AFTER HIM!


    Part 6

    You and the gang are frantically searching the cat sanctuary's outdoor playground for any sign of James.

    Jaoquin: This place is enormous. So many places for a cat to hide… how are we ever going to find James?

    Kiran: Wait, I think I see him! There! Is that James?

    Marco: What?! No! How could you think that cat is James? He doesn't have the little ear thing! OR the cute smile!

    Kiran: Whoa, okay, okay! No need to be so touchy about it!

    You: So many black cats...but I don't think any of them look like James.

    Jaoquin: It's hopeless…there are so many trees and bushes to hide in. I don't think we could find him even if we searched all afternoon. We'll just have to tell the sanctuary staff what happened and hope they can find him eventually.

    Marco: Man, this blows. We really have to walk away? Just like that? After everything we've been through together?

    Kiran: Aw, Marco. Maybe we can come back and visit him sometime. And at least he'll be happy here, right?

    Marco: Yeah...I guess so...

    Part 7

    Started a group chat

    You: We'd better get going. The last bus back into town will be leaving pretty soon.

    Kiran: Chin up, Marco! We'll come back to visit James some other time, promise.

    Marco: Yeah…just feels weird leaving without saying goodbye, y'know? **SIGH ** Guess we've got no choice…

    Jaoquin: Wait a minute...what's that by the exit? There's a cat just sitting there by the door…could it be…?

    Marco: ** GASP ** JAMES!

    Marco: BUDDY! There you are, little dude! You had me really scared for a second. What were you doing over here? Were you waiting for us?

    Jaoquin: What a relief! Now we can hand him off to the sanctuary staff for intake like we were supposed to!

    Kiran: And you can say your goodbyes! See, Marco? He didn't forget after all!

    Jaoquin: But we really do need to hurry and pass him to the sanctuary staff if we're going to catch that last bus, all right, Marco? .... ...Marco?

    Marco: ...Yeah...about that...

    Part 8

    Started a group chat.

    You: We really should have seen this result coming.

    Marco: Man, you're gonna love the dorms, James! My room is super sick. I'll get you a sweet cat bed for it. And then I'm gonna show you the quad, and we'll check out the gym, and I'll show you the dining hall…

    Jaoquin: I don't think cats are allowed in the dining hall!

    Marco: So I'll just hide him in my jacket. No problem! What do you say, little guy?

    Marco: Ha ha! Exactly!

    Kiran: Well……that's it. Marco finally found his soulmate.

    You: I'm so happy for him.


    Part 1

    You come across Kiran, Marco, and Quinn having a heated conversation in the Common Room.

    Marco: Come on, the library's not really haunted! That's just something they made up to scare freshmen.

    Kiran: It totally is. Have you ever stayed there to study after midnight? You can hear her in the walls!

    Marco: I haven't stayed late in the library EVER, to be honest, but..c'mon, it can't really be haunted. Right? Back me up, Quinn! There's no ghosts on campus, right?

    Quinn: Well…scientifically speaking, nothing has been proven. But, like with all fields of scientific inquiry, when it comes to paranormal matters, what we know is far outweighed by what we don't know for certain.

    Marco: So…..ghost? Yes or no?

    Quinn: Science says…maybe?!

    Kiran: Hey! Get on in here! We're just talking about the paranormal. What about you? Have you ever met Quiet Alice?

    You: The ghost in the library? I've never met her myself, no. Why, what's the plan? Are we going ghost hunting?

    Marco: Whoa, that's actually a great idea. Ghost hunting! We should just go to the library and get to the bottom of this once and for all.

    Quinn: For SCIENCE!

    Part 2

    It's late at night. You and your friends are making your way to the top floor of the library.

    Kiran: Quiet Alice usually shows up over here. She tends to hang out in the mystery fiction section..

    You: Of course it would be mystery fiction. How mysterious!

    Marco: So how do we find this ghost?

    Kiran: There's a spot where she always shows up. Here, I'll show you…

    Kiran:This is it! Here's where I saw her. She walks through the shelves, then turns and gestures as if picking up a book from right

    Quinn: So this book right here? It's called..."The Haunting of the Academy." Ha. Of course. Very funny.

    You: Wait a second...what's this? It looks like someone wrote all over the pages of this book in red ink…it says the same thing over and over...

    Kiran: Let me out.

    Marco: … … …

    Part 3

    You and your friends have uncovered the first clue in your ghost hunt: a mysterious book filled with ominous messages.

    Marco: You planted the spooky book, didn't you. Admit it!

    Kiran: I did not, I swear! I've never touched this book before in my life!

    Quinn: Look, let's not argue! We can solve this with SCIENCE. I've got a handy EMF sensor here. If there's any kind of ghostly activity on the nether plane, then this meter will…

    You: …Make those beeping sounds that it's currently making?

    Quinn: Uh..........yeah?

    Marco: Wait! That's the ghost signal? What's it doing?!

    Quinn: It.…it looks like the electromagnetic field is spiking over there, through that the archival research room...

    Kiran: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

    Part 4

    You and the gang watch the EMF sensor spike as you head into the library's archival research room.

    You: Hello, ghost? We're coming in! We don't mean you any harm! We're just here to check things out...

    Marco: ..Huh, there's nothing in here. Well. I guess maybe it was a false alarm or...

    The doors to the archival research room slam behind you all.

    Marco: GAH!

    Kiran: M-maybe that was just a breeze? There's probably a window open somewhere...

    Quinn: Uhh….the EMF meter is going off the charts! What do we do?!

    Marco: Maybe LEAVE? Come on, get that door open, let's get out of here!

    You: I can't! The door is stuck!

    Kiran: Oh, geez...hey, gang? Did you see what's laid out here on the table?

    You: A bunch of archival clippings from the student newspaper? I don't think that helps us with our stuck door problem!

    Kiran: Yeah. but look at them. These are all poems that were submitted to the newspaper by a student named.…Alice Robinson...

    Part 5

    In your hunt for the ghost named "Quiet Alice." you have come across some old poems written by one of the old students.

    Kiran: These issues from the student newspaper are pretty ancient. Whoever wrote these poems would have to be really old by now.

    You: ...Or dead. Look at this.

    Marco: In memory of Alice Robinson?! WHAT? Holy crap. She died decades ago…..while she was attending the college?!

    Quinn: No, no, no. This is not good. Nope! I do not like this!

    You: Hmm. This obituary says she treasured her collection of books…is that why she's stuck here at the library?


    Kiran: A-Alice? Is that you? Please help us understand! What do you want?!


    Quinn: W..what? Did that book just open itself? Is everyone seeing this? Is this really happening?!

    Kiran: No way…it's Alice. She must be giving us a message!

    Part 6

    You and the gang are trapped in the library where the book you found has just opened itself.

    You: Look..the book opened to a page with a circled sentence. It says..."I don't belong here." Huh.

    Marco: Are we not gonna talk about how that book just did its own thing right in front of us?! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?

    Quinn: I-I-I scarcely believe it myself. There's no rational explanation for what we're experiencing right now…

    Kiran: Wait. Look, gang. There's something not right about this book we found. Isn't there something missing?


    Kiran: Look. There's no library card. It's not a library book at all!

    Quinn: Oh! Fascinating! And what's that written inside the front cover? It says... "Property of Alex Hannay"! ...Oh. I thought it would be something about Alice. That's anti-climactic.

    You: No, wait..look! It's written overtop of something. What does it say underneath?

    Quinn: … "Property of Alex Robinson"! I KNEW IT!


    Part 7

    You and the gang are starting to unravel the mystery of Quiet Alice, the ghost in the library.

    You: So we have a book that belonged to Alice, taken by someone named Alex and stashed in the library...but what does it all mean?

    Quinn: WAIT! Look! Half of these old poems that Alice wrote...they're dedicated to someone named Alex! And then they abruptly stop being dedicated to Alex..and start getting an awful lot angstier…

    Marco: Whoa. Did they break up or something? Been there, ghost.

    Quinn: And this Alex refused to return her book after the breakup?! Scoundrel!

    Kiran: And then… I bet when she died, Alex felt so guilty that they stashed the book here, so they wouldn't have to look at it anymore and be reminded of what they lost…

    You: Aw. That's a very poetic interpretation.

    Kiran: In any case, this is classic unresolved ghost business. I know what we have to do, gang. We have to set Alice free!

    With that, the light stops flickering. The door to the archival research room slowly creaks open.

    You: …......Guess we have permission to go now?

    Quinn: Th-thank you, Alice! PLEASE don't hurt us…

    Part 8

    It's finally daylight. You and the gang have gathered in a small cemetery just outside town.

    Kiran: Everyone ready? Got your flowers?

    Kiran stoops down to lay the book by an old gravestone, which reads, "Here lies Alice Robinson."

    Kiran: Hi, Alice. We got your book back! I'll just leave it right here for you. I hope this helps you rest more peacefully.

    Kiran: Hi, Alice. We got your book back! I'll just leave it right here for you. I hope this helps you rest more peacefully.

    You: And we got you these flowers.

    Marco: You know, if I were stuck in the library all the time, l'd be pretty pissed too. Hope you feel better now. Alice!

    Kiran: Hmm...that's a nice breeze. Is it just me, or do you feel a sense of peace, standing here? I think the library will be a little more restful now.

    Marco: Yeah, I guess so! I dunno, though. Now that we're out in the light of the day… did anything THAT weird actually happen? Just some weird breeze and a stuck door. I dunno, I'm still not sold on this whole ghost th..

    Kiran: BOO!

    Marco: AHH!

    Marco: …That was totally not funny.

    Kiran: It was a little funny.


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  17. [​IMG]

    Part 1


    It's late at night. You and your friends are walking home across campus.

    Alexa: Thanks for inviting us to the photography department social, Joaquin. That was so fun!

    Jaoquin: I was happy to have you along! You really know how to keep a party going, Alexa. I don't think a photography social has ever lasted this long. I think it's past my bedtime!

    Carly: Already? Don't worry, old man, we'll be at the dorms soon! Why don't we cut through the…

    There is a strange humming sound and a blinding bright light washes over the group. You throw your hand over your eyes.

    You: WHOA! What is that?

    Carly: OW! MY EYES! Who's doing that?! Stop!

    Alexa: I can't see anyone...where is it coming from? The sky?!

    You hear the sound of a camera going off.

    Carly: Joaquin, did you seriously just take a picture?! Is it not bright enough out here without adding flash photography into the mix?

    Jaoquin: I think I know what that is! HURRY! WE NEED TO CATCH IT!

    Joaquin dashes off into the light. The rest of you look at each other with confusion.

    Alexa: What?!

    You: Well, this might as well happen. After him!

    Part 2

    You and your friends are rushing to find the source of a strange, humming bright light on campus.

    Jaoquin: Hurry! It's coming from behind the science building! If we just…

    Just as suddenly as it started, the hum disappears. Campus is once again bathed in darkness.

    Carly: Phew. That light was giving me a migraine.

    You: What happened? Did we miss it? Whatever "it" is?

    The group hurries behind the science building…and finds nothing there. It's dark and quiet.

    Jaoquin: No! Not again...I was so close this time…

    Alexa: So close to what? What's going on here?

    Jaoquin: …..I'm not certain you'd believe me if I told you. I've been chasing a theory about these strange happenings on campus...but I still don't have much in the way of undeniable proof.

    You: Wait, but didn't you take a photo earlier?

    Alexa: Yeah! Maybe you caught whatever this was on film.

    Jaoquin: You're right. Maybe there's a chance…..if my camera settings were correct...well, there is only one way to find out. To the darkroom!

    Carly: Guess he's not tired anymore…

    Part 3

    You and your friends are in the darkroom, watching Joaquin develop his photo.

    Jaoquin: Almost finished…..just give it a few more minutes..

    Carly: Sooo...what do you think he's trying so hard to get proof of? Random hooligans with powerful flashlights? Some kind of rebel light show?

    Alexa: Or maybe he's being haunted by a bright, spooky ghooost! Ooooh!

    Jaoquin: Don't be ridiculous. It's aliens.

    Carly: Haha, good one..wait, what?

    Joaquin excitedly points at his freshly developed photo.

    Jaoquin: Look at this photograph. Look! This is it. You can clearly see the spacecraft. I KNEW this was the answer!


    You: I mean...that's pretty blurry…it could be a bunch of things. What makes you so sure it's an alien?

    Jaoquin: It has to be. It would explain so much about all the strange happenings on campus. This is just one little piece of the puzzle!

    Alexa: So…you have a theory about this? Then, what are the other pieces of the puzzle?

    Jaoquin: Come with me if you really want to know. But I warn you……this story goes extremely deep...

    Part 4

    You are standing in Joaquin's room as he pulls a curtain back, revealing a gigantic pinboard with photos and newspaper clippings connected with string.

    Alexa: Whoa. That's…that's really, uh…

    You: Extensive.

    Jaoquin: I know, it sounds unlikely! But I'm certain there's something to this theory. I've been collecting evidence about extraterrestrial activities around campus for months now.

    Carly: You really think we have UFOs around here? On THIS little old campus?

    Jaoquin: Well, actually, the more accepted term these days is "UAP"! That's "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." You see...

    Carly: Okay, okay. Get to the fun part! What weird alien stuff have you seen?

    Jaoquin: Oh, where to even begin? Bright lights over campus, students vanishing and reappearing like nothing happened…not to mention that secret lab in the science building that no one is allowed to talk about..

    Alexa: Wait, what? There's a secret lab?! This really does sound suspicious when you put it like that. Wow, Joaquin, you're like a documentary filmmaker! On the trail of a huge story!

    Carly: Hey, that's actually a good idea. We should turn all this into a documentary! You have more than enough stuff here to make a killer film. And with our help, it'll be a snap!

    Jaoquin: You're absolutely right. This story has been hidden in the dark of my room for too long! Come on, let's get some rest for now. Tomorrow we'll revisit the scene of tonight's activity...

    Part 5

    In the light of day, you, Joaquin, Carly, and Alexa are searching behind the science building for any evidence of last night's alien activity.

    Jaoquin: I could have sworn the light was centered on this spot right here. It couldn't possibly have vanished without a trace…

    You: Don't give up. We'll find something.

    Carly: Like this thing I just found in the dirt! Behold! ...It's, uh, half a joint. Looks like JD's style. Does that tell you anything?

    Jaoquin: ** SIGH ** Only that he and I need to have a chat about littering.

    You: Wait a minute. Now that you mention the dirt...look.

    You and your friends step back and examine the ground. Though it's been scuffed by footprints, you can see a series of strange circular patterns traced into the dirt.

    Alexa: Huh! Well, that's weird. Is this like..what do you call it? A crop circle?

    Carly: Minus the crops…a dirt circle?

    Jaoquin: Fascinating! Why, it looks just like the patterns I observed on the football field last August. Everyone stand back! Let me take some footage..

    As Joaquin eagerly films the "crop circle," you look at Carly and Alexa.

    You: Well, we've got a pretty good amount of alien visuals now. What do we need next?

    Carly: Witnesses! Let's track down some people to interview. Then we stitch it all together and we have ourselves a documentary!

    Part 6

    You and your friends are huddled around Joaquin's computer, editing together the footage for your alien documentary.

    Video playback…

    Alexa: It came out of nowhere. It was the brightest light I've ever seen, hanging up there in the sky. And there was this weird humming noise...

    Joaquin stops the video playback and looks up at you all with a grin.

    Jaoquin: Perfect. Thanks for your testimony, Alexa! Your interview really ties the pieces of this documentary together.

    Alexa: Hee hee, thanks. It was fun!

    Carly: This final cut is really good! You've got the football field incident, that frat party that disappeared for two days, and this week's thing. You've got footage of the secret lab.

    Jaoquin: And I would say we've convincingly established that the lights in the sky, the strange incidents on campus, and subsequent activity at the secret lab always coincide.

    You: So, what next? How do we get this documentary out there?

    Alexa: How else? Stick it up on ViewTube and tell everyone you know to like and subscribe!

    Carly: And make sure you give it a good title! Like..."ALIENS ON CAMPUS: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!"

    Joaquin types in the title, then clicks "Upload" with a flourish.

    Jaoquin: Done! Soon it'll be up for all the world to see. I hope campus is ready to hear the truth!

    Part 7

    A few days after uploading your alien documentary, the film crew drops by Joaquin's room to check in.

    You: How's everything going? Are you getting any hits on our documentary?

    Jaoquin: We've gotten a handful of comments……only some trolling…but not too much traction, no. It's a little disappointing.

    Alexa: Huh. That's too bad. I guess people aren't worried about alien activity these days..

    Carly: Or they're just not ready to hear THE TRUTH!

    A knock comes on the door. You all look up.

    Alexa: Now, who could that be? Oh, don't get up, Joaquin, I'll get that for you…

    Alexa hurries to open the door… then pauses. After a few moments she turns to look back at you, her face pale.

    Alexa:... … ...Uh… Joaquin? It's… it's a bunch of guys in suits…and they say they need to talk to you?

    You: What?!

    Jaoquin: Oh dear. I suppose I'd better see what this is about. I'll be right back, everyone…

    Carly: Whoa, what? Is this the feds or something?! You don't have to tell them anything! REMEMBER YOUR RIGHTS, JOAQUIN!

    Part 8

    You, Alexa, and Carly wait anxiously in Joaquin's room while he speaks to the men in suits. Finally, he returns, looking shaken.

    Alexa: There you are! Are you okay? What happened? Who were those guys?

    Jaoquin: They were from the dean's office. They told me to take down our documentary...

    Carly: WHAT? Censorship! How dare they?

    Jaoquin: Apparently we're "tarnishing the college's image" with our accusations. If we were just students they might have turned a blind eye, but since I'm employed by the college as an RA…..

    You: That's too bad. I'm sorry, Joaquin.

    Alexa: That's so stupid, though. Why would they even care?

    Jaoquin: About that. There was one man who stayed behind for a moment when the rest left. He didn't say anything, just slipped me this card.…

    Carly: It says... "the truth is out there"?! WHAT?

    Jaoquin: You see?! This is proof someone knows something! We'll have to lay low with our information for now. Let the heat die down. But this proves it! There are DEFINITELY aliens on campus! And one day I'll find them. I'm sure of it!

    Alexa: That's the spirit. I'm sure no one will find them before you do!
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    Apologies for missing a few hunts, there’s some bugs on iOS for the hunt stories which can make it hard to collect the dialogue. I will try to post when I can :^)
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