Guide For New Players

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  1. Guide For New Players
    By: Lyssa & Day
    With help from our calculator, Vo

    This guide is to help players new to the game or players who would like to assist others and help them along the way. Good luck & hope you enjoy PIMD!

    Streamlining the Tutorial
    Follow the story prompts to complete these tasks in order:
    Step one: Decorate your room
    Step two: Say something in chat
    Step three: Party!
    Step four: Upgrade (225k dorm mates: see ‘Upgrading’ & use ‘upgrade glitch’)
    Step five: Party again till 100 hot packs & receive 10 root beers
    Step six: Restart game to access hunt stories (may take up to an hour to show)

    Tutorial stories may change or vary depending on the device. 100 hot packs & 10 root beers are consistently the story prior to accessing the main hunt.
    There are other tutorial stories but these are not required to gain access to the main hunt and can be completed at another time.

    A hunt is an themed game event that allows players to earn various types of rewards. Most hunts range from 1-2 weeks, but a select few have run up to 3 weeks long. You can find the current and previous hunts announced in the events section.

    During a hunt, players earn rewards by collecting drops to complete stories. Hunt Drops can be obtained from parties, boxes, and can be increased with a subscription from the store.

    Lite Boxes are a particularly easy way to increase hunt drops. These boxes are available to you twice a day via story. Completing 1 party will give you 1 lite box. These typically contain anywhere from 50 to 250 main story drops.

    Completing parties is the primary way to obtain hunt drops. Every day there is a Party of the Day, or POTD, that is randomly generated and is the only regular party to drop for the designated day. The POTD is not announced by the game. Instead, many clubs work together to help find it in this thread.

    Some parties require EC items in order to be completed, these are known as Premium Parties. Pizza Pop, or PP, requires a Pizza Bikini and has a better payout than normal parties. Cat Cafe, or CC, requires a Hypnocat and has the highest payout available during regular hunts. PP allows a max of 250 main story drops per party, and CC allows a max of 500. More information and specifics on parties can be found in this thread.

    Once you complete the tutorial, you’ll be able to access Stories! Story Rewards will largely help you throughout the game and allow you to earn different Hunt items.

    Whenever a player completes a tier, the next one can be accessed by tapping the same phone icon. You’ll also notice that the icon will shake, and show the number of stories you have yet to view the requirements for. If you are interested in learning the rewards of future or past stories, check this thread for player updates.

    Making Money
    Besides partying for cash, PIMD banks are an extremely useful way to speedup the upgrading process. These can be received regularly by completing stories. Selling 1 PIMD bank gives you 7.5m. With the hundreds you receive by completing story tiers, you’ll be in the billions in no time.

    Another way you may receive cash bonuses is by being hired. Each time you are hired, you will make some money. The maximum bonus from being hired is 1m so this is not something to rely on long term. Similarly, some kind players may choose to help you by giving a DVP. DVP can be thoroughly explained in this thread.

    While going through the tutorial, you should put in 225k dorm mates. Putting in dorm mates in a new empty dorm, after your energy is gone, will give you an energy boost. We call this the ‘upgrade glitch’. You should use the upgrade glitch to get through the tutorial stories faster and gain more money from parties. After you have finished the tutorial stories and have access to hunt stories, you will be able to make more piggy banks.

    Our Upgrading Advice:
    Open & Fill first 32 Dorms with 600m dorm mates
    This should cost about 22.2b all together, or a total of 2,960 PIMD Banks.
    500 Drops = 400 PIMD Banks
    1.5k Drops = 500 PIMD Banks
    3.5k Drops = 600 PIMD Banks
    8k Drops = 700 PIMD Banks
    16k Drops = 800 PIMD Banks
    You should be able to reach 2,960 PIMD Banks in roughly 1-2 hunts.

    After this, we recommend opening 4 more dorms and filling them with 10b dorm mates (1,334 PIMD Banks)
    Then you should start replacing your lowest dorm mates with 80b dorm mates (10,667 PIMD Banks)
    It’s best to skip the even tiers and put in the odd tiered dorm mates, you can learn more about the dorm mates here. When considering your build, check out this guide that outlines the pro’s and con’s of strength vs even vs intel.

    Max Plunder
    Max plunder refers to the maximum amount of money you can make when hitting parties/players. To achieve max plunder, you need to have a certain amount of money invested in tutors, this amount changes based on your stats. To calculate this number simply substitute your stats into these formulas:
    For KCS: Your stats x 15m
    Ex. 5kcs: 5 x 15m = 75m

    For MCS: Your stats x 15b
    Ex. 3mcs: 3 x 15b = 45b

    Game Rules & Regulations
    Basic rundown of what isn’t allowed...
    • This game is 17+. Please do not play if you are under the age of 17.
    • Therefore, soliciting players under the age of 17 is not allowed.
    • Cursing directed at another player. Ex. Fuck you ‘player’
    • Sharing or soliciting third party information. Ex. Follow me on ‘social media site’ @’insertnamehere’
    • Sharing specific personal information about yourself or others. This includes addresses, phone numbers etc.
    • Misusing the club ad feature to post messages other than advertisements
    • Encouraging others to break the rules or intentionally causing a disruption.
    • Public defamation, even if it is true, is not allowed. Ex. ‘player’ is a scammer.
    • Attempting to circumvent a block from another player.
    • Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.
    • Pretending to be a moderator, developer, or another player.
    • Account selling, trading, gifting or sharing / responding to these types of posts.
    • Transactions involving any non-game currency.

    Most Recent Silencing Policy Update
    Forum Code of Conduct

    Silences & Bans
    Failure to comply with the rules above may result in a Silence. Silences are dealt in a tier based system and progressively get longer if a player continues to break the ToU. A player’s first silence is 24 hours, followed by a week, and then a month if the behavior persists. Players cannot speak in public channels or send gifts to other players throughout the duration of their silence. Although moderators silence players, they are not able to lift or remove silences. If you feel as though your silence was unjust, you can appeal by sending in a Help Ticket using the help button. This does not guarantee a lift of your silence.

    In extreme cases, players may be banned rather than silenced and cannot return to the game unless the ban is lifted.

    Threads Referenced in This Guide
    Builds: Str. vs Intel. vs Even
    Guide to All PIMD Parties
    Guide to DVP
    Guide to the Dorm Tower
    POTD Thread
    You can learn more and find other helpful links here
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