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  1. Drop Volley Profit

    Drop Volley Profit, or DVP for short, is hiring a tutor back and forth with another player to make money. Therefore it requires two players: DVP giver and DVP receiver.

    But how is it different from volleying?
    While both volley and DVP involve hiring a tutor multiple times, the objective of volleying is to bump a tutor to a certain value, whereas the objective of a DVP is for the DVP Receiver to earn the agreed upon profit.

    Here's how it works :

    Step 1: Find a tutor to volley.

    You can find a tutor using the Tutor Tab or the DVP giver can tell you the username of a tutor and you can find it using the Meet People tab, as shown below:

    Step 2: Hire the tutor.

    Hire the tutor by clicking on Hire as shown below:

    After each hire, the hire value rises by
    5% of the last hire value.

    Therefore, the value of the tutor increases from $1,000 to $1,050 after one hire (5% of $1,000) as shown below:

    Step 3: The other player hires the tutor away from you.

    The DVP giver will hire the tutor away from you. Every time a tutor is hired away, you make a profit of 1.58%(approx) of the hire value at which you hired the tutor, as shown below:

    Note how it's 1.58% of $1,000(the value you hired the tutor at) and not the current hire value.

    It's beneficial to have a decent amount of cash on hand before you start the DVP because you need to volley a tutor to 6x the hire value of the desired profit you wish to gain since the hire value rises more than what you gain.

    Why? Because you make 1.58% profit every alternate hire i.e. every 5% + 5% increase, which is approximately 6 times.

    For example, if you are looking for a 10b DVP, you will have to volley a tutor to 60b.

    Step 4: Repeat until you gain the agreed upon money.

    Keep hiring back and forth until you earn the agreed upon amount of cash.

    The most common items that are traded for DVP are chibis and bentos.
    A chibi usually sells for 1-2b DVP and a bento sells for 60-80b DVP (prices vary from player to player).

    After the DVP is done, the DVP giver may keep the tutor, get a tutor strip or drop the tutor.

    Tutor strip is paying someone to hire a tutor from you in exchange for items. The most common items traded for tutor strips (TS) are bentos, which usually sell for 300-400b ts each (prices vary).

    Dropping a tutor refunds you 57.14% of the current hire value of the tutor, or 60% of the value at which you last hired the tutor, as shown below:

    As shown, you get a refund of $660 for a current hire value of $1,157, i.e 57.14%.

    Once the tutor is dropped, the hire value of the tutor falls to
    75%(approx) of the hire value at which it was dropped. The hire value starts declining after 6 days again, and then continues to fall every 3 days at 25% until the tutor is hired again, or its hire value reaches $1000. No tutor can be dropped if its hire value is $1000 or below.

    Link to the old Guide to Drop Volley

    The end.
    Hope this helps.

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  2. Didn't read too much color
    Meme support though
  3. Finally I understand how to DVP 
    Thank you for the guide!
  4. Keep it up. Great BB coding and it’s very easy to understand. Love it
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  7. Great guide! :smile:
  8. Ah, very helpful! Much appreciated!
  9. Cool a Guide to something that the Devs tried to kill off
  10. Wow, great guide!!!! Good job.
    You should make an updated one for max plunder. It's outstanding the amount of players who have no clue about it.
  11. Great work, op.
  12. Awesome guide, but hire value doesn't increase by 5%... There are other factors in deciding this. I'd ask the devs about the exact mechanic.

    You could say 'about 5' or, if they give you a real answer, say that.
  13. Also is there any light on the reason behind the fact that hiring a (5m tutor to 1b) will earn the receiver more than simple going from (800m to 1b)?
  14. Wannabe mod

    JK good job, lil extra on the colouring tho
  15. So every 60b is 10b?
  16. Was just about to experiment on different tutors of different hire values to gain data and make a guide about it, but you beat me to it. Thanks :)
  17. Just curious though. How were you able to come up with all these percentages? Did you test it with different tutor values?
  18. Another question (pardon me for my curiosity)

    How much is lost when bumping a tutor once?

    For example, let:

    W - my original money
    x - original value of a tutor
    y - value of the tutor after I hired it once
    z - my current money after hiring the tutor once

    So you can say:

    z = w - x and
    y = x + 0.05x = 1.05x

    Someone hires my tut, so:
    y increases to
    [y + (5% of y)] or
    (y + 0.05y) or
    [y(1 + 0.05)]
    1.05y = 1.05*(1.05x) = 1.1025x

    So now I have money equal to:
    current money after hiring tutor + orig value of tutor + profit gained tut being hired
    z + x + (1.58% of x) = z + 1.0158x = w - x + 1.0158x
    = w + 0.0158x

    I hire the tut again so my money becomes:
    original money + profit gained from tut being hired - current value of the tutor
    w + 0.0158x - 1.05y = w + 0.0158x - 1.1025x
    = w - 1.0867x

    but x = y/1.05 so
    w - 1.0867x = w - 1.0867 * (y/1.05) = w - 1.03495238y

    In conclusion, I have a tut with price y and if someone bumps (and I hire back ofc) it once, I lose 3.495238% of y. Is this true? Can someone confirm if this is true? Thanks

    Btw sorry idk how to BB code and explain things in an organized way
  19. I feel like I went wrong somewhere though. The percentage I calculated doesn't apply to and isn't accurate with how much I spend when bumping tutors :(
  20. simulating it with maths is hard.