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    Black Friday runs until 12 PM Pacific Time, Tuesday November 29th

    If you notice something launching a bit early, don't worry! This is intentional and we'll share all the details at Noon PST each day!

    DAY 4 - Highlights

    🤑 5X PROMO on Black Cat Cafe☕️/ Black Dog Star🌟/ Regular Cat Cafe/ Regular Dog Star!!!
    🎬 Stars on the Silver Screen Event
    🪐Milky Way Shard Box
    💎 Slumbering Shard Box
    🎮 Fantasy Quest Online Story Pass
    🎟 Black Friday 2022 Raffles
    📦 39 EC Care Pack Notice
    ⌚️ Hourly Flash Sales
    🛍Special Content Bundles in Molly's Deals and the PIMD Web Store
    📆 Daily Slot Box Deals
    🎁 A Free Gift everyday in Molly's Deals!

    LEAVING TOMORROW Actually Leaving on Tuesday!
    😸50% off Hypnocats
    🐶 Money Dog Sale

    Stars on the Silver Screen

    It's your big debut!
    Catch these classic looks in our Black Friday Hunt!

    Milky Way Shard Box

    A New Shard Box with stellar vibes!✨🌞🌝🪐
    If you want to know the secrets of the universe tap here!

    Slumbering Shard Box

    Enter the land where Dreams and Nightmares rule!
    Discover what shards are needed to master the Slumbering Gods here!

    Fantasy Quest Online - Story Pass

    Collect this New Story Pass and let the journey begin!
    Of course you are going to need EPIC LOOT AND LEGENDARY EQUIPMENT to run raids, get all details here!

    Black Friday Raffles

    This years Raffle comes with seductively, dangerous Exclusive Avatars. 💄👄 🗡
    Are you looking to get Lucky? Get your Raffle Ticket NOW!

    New Pet Skins

    The cutest Pet Skins you've ever seen!
    Head over to Molly's Deals to find your Freebie Box NOW!
    Collect them all from Black Friday 2022 Pet Skin Boxes before they are gone on Dec 9th at Noon PST!

    Doorcrasher Deals, Promotions and MORE!


    5x PROMO
    Yes! That means 5X the Cash payout when you complete any type of Cat Cafe or Dog Star Party!
    We also will run Black Cat Cafe and Black Dog Star which give bonus rewards and special drops 😘.
    The 5x Black Cat Cafe and Black Dog Start Promotion will run until Noon PST Tuesday November 29th!


    ☞Select Offers will only show up in Molly's Deals if you have purchased the starter deal. So try restarting the app after you buy one, and check back everyday for the next one in the set!
    ☞Other Offers will get better each time they are purchased!
    ☞Most Offers will stick around until Noon PST Tuesday November 29th, but some are only available for a single day!


    Keep an eye out for these as they will only be available for a very short time once you see them! New sales will be popping up every hour so don't miss out!

    ☞ These sales are centred around various items and consumables, but will not include any EC deals.
    ☞ If you don't see the deal you want, no problemo – just wait another hour to see what'll be available!
    ☞ You'll have to reopen the app to see the latest hourly deal if you're already logged in!
    ☞ Regular promos will still be available as usual as well!

    Daily Slot Boxes

    🪑Daily Slot Boxes are back baby! 🛏
    The best way to get furniture and spare parts for upgrading your Dorm Room!
    Read the details from our previous Black Friday by tapping here - Furniture Slot Boxes.
    All you really need to know is that every day until Noon PST on Tuesday, November 29th, a new Slot Box will be available in the Store for purchase - and each specific Slot Box is available for a super limited time only! So keep watch!

    PIMD Web Store


    Last but not least, don't forget to check out the PIMD web store!
    Majority of the deals in game can also be found here with an EXTRA DISCOUNT!
    You can use almost any payment method you want!

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  2. Omg, day 4 🤩
  3. So regular cat Cafe and dog star also pay 5x?
  4. Forum says discounted cats leave tomorrow. But the timer on the cats in shop says it leave at hunt changeover 😵‍💫👀
  5. I'm still waiting for new pets 😔
  6. UPDATE:
    50% off Cats is actually not leaving the store until Tuesday at Noon!!!
    You still have one more day to get 'em!