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    Its hard staying this fabulous, you can say these looks are outta this world!πŸ‘½

    Avatar Shards


    When opening the Milky Way Shard Box. You have a chance of getting any of the following shards:
    Sun Marble Shard
    Mercury Marble Shard
    Venus Marble Shard
    Earth Marble Shard
    Moon Marble Shard
    Mars Marble Shard
    Jupiter Marble Shard
    Saturn Marble Shard
    Uranus Marble Shard
    Pluto Marble Shard
    Galaxy Marble Shard

    Milky Way Shard Box

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get X avatar?
    1 - Collect 800x of the specific marble shard that matches the avatar you want
    2 - Purchase either a MASC or FEMME activator from the in-game Store.
    3 - After purchasing the activator, the shards will immediately transform into the corresponding avatar depending which kind of activator was purchased.

    What are the stats for these avatars?
    Each avatar from the Milky Way Shardbox will have following stat breakdown:
    Strength - 60%
    Intelligence - 60%

    How come I got avatar X instead of avatar Y? I have enough Y Marble Shards!!!
    If you possess 800+ of multiple kinds of marbles shards at the same time, you might end up with an avatar of the other kind when purchasing the activator.

    Example Scenario:
    - I have 800 Sun Marble Shards & 800 Earth Marble Shards in my inventory and I decide to purchase the MASC activator.
    - My intention was to redeem my 800 Sun Marble Shards for the Phase of the Sun avatar but I got the Phase of Earth avatar instead.
    - After looking at my inventory, it looks like it combined my 800 Earth Marble Shards instead of combining my 800 Sun Marble Shards.

    To avoid this situation, we suggest trading the other type of 800 marbles shards over to an alt account to hold temporarily until you acquire the avatar you wanted.

    In the example, I would want to trade the 800 Earth Marble Shards over to my alt account until I am finished combining my Sun Marble Shards for the Phase of the Sun avatar.

    After Black Friday ends, how will I be able to get Marble Shards?
    You will still be able to find shards in regular boxes!

    What is going to happen to the Birthstone Geode and Major Arcana content then?
    With the introduction of the Milky Way Shard Box content, we allude that the Birthstone Geode content from the XC rewards pool will be sunset...

    and we happy to announce that Major Arcana content will be taking its place in the XC rewards pool!

    PLEASE NOTE: Players will still be able to acquire Birthstone Shards through player trades.

    Milky Way Avatars


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    With all this Black Friday madness going on... I too, feel this way, Space Doggo. πŸ˜†

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  4. THE MOON AND URANUS AVIS 🫒 ata outdid themselves with these avis
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  6. Avis look cool for once thans ATA
  7. Thought I wanted one but nah I'm good. 12 avatars wow
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  8. There's so many I want πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€
  9. Love them πŸ₯ΊπŸ’—
    Now if anyone has Mercury can we trade plz haha
  10. These are hawt
  11. Actually love them all πŸ’™
  12. i think my male ovaries just exploded
  13. Actual good male avi, finally it’s a thanksgiving end of year miracle
  14. i will never get over mercury & sun πŸ₯Ή
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  18. I expected more from Venus and mars
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