LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Femme Fatale Raffle!πŸ’„

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    How does it work?

    It's the same as any raffle -- you buy a ticket and win prizes!!!

    There are THOUSANDS OF PRIZES to be won with guaranteed prizes for anyone that purchases a ticket!

    There are two different raffles during this event, and they each have their own ticket and rewards.
    One raffle is with EC tickets and one raffle is with Cash tickets!
    There are different sets of rewards for the ECs and Cash tickets!

    Tickets will be available to purchase until November 29th, 10:00 a.m. PST!
    Rewards will be sent to all winners at 3 p.m. PST on November 29th!

    Prizes will be dropped right into your Rewards Inbox!



    But those aren't the only ones!
    We will also have separate raffle tickets that can be purchased with just Cash!



    What's in the Box?



    Where can I buy tickets?
    In the Molly's Deals/ Offers section of the shop!

    How much do the tickets cost?
    Cash tickets can be purchased for $50,000,000 (fifty million Cash) from the Shop. You can purchase a maximum of 5 cash tickets!
    EC tickets are 9 ECs for 1 ticket or 39 ECs for 5 tickets! You can purchase an unlimited number of EC tickets!

    Can I win more than one prize?
    You can win once using EC tickets and once using Cash tickets!
    You can only win one of the Grand Prizes that include avatars.

    EG. If you win the Grand Prize Finale, you can't win Grand Prize #3.

    How are the winners picked?
    It's a raffle, so the winners will be randomly picked!
    We will be using a random number generator to make sure everyone has a fair chance.
    The Grand Prize Finale will be drawn first, then Grand Prize #2, and so on and so forth.

    Are the Raffle Boxes tradeable?

    Are the 'Compact and Lipstick' and 'Jewel Thief's Knife' items tradeable?
    They are!

    If I win an avatar pack, do I have to choose which avatar?
    No, if you win an avatar pack, you get both the Femme and Masc avatars.
    If you win a VIP Avatar pack, you get all 4 avatars (VIP and non-VIP, Masc and Femme)

    Is there a chance I won't win anything?
    Every participant is a winner!
    If you purchase at least one ticket for the EC Raffle and don't win a grand prize you will still receive 2x Spy's Compact Boxes.
    If you purchase at least one ticket for the Cash Raffle and don't win a grand prize you will still receive 10x PIMDBanks and the two stat items.
    Runner up prizes are granted per account, not per ticket purchased!

    Are the avatars or items in the raffle available anywhere else?
    No, these avatars and stat items are exclusive to the raffle!

    Where can I get the Best Deal's on EC's before I buy tickets?
    You can find the Best Deal's on EC Bundles in the PIMD Web Store!

    It's a big Simpsons day.
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  2. Meh πŸ—Ώ
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  3. I like female aviβ€οΈπŸ–€
  4. the pet styles r so cute
  5. I’m the unluckiest person ever, so don’t think I’ll win πŸ˜‚ but it looks good.
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  6. RIP to everyone who buys 10+ tickets for someone who buys 3 to win πŸ˜ͺ
  7. I love this! And the fact that there’s a cash version for those without ecs this time
  8. You Could have done better on the cash ones for people who choose not to or can't spend the real money for the tickets.
  9. Well this sounds like a doodoo show
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  10. Oof 😍
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  11. Oooo nice i love how everyone wins something. Ima get a ec one to then
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  12. Oisome..πŸ₯°
  13. good luck to everyone 🀩
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  14. Please let us keep the raffle tickets, they are kinda pretty
  15. I wanna keep them for showcase to
  16. I’m not very lucky but I’m excited for the raffle
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  17. Sincerely happy to see the cash option.
    I'll be participating in the ec raffle like I have with the last 3 - please keep this kind of content coming - much prefer it vs. The bidding ec content 🧑
  18. Sorry for being annoying but the gold strip on male avi's suit made it looks cheap while the female avi is so beautiful
  19. Good luck everyone
  20. I shall win it all...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘